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Nov 20, 2015 11:30pm PST
in the city of light, we close tonight a convince essential view of paris. george and ira gershwin's oscar-winning musical, "an american in paris," is now on broadway. the cast is headed up by robert fairchild, and leanne cope. it is the most awarded new musical of 2015. is this a musical? >> yes. the -- >> i mean, is it a musical? is it a ballet? >> kind of all of the above. >> rose: some kind of hybrid. >> yeah a broadway-ballet hybrid. >> rose: musical, broadway-- >> tap, jazz, ballet, singing. >> it really follows a formula of a traditional book musical, yet it has three ballets throughout. the ballets were used occasionally decades ago in "carrousel" and "oklahoma." but never has there been an opening and act one is a ballet. it is giving you a traditional book musical but it is also pushing the boundaries and has an amazing amount of incredible dancing. >> rose: what was the challenge? >> i think you have people in the ballet world opening their mouths for the first time on stage singing and speaking. >> rose: people from the singing world dancing for the first time.
Jul 16, 2016 5:30am PDT
there tuesday. he along with former president george bush and vice president joe biden paid tribute to the five police officers killed by a sniper last week in what the president has termed a hate crime. it was the single deadliest day for law enforcement since the attacks in september 11, 2001. >> if we are to honor these five outstanding officers who we've lost, then we will need to act on the truths that we know. >> rose: for more, here is peter baker and alan blinder of the "new york times." >> i think he had a lot to do with the speech himself. i think in the last day or two when he tried to work on it, it has been very difficult for him because he's give an version of this so many times in the last two years. he struggled to find words to convey something that have impact. he said i don't know if my own words will have the impact i want, that are adequate, exactly, and that's a real admission for a politician who lived on the strength of his oratory and he finds his oratory, his speeches and words have not been enough to heal the country. >> rose: alan blinder is also there fr
Jul 29, 2016 11:30pm PDT
ronald reagan going after michael dukakis in 1998. bill clinton never mentioned george w. bush in his the convention in 2000. >> i know the system better than anyone else so i'm the only one qualified to fix it, obviously hillary clinton seized on that. a real politico would have looked at that and said this line should not be in this speech, it does come across as crazily self focused and ego maniacal. to hear that in his own words and to be able to throw it back and say america is not about one person who can the fix things, america is about we not about i. that became a true in obama speech and hillary speech and it leaves obama to a critique that could be very powerful. and something that katie is talking about. >> elizabeth warren is here, she's the senior senator of massachusetts this is day 2 of the convention in philadelphia and she made a remarkable speech last night in which she showed her own convictions that made her become elected as senator in minnesota. the democratic party and the campaign for president. did she call you up and say i want you to know i've decided on tim ka
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)