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Jan 9, 2012 10:00pm EST
name is craig baxam, 24 years old, a product of prince george's county, accused by federal prosecutors of trying to join a somalian based terrorist organization called al-shabaab. baxam was arrested by police in kenya two weeks ago and brought back to the u.s. friday. he was a member of the largo high school class of 2005. dwayne jones was his principal. >> what i can remember is that he was a pretty good student and i wish i could tell you more and hopefully this situation he's in is just an allegation and it's not true of. reporter: according to prosecutors, baxam joined the army in 2007, was deployed to iraq, reenlisted after he came home, was sent to korea and while there left the army last summer. prosecutors say baxam converted toes i happen shortly before leaving the mill -- to islam shortly before leaving the military and decided to move to africa, specifically somalia, to become a terrorist. this is baxam's mother, herself a lawyer, leaving the federal courthouse in greenbelt this afternoon, clearly not thrilled to be a part of this story. baxam's lawyer also not interested in
Mar 6, 2012 10:00pm EST
plaza. the other four in the top 10 are in prince george's county including new carrollton, capitol heights and largo town center. despite that report metro says violent crime is down. mpd detectives are still investigating a stabbing after a big fight broke out at the l'enfant plaza metro station. it happened a little over a week ago. a young girl who was stabbed was hospitalized with nonlife threatening injuries. passengers at l'enfant plaza say it's common to see unruly teens fighting. this young girl who does not want her face shown was injured in a recent fight at the station, jumped on by a gang of girls. >> i was by myself and that's when the next thing i seen in the corner of my eye, i just seen a hand coming to my face and a group of girls banging my head into the concrete. >> reporter: her mother who does not want us to use her name says she was shocked to get a phone call telling her her daughter had been beaten until she was unconscious. >> the lady grabbed the phone and said ma'am, a group of girls has just jumped your daughter and me and two other people have -- are ho
Feb 25, 2013 10:00pm EST
the mother daughter murder case in prince george's county. jason scott will be retried this fall for the deaths of a largo mother and daughter found dead in a stolen car in march of 2009. fox 5's karen gray houston is in the newsroom with reaction. >> jason thomas scott is a professional criminal. he has already been convicted on federal charges for multiple burglaries, armed home invasion robberies and related charges. that he wasn't convicted today of the murders of dolores dewitt and her daughter ebony makes prosecutors more determined and dolores' sister very angry. >> it's very important that he stand trial for this. >> patricia smith watched the first trial and says she's determined to see justice done for her sister dolores dewitt and 20-year-old niece ebony. their charred bodies were found in the trunk of a stolen car in largo in march of 2009. jason scott is already facing 100 years in prison for federal convictions for more than 50 burglaries, nine armed home invasion robberies, carjacking, production of child pornography and gun charges. the mistrial for murder was declare
Mar 14, 2012 10:00pm EDT
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Jan 10, 2012 10:00pm EST
homes in prince george's county was punished for his crimes today. a federal judge sentenced jason scott to 100 years in prison. scott is also a suspect in a high profile murder case. fox 5's paul wagner with details. >> i'm sort of on guard till 4 a.m. or 5 a.m. and my husband is up at 6:00, so pretty much someone is always up and moving in my house. so i will sleep mostly throughout the take, but my husband would sleep at night. so it's a -- day, but my husband would sleep at night. so it's a terrible way to live i know, but now that's the way i have to live. >> jason scott created a tremendous amount of fear and agony in this county. what is represented today is that this man will never again threaten prince george's county and it's because of the men and women of this police department, men and women of atf, the u.s. attorney and state's attorney's office that we can say that and that's what's important. reporter: jason thomas scott was convicted last summer by a federal grand jury of committing 29 residential burglaries, one commercial burglary and nine home invasion all but o
Sep 28, 2009 10:00pm EDT
. investigators believe the victim was targeted but have not ientifi him. >>> also, in prince george's county, a deadly home invasion. three masked men stormed a home there in bowie yesterday, early in the morning they killed 39- year-old tyrone richardson, his wife and three children in the house were not hurt. police are looking for a black mercedes with maryland plates know the suspect stole from the home. >>> and a little girl is dead tonight after a pit bull attacked her. the police say the dog attacked the 23 month-old child. they found the child outside where the dog was tied up. the family has had the dog for about 10 years. the sheriff claims he never received any complaints about the anim. the dog was put down by animal control. >>> and another local marine lost his life in the line of duty in afghanistan. 24-year-old jordan chrobat was from frederick, maryland, he was killed in combat over the weekend, the family says. will thomas has more on the story. >> reporter: brian, no family is supposed to bury a child. it just is not supposed to work that way. but for the family of the marine
