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Jan 4, 2014 11:30pm EST
thing to do. thieves stole for cars left running in prince george's county. >> a woman in my car. i went inside for just a few minutes. >> he said that is all it took for somebody to steal his bmw and his upper marlboro neighborhood after he started his car and went inside. his aunt noticed something was wrong. >> my car was gone. >> he is not alone. he is one of four people that have this happen to him in more than an hour. up to the north, and acura was taken. nearby in buoy, a nissan was taken. owner had lefthe the car running. >> he would not leave your wallet on the counter in the grocery store. these do not leave the keys in the ignition while you're vehicle is running and unattended. >> this becomes a huge problem in the winter. it is easy to not become a victim. you can never assume that your neighborhood is immune to this. for somebody to steal my personal belongings that i earned with my hard-earned money. let her takeman out menus collect dust. learn why >> a health alert about binge watching tv. it turns out that it could be good for your health. netflix surveyed more th
Jan 1, 2011 11:35pm EST
up the hill. speech," thes story of king george vi and his battle with stuttering. "the fighter," who battles his opponents in the ring and his family out of it. here is the weekend movie guide -- happy new year. i am arch campbell, abc 7 entertainment. >>> each week we introduced you to an outstanding local student athlete. this week we have our capital one high-school athlete of the week. >> i found out just how good charles chapin is. >> i know what i am doing before i play the ball. my vision is pretty good. at that he joined the varsity team this season and he certainly made his presence known. he scored in the 2-0 victory over urbana high
Mar 8, 2015 11:35pm EDT
young to his targets at random, including a truck on the icc in prince george's county and a building near the national security agency at fort meade. nobody was seriously injured in the shootings. young faces several charges including attempted first-degree murder. there is a new controversy surrounding the late marion barry. a newspaper column said he died without a will. for reported he added estimated $16,000 of assets, compared with $60,000 of unpaid traffic bills. those figures do not include the expenses of his funeral or potential revenues from his book, "mayor for life." d.c. mayors honored marion barry with a new mural. barry would have been 79 years old this past friday. a surprising announcement from a virginia school, sweet briar college announced it is shutting down the summer because of financial issues. the private women's colleges located a few miles north of lynchburg, va. suzanne kennedy has some reaction. >> there is no easy way to share this with you. suzanne: the announcement came on a website, and through e-mail . after more than a century, the rural all women s
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3