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the rise of new powers like china. no other country is better prepared to meet emerging threats from cyber attacks, trans national terror networks like isis, and diseases that spread across oceans and continents. as your president, i'll do whatever it takes to keep americans safe. if you look, over my left shoulder you can see the new world trade center soaring skyward. [cheering [as a senator from new york, i dedicated myself to getting our city and state the help we needed to recover. and as a member of the armed services committee, i worked to maintain the best trained, best equipped strongest military, ready for today's stress and tomorrow's. and when our brave men and women come home from war or finish their service, i'll see to it that they get not just the thanks of a grateful nation but the care and benefits they've earned. i've stood up to adversaries like putin and reinforced allies like israel and i was in the situation room on the day we got bin laden. but i know, i know we have to be smart as well as strong. meeting today's global challenges requires every element of ame
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)