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Feb 11, 2016 6:00pm EST
. george! hey, tiffany! (charmingly) hey, what's up, girl? (sternly) check yourself, rodney! get high speed internet- starting at $15 dollars a month for 12 months with a 12-month agreement and other qualifying service when you get it all on one bill! plus, switch today and get a $100 promotional card for every eligible service you add. sports, sponsored by your local toyota dealers. mark: just a few days after the panthers are back for the cold, hard business of football. others will be let go. it's not sure where roman harper will -- cotchery, who had a wants to keep playing if it is with the panthers. we will see if they want him back. harper has yet to announce if you was to keep playing it all. the panthers added a new face, the delightfully named swayze waters -- he is from my hometown. as we told you yesterday, cat barber is back home tonight with a hampton high school jersey retirement ceremony. and we will have video from the event in the next sports cast. cat went for 297 points in his high school career. we showed you -- he came up 12 certainly get it at home against little
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1