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Feb 25, 2017 5:30am PST
? >> well, he probably would have turned back to george orwell, who he loved so much, and the very fact of the matter is, orwell's books are back in circulation. and the one consistency of this contrarian, christopher hitchins, our friend, was his disdain of authoritarianism in any guise. and he would go after-- whether it's henry kissinger, the catholic church-- he did not care if he smelled authoritarianism. so i think the moves of donald trump to suppress the-- suppress journalists would drive hitchins mad. >> although, it's hard for me ton where he would have come down on this election. lesli, what do you think? >> i think christopher would have been appalled by trump, but he also would have said, "who gave us trump? hillary clinton." i mean, christopher was not, as you know, a big supporter of hillary clinton. >> no. >> and feel that he would have said it's-- it's because of the way they ran that campaign that we ended up with donald trump. i think he would have laid a lot of responsibility at her feet. >> what do you think he would say about the people who support donald trump versus
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)