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FOX Business
Jul 26, 2017 3:00pm EDT
in governor george allen. a virginia and we are also joined by the former democratic senator and governor of indiana since we are just joining us. it is interesting. some people expected that. they will either benefit or possibly be affected by that. what you think is the end result. and it got pushed forward. i will give it my best shot. they will go through the amendment process. none of the democrat process. that is really all within the 52 republicans. i know george well have an opinion on this. to satisfy the conservatives that want to repeal everything. but also keep the moderates on board. that is just can be a very difficult balance to strike. at the end of all this they will pursue what they call the skinny alternative. they will repeal the mandate. provide healthcare for their coverage and they will also repeal at least the tax and medical device companies. my guess is that they will go that route. that's all we will get done right now. they will make a proposal on the rest of it. i think that is probably where this will end up. you can see the bottom of the screen. it
FOX Business
Dec 12, 2016 3:00pm EST
spokesperson who put out on a facebook page comment. his name is george, george little. next commander-in-chief, president-elect trump dismisses the work of agency and calls its findings quote ridiculous. his disdain and disrespect for cia and wider intelligence community is nothing short of shameless. he makes the point these guys put themselves out there to catch the bad guys, often at their own peril. >> yeah i think, i think we really need to reconsider that, if anything recant that. i think we're all on the same team we shouldn't be attacking each other, especially if the intelligence community will be the one advising the president-elect. think we need to really consider the source and these guys are the ones providing you good intelligence to make really powerful decisions we really need to recan't our position of not really being so defensive about these kinds of things. we need to be a little bit more open-minded perspectives. i think our government needs to be a little more open-minded to the fact that yes, we're hearing a lot of data from the cia and fbi, and et cetera. are we
FOX Business
Mar 27, 2017 3:00pm EDT
botticelli, former advise are tore to president george w. bush and columnist ellis henican. unsub assistanted by mr. trump himself, but all we've heard through the chatter, paul, is that he will reach across to democrats. that would mean schumer, senator schumer and it would mean representative he will he -- nancy pelosi. and john kasich was right a couple weeks ago he wrote in an op-ed the only way to get stuff passed by he reaching across the aisle. he also implored the democrats to reach across. paul, does that happen before president trump reaches back to the freedom caucus? >> i at this it might. he will certainly talk about it. this is part of the negotiating style of this president. he is uniquely elected, uniquely qualified to be a disruptor. he will do that even if he doesn't actually follow through. one thing i wonder if it is really reaching out to the democrat leaders or reaching out to vulnerable democrats? he doesn't need a lot f he get as bill passed with 218 in the house i don't know that he cares there is a lot of democrats to make it happen. i think republicans are hoping it
FOX Business
Sep 18, 2017 3:00pm EDT
george bush and barack obama followed, and that was peaceful solution through talk and negotiation, which didn't seem to work. what path would work right now? >> well, i think if we're going to have any chance of getting a peaceful resolution to this conflict still, liz, and it is very late in the day, i think that the key missing piece here that the president has recognized is china. china has all of this economic leverage over north korea. and unlike the case of iran before the nuclear deal with iran, we have not exercised any of our secondary financial sanctions against the major chinese banks and industrial conglomerates that continue to do business with the kim regime, have continued to help it to evade sanctions. i think if we're going to have any hope, we need to start coming down really quite hard on a selected group of very powerful and politically well-connected state-owned banks and companies in china that have continued to do business and keep the kim regime afloat. liz: gentlemen, at what point does china decide that the economic relationship with the u.s. and with the
FOX Business
Sep 15, 2015 3:00pm EDT
and ceo of crowd strike, his name is george, you have got to hear what he has to say, along with the former director of the cia, ambassador james woolsey. >>> donald trump set to make a major foreign policy speech tonight. how will he verbally attack china over this very issue with the cyberspies? it will resonate with undecided voters? we are all over the markets, all over the story of our nation's security and less than an hour to the closing bell. so let's start the "countdown." >> we begin with breaking news. yes, we have a major rally on our hands, but it is the addiction to the internet that is going to cause problems when it comes to being vulnerable to major cyberattacks from hackers that are sponsored by so-called nation states. call it what it is, china and to a lesser extent russia. nefarious characters zeroing in on the personal data of corporations and government employees all for the purpose of blackmail. remember when in 2013, the store chain target was hacked. we had an estimated breach of 40 million customers' credit and debit card information was exposed. earlier th
FOX Business
Dec 19, 2016 3:00pm EST
