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Aug 30, 2016 12:37am MST
this particular situation. >> reporter: george kyle called for help after his niece fell ill on a hike in the white tank mountains in the west valley. she drank some water in the shade and felt better. but a rural metro crew was already hiking up. >> took her blood pressure and gave her two bottles of water. >> reporter: the fee for that cooldown service? the bill arrives this weekend, two weeks after their hike. >> i was stunned to find out they had the guns to -- and the guts to send a bill. >> reporter: rural metro charges flat fees for the services. >> no tax that comes to rural metro to support our services and operations. we have memberships and the members pay for the services. >> reporter: since george's niece isn't a rural metro member, she got a bill. >> is there any concern that charging will discourage pe need help? >> i would hope not. i would hope the last thing they are thinking about is i better not call anybody when i need help because i might have to get a bill for it. >> i would sit out there and see if i could get better before i made any attempt. >> reporter:
Aug 13, 2016 10:00pm MST
is before george washington was born and, in fact, around the same time the all galileo starting staring at the stars. trending tonight a cool treat for elephants at seafair doors, they all need it to celebrate world el frantday. getting a bath with the caption "pure joy." doesn't that look nice, joe-i i am a human being. . and tonight's conference title game and the arizona cardinals would with a mixed . >>> five time world champion arizona rattlers are hungry for no. 6, suiting up for tonight's conference final against cleveland. guy's squad looking to make it nine straight win and dahl yao within mvp candidate fires, rod windsor, arizona up1-7. the arizona defense great coverage, pals dipped and great pick. goes back the other way for 6 rattlers host the arenabowl friday august 26th and take on the jacksonville-philly winner. >> i'm proud of these guys tonight, they played great tight and executed the game plan. we have one more to go, but tell you what rattler nation it's staying in arizona. >> kevin guy, you my hero. arizona cardinal's brew arians with mixed emotions after t
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)