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Nov 11, 2016 11:30pm PST
to punish a local mayor who did not endorse him, by creating traffic jams at the george washington bridge. and last sunday, the governor finally broke his silence, and proclaimed his innocence in an exclusive interview at his home. >> no person has ever testified, even the convicted felons haven't testified that we said to the governor, "this was an act of political retribution," and he said, "okay." nobody's ever said that charlie. but if you of you read want stuff in the papers you would think that's what happened. >> rose: when did you first know that was happening? >> first week of october. remember, these traffic studies hammond the first week of september. first week of october, i saw a story in the "wall street journal" talking about this traffic problem in september, and the fact that the port authority said it was a traffic -- >> this was when? >> first week of october 2013. and i then went to my chief of staff and my chief counsel and said to them-- i handed them the story and said, "find out what's going on with this, would you please." charlie mckena my chief counsel ca
Feb 18, 2017 5:30am PST
the situation in ukraine. >> the writer george saunders has done pretty well as an author of short stories infused with a healthy dose of satire. now he's out with an impressive novel. "lincoln in the bardo" say ghost story full of ghosts with stories. it's set in the cemetery with president abraham lincoln is paying the last visit to the grave of his songs, willy. seth myers interviewed the author. >> my wife and i i were in d.c. and we passed the oak hill cemetery and her cousin said that crypt is where willy lincoln was buried. and she threw off this detail that linkon had reportedly in the newspapers the day gone into the crypt and somehow interacted with the body he was so grief-stricken. and finally, in 2012, i had finished my last book, feeling good, that idea showed up, and i'm like why don't i try that? and the answers were all like, "it's too hard. it's too earnest. it would require too much heart of you." you know, so i thought okay, you know, i'm 58 or whatever i was, i'll at least try it. and then i just kind of gave myself a little window, maybe three months to, to go
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)