george h.w. bush's council of economic advisers and many times mentioned as chairman of the fed as well, before we ask about speculation, your future, i know you've been asked that so many times, what do you think of what you heard about mr. trump's plan about the economy, in terms of taxes and spending put together so far? >> well, sounds very good. there's a tax reform which we needed for a while, regulatory reform which we needed for a while. i would like to think that there would be some budget reform and monetary reform. those go together. it looks good. there seems to be consensus that something like this has to be done from the congress as well. so it's quite a change, actually and i can see that when i testify or talk to people in the markets. connell: any kind of disconnect between cutting taxes so much and also talking about spending on infrastructure at the same time? >> no. in fact, the tax -- it's a tax reform. tax reform basically is to provide incentives to firms to start off hires, slowing marginal rates and base, if you have good appointments coming in, a lot of experie
FOX Business
Feb 16, 2016 3:00pm EST
, george w. bush. and seeing the switcharoo on that one. bringing in former judge alberto gonzalez to talk about whether there is delay for supreme court appointment and how you feel this should go forward? first, is there a legal premise for delaying it until a new president is named? >> the president does have the authority to do nothing, i think that would be a mistake. i think if a vacancy occurs on the u.s. supreme court, the president has a duty and the responsibility to nail vacancy, at the time of his choosing, when he believed that he's identified a qualified candidate, he should make the nomination and it's up to the senate to decide what it wants to do. it controls its own calendar and the senate leadership which is in the hands of republicans can decide whether or not they want to delay on hearing or delay on a floor vote, so again, the president has a job to do, and once the president does his job, it's up to the senate to do its job at a time of its choosing. liz: and you served under a republican president, so that almost gives you more credas far as i'm concerned, you
FOX Business
Jul 10, 2014 3:00pm EDT
to play with that means our george perks, and jason rotman, advisers founder and ceo. george, what does argue because you did a really interesting analysis-- first quarter versus second quarter and you found that it's about the last hour to read what did you find exactly? >> but we found and thinks having me on, was in the first quarter we had strong warnings and sort of a ho-hum afternoon that led to a selloff into the close, on average the end of the day returns of the s&p 500 started to turn down sometimes around 1:30 p.m. in the afternoon. since the first-quarter ended and in the second quarter with seen a different pattern. there's a seven basis points spike starting around 3:00 p.m. to the close and it really stood out was on the chart that there was a lot of buying and pricing going on in that last hour of trading of the day. so, it's interesting indicator and we are not sure what causes it. one possibility is the smart money indicator you mentioned. it's possible this is money being put to work by patient and long-term thinking of bullish investors. cheryl: but, something e
FOX Business
Jul 10, 2015 3:00pm EDT
george w. bush and his team started the process. look, iran wants the arms embargo lifted, whether it's missiles or conventional weapons. that makes the israelis absolutely furious. they don't want to see something like that. is that something we should allow? >> well, they not only want it lifted, they want it lifted very early on, before we've really gotten to see what exactly they're doing in terms of following up their side of it. so there are all kinds of snapback provisions. but the fact is once you lift sanctions, it's usually kind of hard to put 'em back on. so, obviously, the israelis are concerned. but, frankly, this is not just about israel, this is about the whole arab region. and they're kind of worried that we're switching partners on 'em, we're going back to our relationship with iran and leaving them out. so there's a lot of politics in it, and none of it's particularly good. liz: yeah. this at a time when iran is backing houthi rebels in yemen, helping out hezbollah, it's a mess. ambassador, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. liz: christopher hill, former amba
FOX Business
Jul 11, 2016 3:00pm EDT
president george w. bush. welcome to you both. let me jump first to you, joe. hillary clinton, who do you think she picks? a lot of names swirling around here. >> there are. almost a little be a normal. i feel like we had more names than we had in the past with other presidents if i'm a betting man, senator kaine from the state of virginia, provides a lost compliments to the platform. influence in very key state. he was very popular governor of that state, elected u.s. senator. names like warren or the other governors -- liz: julian castro, liz warren, senator her rod brown of ohio, xavier becerra, tom vilsack, there are a lot of names here. >> they provide niches. cast very in texas would not help too much with texas. he would help with hispanic voters. tim kaine is very popular among hispanic voters. he is lead contender with everybody else shuffling for second place. liz: donald trump, you hear, chris christie, newt gingrich and, charlie gasparino saying scott brown maybe. is that a long shot. >> you mentioned all names been thrown about. obviously mike pence is one of the names be
FOX Business
May 23, 2016 3:00pm EDT
esther george rather and loretta messter of cleveland. >> that's correct. >> liz: we'll be watching. you could argue that is what kept a cap on markets. our thanks to chris bert tell son. >> thank you. liz: we're a month, couple weeks away from the fed meeting and we're losing all the gains at the moment. markets close the day lower on light volume. the closing bell rings] connell and melissa pick it up after the bell. >> stocks ending the day in the red. kind of a weird ending to the day as we turn negative in the final moments of trading. i'm connell mcshane in today for david asman. melissa: immelissa francis this is "after the bell." we'll take you to markets in just a second. tell what you we have going on this hour. investigators are scouring flight data from egyptair 804 for clues what caused plane to spiral and plummet into the mediterranean sea. the focus now? four crucial minutes that could hold all of the answers. >>> neck-and-neck. hillary clinton's double-digit lead over donald trump has fizzled. we'll look how both campaigns are now fighting for every edge in the gener
