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Jun 25, 2017 7:50pm EDT
. think i can, i think i can. curious george, rafy, have you read curious george? you like it. >> sort of. >> he was my guy. okay. you need to read it again. but, no, having this spirit of curiosity and explore asia -- exploration and having it instilled in you at an earl age was begin to me through my community, through my parents, and i never forget the day that my father -- he was school teacher. he drove this -- my dad did all these different jobs. he was a school teacher, played in the band, did all these different things to make money to give me my piano lessons less and -- clarinet lessons and all these lessons. he worked hard so i could get these things. the day he drove a bread truck into our driveway was the die i said -- the day i said, okay, you're going be a bread delivery man now? what's the deal here. this is when learned about vision. the bred truck drove in, we got in it, we look at it, smelled like bred still, and he said thisser is our camper. and i said, no, it's not. it's a bread truck. he says the bread on the side of it. didn't have a vision. but he did.
Aug 22, 2017 7:01am EDT
the hope. that is really what this book is about. the little engine that could. curious george. maybe they need to read it again. but having the spirit of exploration. it was him that was given to me through my community and my parents. to give me my piano lessons in my clarinet lessons and all of these lessons and things he worked hard so that i can get these things. but the day he drove a bread truck into our driveway was the day i said okay this is enough. this is when i learned about vision. he said this is our camper. i did do not have a vision. what he did. he was always doing things on the cheap to take care of his family and the bread truck cost $500. over that summer i became an engineer. i build bunk built bunkbeds that flipped out from the side of the truck over the summer i learned what engineering and science was about. i also learned what it meant to have a vision for something. to have this thing being converted into repurposed for something else. it wasn't until we painted that off the truck that i realized about the camper. we spent countless hours driving across the
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2