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Mar 13, 2016 6:00pm EDT
situation unfolden in a washington, d.c. suburb. in prince george's county in landsover, maryland. authorities warning people who headquarters there to stay inside. the busy d.c. beltway is also shut down. one is critically hurt and there may be more than one suspect on the loose. updates on the abc 11 mobile app. >> also new at 6:00, a police standoff in fayetteville that went on for hours is finally over. good sunday evening, everyone. i'm joel brown. >> and i'm heather waliga. police say the man broke into the house on morganton road and refused to come out. no one was in the house at the time. joel: the incident began when the suspect allegedly tried breaking into a neighboring home but was run off. police stay this is the fourth time this man has been involved in a situation like this. clouds rolling in and rain and showers too. about rain for the rest of the night? >> we should -- we could see thunderstorms and isolated showers. show you where we're currently seeing a bit of rain. just to the east of you, a cell pushing on up towards wake forest. that will continue to move n
Mar 3, 2016 6:00pm EST
morning. way. dr. george charlotte -- but this is again the initial batch. this rain is going to blossom as the storm system drops to the southeast and a storm forms off our coast. snow. further into march -- winter weather advisory is in effect under the virginia border. winter storm warning toward right on the border is right on the line there. no advisory for pars county. doesn't been he wants a light accumulation. predictor shows rain blossoming into the region. freezing line well to the northwest. temperatures falling into the 30's along this area here. the big story is going to be the study rain we get overnight. it doesn't move early tomorrow morning. it should be out of here by the time we had to work or school. accumulating snow even north of mecklenburg county. there are others happening further south. it would take 30-40 miles to the south and you would get a one inch or so were more needed to virginia border. that is not impossible that you elevated surfaces. everybody is going to get wet. again that rain really getting going around 11:00 and then continuing overnight. temper
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2