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2016 12
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Mar 3, 2016 11:00am MST
vladimir putin. at the same time he's called george w. bush a liar. that is a twisted example of evil trumping good. the rules of political history have pretty much all been shreded during this campaign. if the other candidates can find some common ground, i believe we can nominate a person who can win the general election and who will represent the values and policies of conservatism. >> mitt romney also wants to reiterate he is not running for office. he said he wanted to offer his perspective on the process of his party. >>> the gunnison professor a child faces a judge today. >> he is looking at several charges, including the sexual exploitation of a child. >> denver 7 reporter jason %- gruenauer was in court today and has the latest. >> reporter: this was the first time that professor faced a judge, just for an initial hearinn. we'll remain in -- he'll remain in custody on a $20,000 bond. the judge also ordered he not have any contact with anyone under the age of 18 and not use the internet outside of his job. the professor of criminal justice and sociology at western state univer
Oct 5, 2016 11:00am MDT
from rick george, he's a athletic director here. he says "regarding the incident foremost all students and staff are safe. we have safety pro to cals in safe and they were effective. i want to recognize the cu and bolder police departments for their swiftresponse and neutralizing them >> reporter: was there any conversation between the suspect and the police? >> i will turn scott. >> there was a conversation, they asked him to put down the weapon and they didn't reply. >> joint efforts between cu and bolder. 3 >> was the suspect involved with cu? >> well, there's still cause and manner of death, you'll have to ask the coroner. >> any other injuries reported? >> no, just the suspect. >> proximate age? >> i don't know that. >> the was the incident in the parking lot, the altercation between two people that knew each other or the other individual a person beinn targeted and else that would have been in danger? >> at this point, we don't know. we just know from the initial investigation pieces that, that is where it started. >> any idea of what the altercation was abou >> not at t
Sep 19, 2016 11:00am MDT
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Oct 10, 2016 11:00am MDT
get the right better chance of hem finding a home. >> george slack volunteered to take professional photos its animals at weld county humane society every week for 7 years. >> i don't know what we would do without george. >> george's photos look so good, its animals are adopted faster, but he says he couldn't do it without his fellow volunteer carol kaplan. some animals would rather play than have their carol have plenty of patience. they capture the animal's personality and they share it on the website. >> we get the right shot. >> have you tempted to take one of these cats or dogs home. >> one adopted me 7 years ago. >> one in 7 years because that takes will power. denver 7 trusted choice as the e agent of colorado wants to honor you. >> thank you. >> if you know someone who does something great for the holiday, we'll like to share that. >> so many people are humble they don't want it. >> he almost ran down the hall. >> they don't want the attention because it's the right thing to do. the coolest day is wednesday. a chance of showers tomorrow. in colorado, we stand together, but c
Aug 16, 2016 11:00am MDT
against the 49ers. >>> a duck and a dog n tennessee are showing our differences on the outside george the dog lost his best friend two years go and his owner says he'd gotten depressed, wasn't eating well. one day she noticed a duck on the back porch, who now refuses to leave george's side. >> since the duck showed up, he's been fine. he's not wanted in the house, not whined, not meeting you at the car looking sad. his bed and even allows him to rest its bill on him. >>> coming up, aajudge involved in a rape case back in the headlines this morning. details on how people are trying to remove him from the bench. and an actor killed in an accident involving his jeep, and a colorado woman now suing over the same problem. and donald trump proposing a over a million ears of corn are picked a day here in olathe, colorado. and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen to what's most important to colorado farmers. michael bennet asked what he could do to help, and then worked with republicans to make a farm bill that's making a difference to all farmers in colorado. we don't always ag
Mar 1, 2016 11:00am MST
and left him lying in the road on ccllege avenue near spring park. 53-year-old george taylor was a description of the car they are looking for. >>> new at 11:00, a university of colorado drama instructor has been charged with sexual assault according to our partners at the boulder daily camera. the suspect goes by the name ada adu. he raped a former student at his home in january. he is being charged with sexual assault on a helpless victim in his home in january. -`the victim intoxicated. the suspect was bonded out and will be back ii court this thursday. >>> a custodian at middle school lose his job after he is accused of inappropriately touching a student. >> we are not identifying the custodian because he hasn't been arrested but the school's principal called parents just to let him know what happened. >> we are fully cooperating with the police investigation and will capitol to do so while they determine how to proceed. the safety of our students and priority. >>> at the end of january the student accused the custodian of inappropriate touching. district immediately notified g
Jan 8, 2016 11:00am MST