Feb 11, 2011 10:00pm EST
large of the prince george's county board of supervisors. he supports a crackdown on illegal immigration. thank you for joining us. your county has one of the strictest illegal immigrant ordinances in the country already, yet this still happened in your backyard. did your own policy fail you here? >> no, the policy didn't fail. who failed was the federal government. back in august when we had another drunk illegal alien who killed a nun we told the federal government that we wanted to know what they were doing with the illegal aliens we were handing over to them because clearly they were releasing them. they still have failed to provide us that information and, in fact, today the irony of this is the immigration customs enforcement just today told us they're not going to give us the identities or the whereabouts of the 3,000 plus illegal aliens that we have handed over to them who are criminals. >> i'm curious because just as roby chavez reported, as of 2008 jose reyes was arrested for public intoxication. your immigration policy says you hold them, right? and then what do yo
Jan 23, 2012 10:00pm EST
was john kiriakou. >> very interesting. thank you. >>> new tonight police in prince george's county are investigating a murder suiciin officers were called to a home on bramble court last night. they found the bodies of adam ousley and his ex-girl friend. it appears housely shot his girl friend before killing himself. his family members are stunned. >> she was a good person. she cared a lot about her son and school and being a nurse. >> it's like a night meyer that we're trying to wake up from. >> police -- nightmare that we're trying to wake up from. >> police say the couple had a child together and had dated about three years and were no longer seeing each ear. >>> last friday marks the -- other. >>> last friday marks the anniversary of a father's son's suicide and is now pushing for the overall the school's policies and today took a giant leap forward. >> steve stuben was in richmond today at the invitation of a bipartisan group of lawmakers pushing for change. they have introduced four different bills to change how and when parents are notified about discipline problems at schoo
Jun 2, 2010 10:00pm EDT
out. >> reporter: it's one of three violent home invasion robberies in prince george's county last fall. one of the suspects, leonard riddle, pleaded guilty. the other is awaiting tile good this is a senseless, brutal, violent attack. >> reporter: sid who doesn't want his face shown says they about into his home around thanksgiving, tied him up and beat up with a crowbar too. >> the level of vie reasons they showed was almost animalistic. >> reporter: he ended up with 37 staples in his head. >> they don't have a moral standard. i cooperated with them, you know. they asked me questions. they had no reason to keep on beating on me, you know, other than for pure pleasure. >> reporter: prosecutors sent riddle away for 60 years. >> it's going to ensure he's going to be off the streets for decades. >> reporter: answer doesn't know how he found the strength to pull himself from under the credenza and crawl through the broken glass. >> i scooted on my butt through the front door and hollered for help. >> reporter: for what they did to him, he says they deserve far worse. >> i don't really
Mar 21, 2012 10:00pm EDT
i'm brian bolter. george zimmerman grew up in manassas dreams of becoming a police officer. that's long before he killed an unarmed teenager. bob went to his old neighborhood tonight. bob. >> reporter: this is a huge story in central florida that has gotten the attention of the federal government. but until now, no real connection to our area. tonight, we learn the hispanic man who shot and killed that unarmed african american teenager spent his first twenty years in northern virginia. george zimmerman grew up in this house on sweet briar street in manassas. living here with his parents, an older brother and younger sister and their mother's mother who was peruvian. >> perfect gentleman. very smart, very intelligent. very polite, healthy. he would be your ideal child. >> george and cay hall live across the street from the house the zimmermans moved into when george was a toddler. they moved to florida soon after he graduated high school. zimmerman was part of osbourne high school's class of 2001. >> he was just very gracious and a nice fella. >> the 28-year-old zimmerman was s subu
Jan 31, 2012 10:00pm EST
