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Jun 17, 2012 11:35pm EDT
location at national harbor in prince george's county. the county executive says he never had any doubt. >> having a facility will attract more people not just to the facility, but to the outside of national harbor. >> the report was presented to a governor's commission. the addition of traditional table games with live dealers at all of the location. such an expansion will need an additional $160 million a year in revenue to the state. >> a casino that is a billion dollars would be another anchor in prince george's county. >> there is a vocal opposition. members of the prince george's church group made their position known. >> been added to is outweighed the positives. >> and then there are the people behind maryland live. they remain resolutely opposed to the d.c. area competitor. >> these numbers are highly uncertain. >> what happens next is the gaming commission will make a recommendation by next week. if they say it looks like it would work to have the casino at the national harbor, they will make a recommendation. legislators will help with the governor. it is possible they will c
Mar 17, 2012 11:35pm EDT
george washington university. 73 degrees for the high end takoma park. in manassas, 59 degrees with a high in the mid-70's. temperatures are a bit milder. when chester at 59 degrees. head off to ocean city with only 42 degrees at this hour appeared they had highs daily in the lower-50's. 70's in the mountains. temperatures are mild off to the west of us. lower-80's and chicago. there cooling down now to about 70 degrees. high-pressure off to the northeast and light southerly flow will diminish in the overnight and hours. the fog could limit visibility to the lower quarter of a mile. we already have a dense fog advisory for delaware. i expect this will disband as we go into tomorrow. but similar to what we had earlier this morning i expected to cancel out by 9:00 a.m. or 10:00 a.m. moving through the next 48 hours, noticed a few showers along western maryland. it will not amount to much for the day tomorrow. more clouds and a few showers for the day on monday. and we may even hear a few rumbles of thunder. dense fog is expected overnight. daytime highs tomorrow hovering around the 70-d
Oct 30, 2011 11:35pm EDT
claim some of the candidates. even traditional conservatives worry about that. george will said today that be damaging the party. trouble in have the general election, whether it arnott. just ask john kerry. >> conservatives are trying to the fellow republicans from selling on mitt romney. will have to explain how to explain his changing positions. shaping up race is thathe new allegations herman cain is facing. >> thank you for being here with us. to start with herman cain. story crossing today from some accusations about some advancesiate sexual that he might have made. allegation that were settlements when he was head of the national restaurant association with two women who had alleged some sort sexual impropriety, in a purpleperhaps gestures. that hisomething will have to answer for .nd has not yet this is something that was 1990's. history in the >> this was when he was head of the national restaurant association. this decision will not comment on it. >> i guess this is the sort of stuff that comes out when you're a front-runner. is a front-runner at least in outlatest poll that
Jan 23, 2016 11:30pm EST
broke out at a prince george's county stripmall. a carpeting store when up in flames on silver hill road ensued when. prince george's county fire officials say hi wind caused the flames to spread into other stores. there were no injuries and the cause of the fire is under investigation. our crews have been bringing you the storm firsthand, all across the region with the latest. alison: in the district tonight, bureau chief sam ford is live in northwest ec once again. -- northwest d.c. once again. hi, sam. sam: our truck is here at 14th and u, and here in mount pleasant, we saw how difficult it can be for first responders trying to get to the scene in this snow. we found two d.c. ambulances stopped at the intersection of mount pleasant and park road, both stuck in the snow en route to a home about two blocks away. numberst aimed at once, 31, was stuck, the number 24 was dispatched to replace that, and it became stuck on the opposite corner. they requested a plow to clear the snow or a humvee to deliver them to the patient's home. when we left moments ago, one of the paramedics was wa
Apr 30, 2016 11:30pm EDT
george's county have been building homes on this cul-de-sac. suzanne kennedy shows us the results of the hard work. suzanne: this is the house on student drive in prince george's county. the students are building it right now. four absolutely beautiful, bedrooms, 4.5 baths. they have just finished building it, about to go on the market. some students are doing the interior decorating, getting it ready, all part of the foundation of applied construction technology for students -- facts opportunity for the students to learn trades. i'm joined by one of the students. tell us what you got out of this project. >> i think from the interior design class and coming into this, i got to see the work that goes into designing and creating a house and how it helps in the future. i think it's cool that the students got to do it themselves. suzanne: also setting goals and meeting goals? of work,we had a lot we had to start from scratch with the floor plan, what furniture goes in, how to set up the space to be most comfortable to live in. it was a lot of work, but i think we did pretty good. absolutely.
