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2016 1
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your screen is claremont mckenna government professor george thomas. is a book called the founders and the idea of national university. here's the cover pair professor thomas, was a national university? >> guest: will come in the national university was an idea put forward by a number of leading founders. many of the name she think of, george washington, james madison, benjamin franklin, thomas jefferson and the idea really in chart was that the new constitutional order created, which we take for granted in our day was really in the process of being built and they turned to education as one central way of trying to foster in further the kind of political culture, the kind of education they thought was necessary to sustain that constitutional order. >> host: what would it look like? what we teach? >> guest: what's really unique about the idea of a national university at the time is that, i mean, first week it goes back two centuries and think what the dark educationalists institutions look like and today what we think are now institutional education, harvard, yale, princeton, that i
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1