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Apr 11, 2015 11:30pm EDT
bell explains why prince george's county executive or sean baker is throwing her support behind him. >> i am supporting chris van hollen as the next senator for the state of maryland because he will fight for prince george's county. brad: baker without announcement surprise some, who thought he would support another person running for the seat from prince george's county for stop baker says he is and forcing the best candidate. >> i'm endorsing a person who understands prince george's county. : brad baker says that race is not his primary concern. >> i know it is in the best interest of the county and state. brad: ike leggett speaks of his history in the civil rights movement and says that van hollen shares his values. >>'s leadership on all these issues we fought for his impeccable. brad: van hollen already has a huge fundraising lead in this will make raising more campaign money easier. van hollen: i'm grateful for the incredible work these leaders do every day on behalf of our communities. :brad: we reached out to the other candidate, but she did not respond. kimberly: coming up
Apr 2, 2016 11:30pm EDT
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Apr 16, 2016 11:30pm EDT
emotional scene outside of engine company 30. prince george's county firefighters mourning one of the rhÔne come a tough loss. firefighter paramedic john ulmschneider gunned down in the line of duty. new details emerging about the deadly incident friday night. firefighters responded to a home on sharon road in temple hills. the brother homeowner called 911, thinking there was a medical emergency. identifiednders themselves and knocked loudly three times before deciding to enter the home. >> i heard them banging on the door. suddenly the banging on the door stopped and the gunshots rang out, like 6, 7 gunshots. roz: the homeowner shot the two firefighters and his own brother. >> he was in pain. he was asking for help. nobody could get to him at that moment. they eventually got him to roll and crawled down the steps, through the driveway, and into an area of the street where they could get him and carry him to the truck. roz: the police took in the homeowner for questioning, but released him and he does not currently face charges. the case is still being investigated. some neighbors be
Apr 9, 2016 11:30pm EDT
the state comptroller. these are the ones in montgomery county and prince george's county. >> questionable tax preparer show up in our office. brad: state comptroller peter franchot said that thousands of returns from these companies set all fraud alerts. >> this is criminal behavior. controln't have much from the clients giving information. we have to rely on their information. brad: he plans to appeal. the state comptroller says so far none of the accused tax preparers have not been able to justify a single suspicious return. if you suspect fraud, you are asked to call 1-800-md-taxes. kellye: still ahead, a five-year-old girl is losing her eyesight and running short on time. the special meeting that her family hopes w kellye: a special moment for a very special girl from ohio who got her wish to see pope francis . that was on her visual bucket list. she has a rare disease that is taking away her vision. when word of meyers waved and smiled, hoping to catch pope francis' the tension as he drives by. at first she is just happy to catch a glimpse. then this. >> we were awes
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4