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Jun 6, 2015 11:30pm EDT
sergeant's father in king george virginia. >> i have something i would like to talk to you about. reporter: offering something personal to a strange. >> i will will be more than happy to have him buried with tap. >> there is room for another person in the plot. it is where carol had planned to be buried. instead, she wans to with thes to honor a fallen sold career. >> i'm willing to have thomas buried with dan in his section in arlington national cemetery. let's give him a tha let him rest. that is all. just let him rest. reporter: officials tell us while the gesture is a thoughtful one, no one has a burial plot until their time of need so it cannot be give top anyone. the staff sergeant's father says he is humbled by the gesture and is continuing to wok other cams tone sure that his -- other channelschannelschannels to be sure his son is buried here. kellye: the family of cecil mills has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the district. he had a heart attack feet from a fire station. when his daughter ran there to get help firefighters told her she would have to call 911. by
Aug 16, 2015 11:35pm EDT
. she was not seriously hurt. the number of red light tickets and prince george's county has risen. pg county police issued 70,000 tickets so far in the 2015 fiscal year, up from 2013. the police department says it is due in part to new technology allowing cameras to catch and enforce right turn on red violations. firefighters investigating a two alarm fire at a recycling center and prince george's county. this was thursday night when flew over the scene on richie road and capitol heights. it took about six hours for firefighters to put it out. thankfully, no injuries reported. coming up -- a hiking trail at the center of a fight between neighbors and the army. we will explain. and a local father and daughter prepared to experience history together for the third time. how it is connected with the upcoming visit. devon: really hot again tomorrow, but the latest coming in, adjustments made only on "washington weekly." kellye: some silver spring residents are vowing to fight the army over plans to block access to a local hiking trail. it cuts across army property and an old military landf
Apr 9, 2016 11:30pm EDT
the state comptroller. these are the ones in montgomery county and prince george's county. >> questionable tax preparer show up in our office. brad: state comptroller peter franchot said that thousands of returns from these companies set all fraud alerts. >> this is criminal behavior. controln't have much from the clients giving information. we have to rely on their information. brad: he plans to appeal. the state comptroller says so far none of the accused tax preparers have not been able to justify a single suspicious return. if you suspect fraud, you are asked to call 1-800-md-taxes. kellye: still ahead, a five-year-old girl is losing her eyesight and running short on time. the special meeting that her family hopes w kellye: a special moment for a very special girl from ohio who got her wish to see pope francis . that was on her visual bucket list. she has a rare disease that is taking away her vision. when word of meyers waved and smiled, hoping to catch pope francis' the tension as he drives by. at first she is just happy to catch a glimpse. then this. >> we were awes
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3