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Aug 15, 2016 11:00am MDT
account of the assault to police. >>> a colorado wrestler hopes george gray. their daughter adeline will compete on thursday. if she were to win. she'd be the first u.s. woman to win the gold in wrestling. >> and in michigan some older athletes are not letting their age prevent them from pursuing olympic dreams. 101-year-old fred winder and competing in the senior games. winter competed in several field events including the high jump. one of his training rituals? >> i'm up to 100 push-ups right now. the secret to push-ups is bang bang bang bang. you have to do them fast. if you just do them slow, you won't make it. >> he could coach me. i can't do a single push-up. an official qualifier for the 2017 national senior games. i was surprised to find out you have to beover 50 compete. so he's twice their age. >> and still doing 100 push- ups. >>> we are learning which cities are the best when it comes to retiring. >> the anaaysis showed denver in the top 25 cities, landing at 22. colorado aurora was 104th. orlando, florida was the best city to retire in, and montana, california was the w
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1