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Jan 13, 2016 6:00pm EST
money so big george bought his very first lottery ticket the requests it's just a fun thing as much as anything else. i told the lady who waited on me, i will come back and see you if i win. next this man bought 400 tickets. with long lines at convenience stores across the triangle, clerks and machines are working overtime to keep up. machine twice because it kept breaking down. >> everyone dreaming about what they would do if they win the cash. >> all probably end up quitting work and going back to school for finance to manage my own money. >> i think my chances of getting elected president are better than my chances of winning, are getting hit by a meteorite. >> you are more likely to vehicle by an asteroid dan to win tonight's powerball. according to this website, your chances are 99.999% no. somebody has to win the powerball. if no one wins, saturday's tisha: north carolinians have had a decent run when it comes to the powerball steve:. four winners have claimed over a half billion dollars in powerball. in november of 2006, she was a prison guard and she collected a $36 million
Feb 1, 2016 6:00pm EST
into some abc 11 viewers from henderson as well. samuel and jaqueta malec and george promised 32 years ago that he would bring her to a super bowl. >> better late than never. mark: are you waiting for the panthers to be here? >> this just happened to be the year and we were hoping the home team was going to come. everything worked out >> i don't think it hit me until the last day when i sat there watching if they win, it is coming to where i am. this is my last year in college. they are practicing at my campus. it is the most amazing thing right now. >> they are going to go all the way. i have no doubt. they are going to go all the way. nothing to be said. that's it. it's a wrap. markel and more to come later from sports in san jose. steve: we hope it is a rapid joe mazer is in on the california with mark right now covering the panthers as we lead up to the super bowl. he will be joining us on friday. tisha: i'm a little jealous right now. can't wait to join them. this is the carpool situation. this is in southeast raleigh. steve: we saw cars cutting each other off and we saw stu
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2