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Dec 14, 2015 5:00am CST
his 5 triples in the game -- i- second half -- ey got things going -- georges niang -- drops in the floater for two of his 11 pointsthen monte morris and thomas run the give and go -- and big game tay dials long distance and connects from the corner - cyclones go up 17then it's niang with the alley -- jameel mckay bringin the oop -- 78 to 64 the final -- as iowa state stays perfect in what was a performance far from perfection. perfection."i didn't pthink this game was going to be perfect today just kind of beininthrough it and being through the ringer a little bit, but i didn't think it would be 78-64 to be honest. but you never devalue winning man.. we won the day, we won the game." game." "we didn't really play well today. we lalaed energy for whatever reason, but a wins a win. you can't really get mad at a win like i told the team we are just going to take this win and forget about it."same two teams went at it earlier on the women's side -- and like the men -- this was a huge mismatch the cyclones could do whatever tee tee starks attacks the rack for the easy two -- she finishe
Dec 17, 2015 5:00am CST
there for naz every step of the way... but from a team standpoint... i've gotta be better... georges, jameel... all down the line... we all gotta raise was watching last thurday... when iowa couldn't hold on to a 20-point lead... and lost in ames to the cyclones... this saturday... they'll have all eyes on them again... when they go against drake in the big four classic...the bulldogs have been the whipping boys in des moines since 20-12... they've gone 0- 3 in that span... including a 17-point loss to iowa two years ago... but no matter the opponent... fran mccaffery knows this is always a big game for the program... "when i was at notre dame we used to have the big four classic. it was kentucky, louisville, notre dame and indiana... i came from lehigh where we would get 800 people a game. and then we hadad 38,000.... i think it's a great day of college basketball in the state." state.""it's one of the best events to be in... to be in that and be a part of it -- to have all four schools there -- that's a big positive throughout the state." in iowa football news... kirk ferentz has a
Jan 26, 2016 5:00am CST
... they beat the jayhawks... 85-... morris and georges niang led the way for the cyclones... since at 1-3 start in the e big twelve... they've now won four straight games... a new a-p poll was released on monday... and the hawkeyes are lookin' good... they jumped all the way up to number- three... they haven't been that high since 19-87... iowa is happy with the respect... i think we're finally getting recognition for being a great team... and we've always believed that wee a great team... so i think we stay away from looking at ere we're ranked... because the only ranking that matters is at the end of the year... the kennedy girls lost to cedar falls on friday night... snapping a 14-game win streak... you don't win 14 straight... if you're not really g gd... and these cougars - are as good as it gets in five-a... c-b-s two sports reporter mia o'brien has more... they can't tell you why ohohosh sh don't know what it is! but something special is happening on 42nd street streetthey have the "it" factor. there's just something and defensivelybecause what started with a loss... loss...we we
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3