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Oct 19, 2014 11:35pm EDT
course in prince george's county. they say it is all because of a wheelchair. this is a story you'll see only on 7. >> in golf you've got no choice but to face the tee alone. on the fairway here at the eisenhower golf course, it's support along for the ride. >> a beautiful day. >> her husband dean is a quadraplegic but it doesn't keep him off the course. >> probably 135. >> the couple has golfed together for more than a decade. 70 plus courses two times a week and never a problem, they say, until about a month ago. >> great job. this is the first course that ever made me feel disabled. >> dean ordakowski is talking about another course, enterprise in mitchelville publicly owned by prince george's county parks and rec. >> i walked in with him and they said, sir, he's not going out on the course is he? i said yeah he's going to ride with me. oh, he can't do that. >> they claim club management had a host of reasons why -- that doesn't allow dean would have to use a golf cart which is something he can't do. >> it was humiliating to sit in the pro shop while he came up with excuse after e
Jul 5, 2015 11:35pm EDT
. reporter: the country's first monument honoring the first president, george washington. the monument has undergone a $2 million refurbishing. five years ago, it was showing signs of decay. >> a lot of water stains, a lot of damage to the plaster and stone. it was a mess. reporter: with the work complete, the monument is shining again. officials at the mount vernon place conservatory to us all the way to the top 227 steps where there are four windows and for very good views. there are interactive maps. >> i think what is really amazing is how bright it is. reporter: private funds helped if with a facelift. >> it is our history and it's important. we as americans don't really realize how deep democracy and freedom and rule by law goes. reporter: the mine yet -- the monument reopens on its 200th birthday this saturday. it may be old, but it's hardly showing its age.
Jan 28, 2012 11:35pm EST
falls now 39. in the district, george washington university, 42 degrees, the wind out of the northwest at 5. the temperature a little cooler off to the north and west, mid 30's cumberland, still 40's annapolis and lexington park. the closer to the bay, that is where the moderate temperatures are. the cooler air not to really cold air, off to the north and west. it will feel different tomorrow daytime highs about 7-8 degrees colder than today. the clouds are arrive during the midday. it may have some snow showers across western maryland. nothing for the immediate metro but the clouds will keep the temperatures down. sunshine arrives monday, followed by the push of warm air tuesday. the wind out of the south southwest. daytime highs well into the 60's. mainly clear and cold overnight 28-33. day tomorrow, 45-50 the wind out of the southwest at 15-25. that may have a wind advisory to the west, the shenandoah valley and the potomac highlands, where they could have 40 mile per hour wind gusts. the extended outlook the temperatures warmer tuesday and wednesday. 60-65 degrees. a cooler and uns
Feb 1, 2014 11:30pm EST
not see any snow in the district, or for that matter in prince george's county. more than likely you will. we could see 1/4 of an inch or so. that is the thinking right now. a lot can change between now and then. we will keep you updated through the day tomorrow. here's a look at the forecast for tonight. temperatures are around 33-38 degrees. 50-55 degrees. it is going to feel like spring. kendis, looks good -- looks good. as quickly as a system arrives, it is out of here. by monday afternoon another area of low pressure tuesday night into wednesday, and then another potential system by friday. a busy, busy week ahead. we will keep you updated. >> coming up, another powerful name in washington admits to watching the hit drama "kindle." -- "kindle." can you see us? are you there? you're breaking up. are you there? is itit you or is it me? wait, no. dude, i'm lagging. is it you or is it me? why is it so slow? is it you or is it me? [ male announcer ] if you're not on 100% fiber optics, it's you. verizon fios is 100% fiber optic, comcast isn't. so you can video chat smoother. game with
Feb 28, 2015 11:30pm EST
budget. charles county is one day over budget. macomber county, prince george's, frederick counties, and alexandria city have used up their days --montgomery county have used up all of their days. we have not heard back from the district just yet. it took more than 24 hours after this week snowfall for residents of a germantown condominium complex to see any signs of a snow plow, so they called us. 7 on your side troubleshooter horace holmes tried to step in and get them the help they needed. horace: little by little, he has been working to dig out a parking spot in front of his home since monday's snowstorm. >> i can only get about two feet in. horace: some residents are hopping mad at the condo association today. >> they don't keep them clear properly. horace: they say this is the way their parking lot looked until midweek. elderly and handicapped residents had to figure out a way to dig their cars out. >> since sunday this was completely surrounded by snow. yesterday i paid $20 to people to remove the snow. horace: the residents say they pay $300 per month as a condo fee, which i
Oct 5, 2014 11:35pm EDT
whether or not we want it on television, not up to a professor at george washington. >> he has successfully battled to get commercials off tv. he says he is confident to get broadcasters to stop using the redskins name. >> i don't think you should ban people from saying the word. saves chairman of the fcc they would consider the complaint, saying there are -- >> the redskins have been called that for so long, but it is time for change. feel that it is. >> bears and tigers, except to they can't talk, but they might be unhappy too. kansas city chiefs are worried, i suppose. horace holmes, abc 7 news. countyce george's firefighters doing their part to raise awareness for breast cancer. check out their new fire truck. they are calling it the proud to be pink engine. the firefighters held a special dedication in capitol heights. they say they are hoping to raise awareness one pink truck at a time. we are encouraging you take abc's pink pledge to learn more about cancer. pink to takeom\ the pledge.
Oct 25, 2015 11:35pm EDT
baseball player and was a prince george's county police officer. returned tofinally his advocation and went on the air in richmond. doug basically had a career before he went into broadcasting, so he yard he had his feet on the ground in new how to deal with people. it was nice to watch him as a kid in detroit. he cam home to washington and powerhouse channels in washington. maureen: we had such a good time. it's like being in high school with your best friend and playing pranks on each other and being supportive of each other. television news was a lot looser those days, on air and off. we were the youngest members of the dream team. to make people believe we have the same age. look at me, look at doug hill. it's the kind of place where you had to find your place and just get good. leon: doug has helped a generation of meteorologi get od, on 9 and a 7. armyat is part of doug's over there. brian: there are many times we don't fully know. it's possible one of these other models could have it right. absolutely that could happen. and calm,e stays cool and that is the kind of credibili
Sep 6, 2014 11:30pm EDT
charges. prince george's county police arrested him this morning. he is also charged with robbery. the police believe that he stabbed a man to death wednesday while stealing his cell phone. the police in alexandria arrested a 17-year-old boy. he is accused of attacking a woman last sunday after a party on south reynolds road. the suspect was the same person the police say may have been a witness in the case. a woman said she did not know the attacker. d.c. police have identified two people killed when a car slammed into a garbage truck in southeast. it happened on 295 near pennsylvania avenue. the car driver and passenger died. as awere identified 23-year-old and 29-year-old, both from oxon hill. a backseat passenger suffered non-life-threatening injuries. truckiver of the garbage and two passengers were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. the cause of the crash is under investigation. forestate accident in bill sent three people to the hospital early this morning on suitland parkway and pennsylvania avenue. one victim suffered critical injuries. two others were i
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8