Jun 5, 2011 11:35pm EDT
team. the owner says that crawford team, but out for the make it onto the roster. prince george's county police alcohol and speed were crash that killed people this morning on indian head highway. they said that in eight -- a road and drove off the into a tree. d.c. my oralton, is scheduled to before the washington, d.c. council tomorrow. he claims that money orders were him by the grace and campaign to attack the than fenty, promising -- job if he won at the election. >> seeing where we were last week, this is your chance to really adjust. is a fairly nice day. as you have outside, it is also nice outside. nothing but clear skies. finally, west of washington, d.c., showers and thunderstorms develop. to 82 degrees was the high. 73 ed reagan national. wind coming up from the south, degrees in annapolis. 70 degrees in alexandria. temperaturea high today. temperatures are cool in over past hour or so. 70 out in fredericksburg. this is what it looked like afternoon hours when sun came out. showers and thunderstorms, northern partthe bay, movingpeake self without having impact on the m
Aug 17, 2014 11:35pm EDT
headed into prince george's county. officers there chased the car back into d.c. >> at some point we know it goes down around r.f.k. stadium. >> the wild ride came to an end in northeast d.c. two men bailed out of the car, our cameras captured the arrest of the third. romeo hayes, who faces charges f assault with intent to kill. >> the highest-ranking american soldier killed in combat since vietnam has been laid to rest. burial service at arlington national cemetery for major general harold green. he was killed nearly two weeks ago when a gunman opened fire inside a military training facility near kabul, afghanistan. general green lived in falls church. he's survived by a wife and two adult children. loved ones are marking three years since a rockville man was kidnapped by al qaeda in pakistan. warren weinstein was working as a consultant. family and friends mark the anniversary by placing yellow ribbons on trees in weinstein's neighborhood. maryland congressman john delaney issued a statement calling on president obama and the state department to do everything they can to bring wein
May 16, 2010 11:35pm EDT
the commencement address to george washington university. she agreed if they met her challenge of completing 100,000 hours of community service. in her speech, she encourages them to keep giving and keep engaging in the world, and they completed, i guess, 163,000 hours, so much more. >> and what a beautiful, beautiful day that they had. it was hot and humid last year. a much different story this year. >>> pennsylvania ave. the capitol dome. winds have diminished quite a bit. the weatherbug network, at this hour, calling for temperatures at 62 degrees in alexandria after a high of 74. no rain to speak of, but that is going to change. wtop radio at 63 after a high of 72. 76 for our high at reagan national airport after a morning low of 62. normally at this time of year, about 75 degrees, so that is about where we should be. 60's across the border across the mid atlantic right now. -- across the board. we are looking for showers and a few rumbles of thunder to the south and west of d.c., but for the media metro area, the showers will hold off until the morning hours. for that rush-ho
Mar 8, 2015 11:35pm EDT
young to his targets at random, including a truck on the icc in prince george's county and a building near the national security agency at fort meade. nobody was seriously injured in the shootings. young faces several charges including attempted first-degree murder. there is a new controversy surrounding the late marion barry. a newspaper column said he died without a will. for reported he added estimated $16,000 of assets, compared with $60,000 of unpaid traffic bills. those figures do not include the expenses of his funeral or potential revenues from his book, "mayor for life." d.c. mayors honored marion barry with a new mural. barry would have been 79 years old this past friday. a surprising announcement from a virginia school, sweet briar college announced it is shutting down the summer because of financial issues. the private women's colleges located a few miles north of lynchburg, va. suzanne kennedy has some reaction. >> there is no easy way to share this with you. suzanne: the announcement came on a website, and through e-mail . after more than a century, the rural all women s
Oct 5, 2014 11:35pm EDT
whether or not we want it on television, not up to a professor at george washington. >> he has successfully battled to get commercials off tv. he says he is confident to get broadcasters to stop using the redskins name. >> i don't think you should ban people from saying the word. saves chairman of the fcc they would consider the complaint, saying there are -- >> the redskins have been called that for so long, but it is time for change. feel that it is. >> bears and tigers, except to they can't talk, but they might be unhappy too. kansas city chiefs are worried, i suppose. horace holmes, abc 7 news. countyce george's firefighters doing their part to raise awareness for breast cancer. check out their new fire truck. they are calling it the proud to be pink engine. the firefighters held a special dedication in capitol heights. they say they are hoping to raise awareness one pink truck at a time. we are encouraging you take abc's pink pledge to learn more about cancer. pink to takeom\ the pledge.