the road -- pitch on the road, participating in a town hall at george mason in virginia. the president took questions from both sides of this debate. the second amendmenttand un ownership. >> the way it is described is that we're trying take away everybody's guns. i've been now president for over seven years, and gun sales don't seem to have suffered during that time. >> if anything you've helped? >> theyyve gone up. i've been very ggod for gun manufacturers. >> president obama admitteded in the meeting that he has never owned a gun himself and has little experience with them. but he says his policies make sense and they've been overly politicize. >>> a ew cnn poll suggests -- this is probably the same poll we're talkkng about here. 67% of the people in that survey say they do support the changes to the background checks that would cover more gun purchases made online and at gun shows. however, 57% of those polled say they don't think the deaths. >>> planned parenthood is backing hillary clinton. the health group says it plans to make the official announcemenn in new hampshir
Aug 18, 2016 11:00am MDT
of this. >> that's awful. george clooney wouldn't even look good with thht thing. >>> finding an affordable place to live in denver is difficult. new information about what the city is doing about it. >>> toxic chemicals found in the water in some colorado david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. over a million ears of corn are picked a day here in olathe, colorado. and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen to what's most important to colorado farmers. michael bennet asked what he could do to help, and then worked with republicans to make a farm bill that's making a difference to all farmers in colorado. the thing that impresses me most about michael bennet: we don't always agree, but he val
Nov 29, 2016 11:00am MST
and climbed ddzens of structures including the george washington bridge. >> do you think you learned his lesson? >> i don't know. >> it would seem no. >> the kid just wants to do those things. >> he is doing it. when you look at november, so far with temperatures as they are, it has been really warm for most of the month. when you average the daily high and the daily low, we are at 46.5 degrees after yesterday. as of now, it's the third warmest november ever on record and it's going to be chilly for the get into december. we could stay at that mark or come down a bit. we will keep an eye on it but so far it is feeling a like nooember then early december. a beautiful look from city park. we have a mix of clouds right now. cloud cover in the mountains with a little bit of snow. 19 degrees in conifer, 21 degrees in allen park and it city park, 36 degrees. tucker, you are at 35 degrees. same thing in aurora. the highs this afternoon will be about 40 degrees. we are going too warm a few more degrees in the next couple of hours. urie 42 degrees and in boulder, 41 degrees. today and with th
Sep 15, 2016 11:00am MDT
watch politics unplugged with anne trujillo sunday at 3:00. >>> george w. bush wants to help soldiers transition to civilian life. he was at fort carson speaking at a job fair for returning soldiers yesterday. >> one of the things i found was that i would spend the rest of my life helping our veterans. i would do what i could to focus on the needs of veterans and to convince others to join us in helping them. >> more than 100 employers were there helping veterans find work, the job fair continues ttday. >>> you are running out of time to voice your opinion on a potential fee hike at mesa verde national park. the last day to submit comments cost $20 for vehicles up five dollars. motorcycle fees during house season hours would go up to $10 , and annual passes would go up to $40 if it passes. the fees would be used for various projects. >>> the legacy high hool football team on the field, five days after the school bus crash. the driver was killed one coach is in the hospital, two others out of the hospital. there is a gofundme page for the coaches who were injured, find the link on our
Nov 2, 2016 11:00am MDT
here. a million visitors last year. we're not slowing down. >> reporter: historian george i saw stunning exhibits like the real blue suede shoes worn by carl perkins, the man who helped pioneer electrifying blues. what's the country music hall of fame without elvis? >> this is a 1960 custom gold plated diamond dust pearl cadillac lousine that elvis used to ride around in. >> reporter: this is a site, hundreds of platinum and gold records from country's greats. >> it's a stunning visual and you can see the folks walking in the door. >> this is awesome. we're inside the hall of fame rotunda. look at all the big names here, these plaques. george strait, reba macintyre. wait a second. i knee it. they probably could have informed me, but i'm now apart of the hall of fame. i've worked my contacts for years. hey. >> we've got security footage of you putting that on the wall here. sorry, but you've obviously taken the shirt from alan jackson and his hat. probably went to kinkos. >> i'll let myself out. >> oh, poor eric. poor eric. you can catch him also during the 4:00. he'll be on the
Oct 18, 2016 11:00am MDT
accused of shooting at george zimmerman in a road rage incident last year will spend 20 years behind bars. matthew epperson was convicted of second-degree murder. zimmerman testified that he followed him, flashing his lights and honking his horn before pulling up beside him and shooting at him. zimmerman became a controversial figure in 2012 martin, an unarmed teenager. >>> a man left his five-year- old daughter outside alone on a college campus. surveillance cameras captured the child sending for herself with just a blanket on the cold night. the child was left alone in 30 degrees weather with nowhere to go and no one to turn to. it's unclear why the father ?ever came back for the girl but her mom wants some answwrs. >> she just blanket and waited until light. >> her mother says she was traumatized by the ordeal. police say the department of child and family services is involved in this investigation 3 and the man could be charged with felony child abandonment or abuse. >>> a two-year-old boy 3 accidentally shot his mother while she was trying to pull the gun away from him. the boy's fat
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12