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Nov 11, 2015 6:00am CST
museum in waterloo for allowing us the space for the interivew with george and roger. they will be open tomorrow and any veteran or service member currently serving is invited to see the displays in their honor free of charge. it's after the break... one wisconsin man is going bigger than everyone else showing his patriotism this veterans your cbs 2 weather first forecast we parents have enough to worry about, but now even the foods that they think are healthy might not be! be!a new study from dartmouth university found that parents are increasingly being targeted by advertisers who want them to believe snacks are healthy even if they aren't.the researchers looked at 51 food products intended for children...and found half of those are also advertised to parents. the adult commercials had scenes of parental figures playing with kids...and emphasized health benefits.but the problem is that researchers say many of the snacks advertised didnt meet federal standards for healthy snacks. the found ads aimed at parents are on the rise....making it very hard for adults to
Jan 8, 2016 6:00am CST
... this time on the road. road.he participated in a town hall meeting at george mason university and defending hihi tions in front of a televised dience. audience.he s sod in front of supporters -- critics and some familiar faces -- including gabby giffords -- the former representative who was shot five years ago.his executive actions have angered republicans -- the n-r-a and other gun rights supporters. the widow of american sniper chris kyle was one of them -- she spoke to the president last night. "but i want the hope, and the hope that i have the right to protect self that i don't have to wind up like one of the freedom to carry whatever weapon i need." need."there is a way for us to set up a system where you, a responsible gun owner...can have a firearm to protect yourself, but where it is much harder for somebody to fill up a car with guns and sell them to 13 year old kids on the streets the president later admitted he never owned a gun and has little experience with firearms -- but sasa his popocies make nse. a new poll suggests more americans agree with him.a cnn-o-r-c poll s
Sep 29, 2016 5:00am CDT
, cheering)the prince george's county bus driver... being called a hero.?dave zahren, television specialist?"even though she says, 'i'm not a hero. i'm not a hero. i was just doing my job.' she said, 'i was really just being a mom.'" when the school bus caught on fire... she saved the 20 kids on board...?jordan richard, 5th grader?"the tragic thing was, the thing was in flames and it could've exploded.""to make doubley sure she had gotten each and every one of them, renita went back into that burning bus. imagine that."those 20 students... 20 smiles... saying 'thank you' to their hero.?lai tung, parent?"i was in tears when i saw him come back, i was like, 'my god! my baby! you're home!'"?amy aubert, lanham, md? "each of the more than 300 kids held up a 'thank you' driver."a celebration honoring a bus driver who goes above and beyond.?renita smith, bus driver?"i promise i didn't do it for this. i did it because that's what i am supposed to do. i'm a mommy. and mommys look out for her babies."a mom... that day... she says... to 20 more. it's now on this morning. morning.and if you're in it's
Oct 30, 2015 6:00am CDT
inside george wyth state park and assaulted her in a wooded arrests have been made in either case.police aren't saying if the two attacks are connected. a new hampshire prep school student will now spend a year behind bars for sexually assaulting a younger classmate. classmate.20-year-old owen labrie was sentenced thursday. he was found guilty back in august of having sex with an underage girl.labrie was 18 at the time, the girl was only 15. prosecutors say he assaulted the freshman as part of a game played by male students at the school.his lawyers have already appealed the decision. former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky was back in court thursday trying to get a new trial. trial.his attorneys say sandusky did not get a fair trial back in 20-12 and he should be tried again.the 71-year-old was convicted of sexually abusing several young boys and is currently serving decades in prison.sandusky could also be facing more legal troubles.a boston man filed a criminal complaint saying sandusky sexually assaulted him in the late 19- 80s.the judge ruled pennsylvan
Sep 12, 2016 5:00am CDT
-- and former president george w. bush was at the coin-flip in dallas. "as the years go by, september 11th, 2001 can seem like part of a different era. for many, today may feel like any families whose loved ones were stolen 15 years ago the memory of that morning is fresh and so is the pain." pain."there were some players who protested racial inequality during the ceremonies.four dolphins players took a knee during the anthem -- just like 49-er quarterback colin kaepernick has been doing. the entire seattle seahawk team locked arms -- honoring the victims. new questions about hillary clinton's health have now emerg. emerged. democratic nominee for president left the the 9-11 ceremony at ground zero early and her campaign said she was o. -- she's cancelling events today and tomorrow in california.a doctor who examined her says she has pneumonia and was shows her stumbling to get into her van. clinton went to rest at her daughter's apartment nearby and left a short time later. "i'm feeling great, i'm feeling great. what happened?" with pneumonia on friday
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5