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Jan 28, 2012 11:35pm EST
falls now 39. in the district, george washington university, 42 degrees, the wind out of the northwest at 5. the temperature a little cooler off to the north and west, mid 30's cumberland, still 40's annapolis and lexington park. the closer to the bay, that is where the moderate temperatures are. the cooler air not to really cold air, off to the north and west. it will feel different tomorrow daytime highs about 7-8 degrees colder than today. the clouds are arrive during the midday. it may have some snow showers across western maryland. nothing for the immediate metro but the clouds will keep the temperatures down. sunshine arrives monday, followed by the push of warm air tuesday. the wind out of the south southwest. daytime highs well into the 60's. mainly clear and cold overnight 28-33. day tomorrow, 45-50 the wind out of the southwest at 15-25. that may have a wind advisory to the west, the shenandoah valley and the potomac highlands, where they could have 40 mile per hour wind gusts. the extended outlook the temperatures warmer tuesday and wednesday. 60-65 degrees. a cooler and uns
May 23, 2015 11:30pm EDT
: paging george jetson devon lucie with you, tracking higher heat, humidity. the forecast coming up. kellye: a new twist in the plan to widen i-66 could put hundreds of millions into the tax coffers , provided the taxpayers pay to widen the highway. stephen tschida has the details. stephen: the transportation secretary believes it makes the most sense if the state picks up the tab for widening i-66 outside of the beltway. the plan is to widen i-66 outside of the beltway. the project expected to cost more than $2 billion. if virginia covers the tab, it could save a billion dollars on the roads. if the state handles financing and construction of the expansion to i-66 instead of the private sector, it will generate some $500 million of total revenue over four decades. the state will have to kick in money to the private sector. >> i can see people paying the toll. stephen: the proposal to cover the cost of widening i-66 came about after a study of financing options. some homeowners, especially those who houses could go way to make way, think the project should be dropped. >> it just mov
Feb 28, 2015 11:30pm EST
budget. charles county is one day over budget. macomber county, prince george's, frederick counties, and alexandria city have used up their days --montgomery county have used up all of their days. we have not heard back from the district just yet. it took more than 24 hours after this week snowfall for residents of a germantown condominium complex to see any signs of a snow plow, so they called us. 7 on your side troubleshooter horace holmes tried to step in and get them the help they needed. horace: little by little, he has been working to dig out a parking spot in front of his home since monday's snowstorm. >> i can only get about two feet in. horace: some residents are hopping mad at the condo association today. >> they don't keep them clear properly. horace: they say this is the way their parking lot looked until midweek. elderly and handicapped residents had to figure out a way to dig their cars out. >> since sunday this was completely surrounded by snow. yesterday i paid $20 to people to remove the snow. horace: the residents say they pay $300 per month as a condo fee, which i
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3