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Oct 20, 2016 5:00am CDT
notch -- their starting lineup could be taking already without lead receiver matt vandeberg -- george kittle now could be limited against wisconsin -- he suffered a foot sprain at purdue last weekend -- and though coach ferentz hasn't ruled kittle out -- he'll most certainly be limited. and even with the iowa running game clicking -- this one hurts... hurts..."there's no sense in sugar coating it. if george kittle cant go, that's your number one pass catcher and number one touchdown grabber lineup.... no matt vandeberg, no george kittle. what's wisconsin do best? they stop the run best. so they've got to hit some plays in the passing game. really encouraged by noah fant... baby steps for scheel and smith -- they're getting better every week, you can see it... but they're gonna have to hit some plays int he passing game, with or without george kittle"on paper it's a one-and-five bears team against a packers team trying to find its footing. but that doesn't mean you shouldn't tune into tomorrow night's game -- cough? right here on cbs 2 -- because both te this rivalry is still alive and
Oct 22, 2015 5:00am CDT
hour on highway 218 near george wyth state park.that chase lasted about 20 minutes and ended at a gas station in waterloo. tucker was taken to the black hawk county jail for a number of charges and citations. city leaders are continuing their tour to address gun community. "the consequences that come from using weapons and guns and stuff to solve problems, they're not good ones. nothing good can come from using a gun or using any type of weapon." weapon."a victim of violence spoke at washington high school alongside the u-s district attorney and police chief wayne jerman. this is part of a larger effort to surge of shootings that have happened in the corridor over the past several months. right now -- new rules are in place for handling threats at the iowa city school district. district.the changes come after a reported threat against west high earlier this month.six-hundred students ended up with excused absenses for the day.staff will now determine the level of the threat -- and if necessary -- report it directly to police -- parents and the community. the district tells cbs 2 n
Oct 31, 2016 5:00am CDT
. be.oddly enough, the only mask that we've sold out of this year is george w. bush. go figure. kevin barry reporting.there is real data behind this -- since 1996 -- the candidate who's halloween costume or mask sold the most won the election tonight for halloween - cedar rapids police would like to see you!police recruits set to gr sunner park near the police station - handing out candy - starting at 5:30 tonight. there are also special events planned in marion today for halloween.the city will host a trick-or-treat event at city hall from 3-to 5 this hour after that - at 6 - trick or treaters are welcome at the public library until marion - there are no set hours for trick or treating - you can turn your lights off - when on halloween - eastern iowans are looking forward to the opening of spooky restaurant that will soon open in the corridor. the popular des moines restaurant zombie burger will open in the coral- ridge mall on black friday. another location will open in iowa city about a week later on december 8-th.that location will be right next to the mill.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3