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, christina rossetti. of louis battenberg, joseph conrad, george lewis, winston churchill, larry consultine. jeffrey elsen. this list, this is the final point i'll make, this list illustrates the fundamental point, although these figures enhanced british life, they did not make their adoptive nation cosmopolitan, their adoptive nation made these cosmopolitans british, and we should be proud of them. >> evan robbins? >> i do appreciate the opportunity to contribute. whenever i was considering my remarks for this debate, i thought i would be in conflict with the honorable member from newport west, but i'm pleased to say that's not the case. both for he and sutton, i want to make one point about exclusion. when i was a northern ireland member, northern ireland does not exist. i'm also quite concerned, apprehensive, sir roger that the right honorable member in the chamber today, as they take parliamenta rary proponent for hillary. i wonder if there will be a debate to the detriment of donald trump. i agree with the right-winger member from gains borough. the fact that when you have a
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)