Apr 16, 2016 11:30pm EDT
emotional scene outside of engine company 30. prince george's county firefighters mourning one of the rhÔne come a tough loss. firefighter paramedic john ulmschneider gunned down in the line of duty. new details emerging about the deadly incident friday night. firefighters responded to a home on sharon road in temple hills. the brother homeowner called 911, thinking there was a medical emergency. identifiednders themselves and knocked loudly three times before deciding to enter the home. >> i heard them banging on the door. suddenly the banging on the door stopped and the gunshots rang out, like 6, 7 gunshots. roz: the homeowner shot the two firefighters and his own brother. >> he was in pain. he was asking for help. nobody could get to him at that moment. they eventually got him to roll and crawled down the steps, through the driveway, and into an area of the street where they could get him and carry him to the truck. roz: the police took in the homeowner for questioning, but released him and he does not currently face charges. the case is still being investigated. some neighbors be
May 20, 2012 11:35pm EDT
confronted the man and he pulled out a sword. >> a prince george's county police officer is in trouble with the law. arrested for allegedly driving drunk and his police cruiser. daniel gonzalez was off duty when he crashed his car last night. when police arrived they suspected alcohol may have been involved. he failed a sobriety test, 0.013. well over the legal limit. >> thousands are out tonight at eighth fund-raiser in its mineral, va.. -- at a fund-raiser in mineral va.. alan jackson gave a free concert. organizers said they collected more than $150,000. >> they had some nice weather to go along with that. >> the clouds continue to increase. if you're heading outdoors letter this evening early tomorrow morning, i am jealous. the rainshowers had arrived. light showers right now at reagan national airport. even a few rumbles of thunder are not out of the question. the record low was set back in 2002 42 degrees. back in 1996, at the hyatt record was -- record high was 96. we will add to that as we move to the overnight hours. childrens hospital, 64 degrees. temperatures, a mid-
Jun 11, 2016 11:00pm EDT
montgomery county, prince george's, and howard county's, involving a three-story apartment holding with fire on the third floor. a kitchen. who were in the swimming pool noticed smoke and started banging on doors. a neighbor grabbed a fire extinguisher and ran into a smoke-filled apartment before the firefighters arrived, and here is how he described what happened next. >> you could see the black smoke coming from beneath the door. andst pulled the pin started spraying into the kitchen. i was coughing a little bit. i said i was ok. i was holding my breath. roz: firefighters say the damage was largely contained to the one unit because they were able to attack it quickly. we saw some of the chart appliances, in indication of how fast the flames were moving. the apartment is sealed off tonight with yellow tape. that is the only unit right now that has family cannot be in there tonight. they got the other families back damage was pretty minor, all because of the quick thinking that got the neighbors out quickly and the one hero neighbor who try to put the fire out and did a pretty good job
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13