live outside the prince georges county police department with the latest details. bob. >> reporter: shawn, prince georges county police say the 49-year-old murder suspect, linwood johnson and victim, lenny harris knew each other. to what extent, they aren't saying. investigators here tonight are confident a troubling mystery has been solved. police were led to this long abandoned property off old fort road in fort washington last thursday by a tipster who said investigators would find a body in a well. they did. it was 53-year-old glenn wood, lenny harris, who had been missing for four months. sources tell us that same caller also gave police the name of at least one possible suspect in the grizzly murder. now prince georges county police have made an arrest in the case, charging 49-year-old linwood johnson of temple hills, maryland, with one count of first-degree murder. >> mr. linwood johnson gave a full written and verbal confession to prince georges county police department homicide detectives just a few hours ago. >> police are not saying whether murder suspect johnson is the
Feb 3, 2012 10:00pm EST
? >> need do it to anybody. reporter: prince george's county police were back in the complex friday night warning residents about the danger and searching for witnesses. >> we're doing a campus of the neighborhood. reporter: investigators say the suspect tricked the elderly lady into opening her door. >> when a male knocked on her door posing as a neighbor, she answered the door. the male entered her apartment and physically assaulted her. reporter: he grabbed some money from her purse and fled. the kind of crime that has neighbors on edge. >> it's quiet. i keep my kids in the house and i never hear any trouble outside or anything. reporter: police warn residents to be on alert for this suspect, not afraid to pull off a daylight robbery and assault. >> that's a very heinous crime. evidently this person has no regard or respect for the elderly citizens of our community. reporter: the elderly woman told police the man who beat and robbed her is between 20 and 30 years old, 6 feet tall and at the time he was wearing all dark clothing. investigators say they really need some tips on thi
Dec 8, 2011 10:00pm EST
remains were dishonored after being dumped in a king george, virginia landfill. >> i think the air force wasn't as forthcoming as they should have been. >> reporter: joe davis is spokesman for the veterans of foreign wars. the air force previously said it didn't know how many remains were put in the landfill, but a new report shows that at least 274 were where the air force stopped the practice in 2008. >> we think there's a wheel lot more layers of this before -- a whole lot more layers of this onion before the stink goes a way. >> reporter: the report said there were more than 1,700 remains because they could not be dna tested because they were badly damaged were also put in the landfill. >> all americans including myself are justifiably disturbed. >> reporter: but while the secretary of defense leon panetta has ordered a full review of the air force's mortuary services the pentagon may not be the only ones looking at what happened. unsatisfied with the air force's answers members of congress now say they are ready to step in. >> manufacture those remains ended up -- many of thos
Aug 19, 2012 10:00pm EDT
happened with this attack. >>> prince george's county tonight are trying to piece together a deadly motorcycle accident in upper marlboro is. ship th happened in early morning hours along brown station road and fenway lane. 26-year-old juan pena of silver spring died after he was struck by a vehicle. the driver in the striking vehicle suffered minor injuries. >>> it's back to school for kids in prince george's county tomorrow. meanwhile, though, the county's named the d.c. educator as its interim schools chief. alvin crawley, deputy chief of programming for the district's special education office, he's going to take over on september 4th. he will replace william hite who had stepped down to lead the philadelphia school system. the school board is expected to select a permanent replacement by next spring. >> time for a weather check now. fox 5's gary mcgrady joining us in the weather center. a little wet today. what can we expect the rest of the week? >> we have some showers out there now, tom, but it's nothing like what we were having earlier. we'll go right over to radar to show yo
Oct 12, 2011 10:00pm EDT
in my stomach. >> reporter: alexandria police found his 1994 corolla in prince george's county about they've weeks after he vanished. >> it was like wow, okay, they found the car. okay, and as long as he wasn't in it, i was good. >> reporter: harris was last seen the night of september 21st. his daughter maya last talked to him that day as she left for work. >> i was like bye, dad like we do every morning. say have a good day, love you, love you, too. >> that was at 12:00 that night when he didn't come home, i was just -- and 3:00 i knew something was wrong and 6:00 is when i got up and started looking, calling family and friends to say have you seen him? >> yeah. i called him. he didn't, but that's not like him. so he would answer my calls regardless. >> reporter: the next morning investigators found his cell phone on the woodrow wilson bridge, but harris and his car were nowhere to be found. investigators also had video of an unidentified man using harris' credit card on king street around 1:00 in the morning september 22nd. >> it's just unreal and i'm just taking it one day at a t
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15