FOX Business
Mar 17, 2016 3:00pm EDT
georges dam as they do, but we buy hydroelectric power from canada. almost all electricity in quebec is hydroelectric. the shift is taking place, because these renewables are cheaper in some respects because of coal, because of all regulations against coal. in united states the coal producers say the regulations sped up the demise. liz: of course. it is sad. you have to provide them something or it will end up couldsing that much more for the nation. adam, thank you very much. while adam was talking, we dipped below the crucial number for the s&p. dow positive for 2016. not so at the moment with the s&p 500. we're watching it with the closing bell 27 1/2 minutes away. billionaire sheldon adelson, huge in the casino world. spent nearly $93 million on the presidential election back in 2012 but the vegas casino magnate has not backed a horse in the 2016 race. i got an exclusive interview with the chairman and ceo of the las vegas sands corporation. we'll tell you what he said about the vegas economy, hotel business, even race for white house after i emceed this event for friends of isra
FOX Business
Jan 17, 2017 3:00pm EST
complexities are going to become reality, realizing that abraham lincoln, george washington, no one can add much added impetus to all of the complexities we have in our economy, so therefore, yeah -- liz: it's a long, long process, especially when you get to things like unwinding brexit and doing corporate tax reform. how is her speech being received? >> i think her speech is still very much unclear, people don't know how the reaction would be from brussels. i disagree with one of the guys that day trading isn't the thing you want to do. day trading is the place you want it to be. you want to trade the volatility. >> good luck, good luck. good luck, good luck. liz: one of the best floor shows in a long time. >> don't do it! >> liz, i have a question for you, the trump rally and once he's in office the market sells off. liz: historically -- >> is it really a trump rally? liz: that tends to happen and we get down to nuts and bolts. >> exactly. liz: and see if there is steak behind the sizzle when it comes to the promises. guys, thank you very much, our thanks to you. so to donald trump's
FOX Business
Sep 18, 2015 3:00pm EDT
to establish himself, and he may actually start talking about george w. bush in order to separate himself from the pack, which he hasn't been able to do. >> right. liz: i can't let you both go without bringing this one up, loose lips sink amtrak trains? did you hear about this? there is a big democratic operative who was heard on an amtrak train, it goes from d.c. to new york. bigwigs are always on it. and this guy, apparently, was on this train saying that joe is in, and people interpreted that to mean joe biden is going to announce his candidacy. chris, when and if this will happen? >> i don't think it's going to happen, liz. i know he's testing the waters somewhat right now by going on this tour to michigan and ohio, but joe biden, if he gets in, he's getting in to win. and i really don't think that hillary clinton has been fatally hurt by these e-mails. i think, in fact, most americans aren't even paying attention to it. now, look, we see the rise in the polls of bernie sanders, her falling in the polls, but it's very, very early. she's going to do very well in the debates in
FOX Business
Feb 17, 2016 3:00pm EST
around there. i'm joined by brad blakeman, former deputy strategist to george bush, and the cease-and-desist letter which has a lot to do with the fact that donald trump got booed or was yelling about ted cruz. what does this say to you? has this ever happened in a presidential election before and does it hurt the republicans? >> no, never happened to my knowledge, but this is a prop. this san attempt to get earned media and worked very well. ted cruz advanced this letter by holding a press conference and showing it and talking about it, and he talked more about the cease a-and-desist order and the threats by donald trump. trump is a phenomenon, defies political gravity and gets away with it time and time again, my feeling is we haven't heard the last of donald trump before saturday's primary. liz: jessica, no cease-fire between ted cruz and donald trump nor trump and the rnc nor is there cease-fire between hillary and bernie sanders. bernie sanders is now in the latest polls almost in a statistical dead heat. we can show some of the polls. this has now taken on a life of its own
FOX Business
Sep 23, 2016 3:00pm EDT
former president george w. bush, ron christie. wow, ron, he had his chance at the cleveland convention for the republicans and led people along, never did it. what do you think brought him to this point? >> i think ted cruz is trying to position himself to run for president again in 2020 or perhaps years after that. he knows he angered a lot of people in the republican base by not formally endorsing trump at the republican convention in cleveland. i think he is trying to be cute by half liz, having it both ways. people will look at this the cynical political move i think it is. liz: richard goodstein, what do you think hillary clinton thinks about that? look, ted cruz does bring with him a certain slice of the republican party and does it help donald trump and hurt hillary clinton in that regard? >> so cruz's big base was evangelicals. seems that while, reports that they were supporting trump anyway. liz: anyway. >> it wasn't lex -- intellectual crowd that got behind cruz that are frankly lost. when they see bob gates and colin powell and bush father and son and michael -- this whole r
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