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Nov 5, 2016 10:00pm MST
moments before i - the man he works for certainly does. george massey owns several local establishments, but he's better known for his less reputable enterprises, i came along the corner and on the highway and i saw a giant including loan sharking, money laundering, extortion. on z?rich street. >> mike, we heard from other people that the blast shook the - i suppose if the city's gonna have organized criminals, they should at least be diverse. massey runs his businesses with his son eddie. town, could you feel it? - and our guy? - riley cavanaugh. no living family and no education past high school. >> i mean i could hear - - feel the only job he seems to have held is driving a truck for a company owned by massey. appears to have been an associate of massey's for several years. - what kind of associate? - the kind that gets the attention of the machine. - something happening? - yeah. lunch. >> i'm not there now, i left several emergency crews could go jobs, they have their hands full and there were so many people blocking the highway, so, i left. >> incredible, michael, thank you and sta
Oct 30, 2016 10:00pm MST
seahawks. russell wilson. he can't get both feet down. george dome, atlanta hosting green bay. check out matt ryan. falcons 21-19. second half, aaron rodgers making things happen. find jeff. 32-26. feeling good with the lead. matt ryan 288 yards, three scores. connects, 11-yard game winner. atlanta improves to 5-3. bucks up the middle. bucks 24-17. buccaneer pride. 2 minutes left. derek carr. in tampa. 7-yard scoring rip. tied 24-24. goes to over time. throwsthrows for a record 513 yards. he is doing things. 41-yard game winner. redskins a chance to win it in over time. thank you very much. misses the 34-yard field goal. nfl gets the second tied game in the season for the first time since 1997. tom brady and the patriots. lets it rip. gronk, love saying gronk. rob gronkowski 53-yard town they don't like rex ryan. 12-yard touchdown. 315 yards. four scores. patriots with the best record at 7-1. scary moment in the broncos-chargers game. broncos defensive coordinator wade phillips hit by a chargers player on the sideline during the interception. carted off the field and taken to the hos
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2