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Feb 8, 2016 1:05am MST
somethg." >> wn george left the military with the ranof ctain, he took a corpote engineering job, but soon reized thalife in an office building wasn't for he wanted to work for real people, which is whyeorge pu aside that fcyegre his and went to vegas to train as a firefighter/emt. >> focusing on himselfot how he wanted to le his life. he wanted to serve. to ser >>o while auna served drks athe palms, georgeved as re fighter and found time to volunteer, do what he could for the down on thr luck sls who li on e fringes of smuch glitz. in 2004, thehad a ba. >>here's dad andam >> she loved it. r dahteras the most imanthin h in is worl andverything e did revolved arounher daughter. >> then, two years lat, a rriage in hawaii. just the three of them ba i backn gait was ausy, complicad lifehat with george 2hour sfts, and shauna's night tim at the casino. and th iwas ptember th3:00.m e lk thempty lhe r, start pedwa fromhe strip and der at fl moon headed home. her. it was 9:00 a. when ge arrived withheir daughter. she'd spent the night at grandma' he at the firehouse work.t y wathe ga dr ?
Feb 6, 2016 7:00pm MST
medically in the wan rusintohe emergenc emergency room wasarba george. she doct she doctors wereorng tget a pulse. e.r. nurse was kris kehoe.>>f u 1ompres minu, the better the chance toivr. >>ftminuteit w all . a doctorronounced rb grge, the mother otwo dead. it was up to nurse kehoe t cleaup the body for the family to view. that's when she sait. >> when we were straigenup her e notibl top of head. i noticed there waa sml hole. my first thoughts a nurse was at it d be a bulletol the.>> that,ra g ni bine counho>>hot shot the head and frnd friendand family shod up for birthday fer huand. ng happythd alof the from hin mics lookl e ntu t p scene. d barb d , e stes w d two sslelu tsoing the mystery, right after t murder witsseported seeing a speeding c and a maiting tse th on aark ima fis cai atayat kay, e erne jelry stor.. amica. vihoteiand..or t sesyoife. every egth aaaand w bacat cricket wiress! swit and get brand new lg risio for $19.99, or take a spin wh thsamsung galaxy grand prime for $29.99! ickewiless. something to smile aut. feel a spark of emnlight every inch ofou. feelinde. fee
Feb 20, 2016 7:00pm MST
george clooney and mark waherg, the fil mi clarkf "usa today" called the perfect movie. channel 63,he grandeur, auty and savagery ofncnt rome came to life ingladiator" withussell cro. "gladior,"erwillise. re foromething just a bit naughty? onnnel 64, ten penth petsoin forces with "pyboy" plmate find the perfect "hustler" nterfold in iss killer body 00." ntai nity. with that out of the way, t's begin e debate. mr. vice predent, dung ts campai, you ha frequentl lled bush plisky me wh >> well jim, governor bushnd i ha two vy different ans to offer tax reliefamerican families. nely 50%f the fi. la[ laugermy plan, my p, is drent. rather than squander the surplus on a risky tax cut for the wealthy, i wou put it in, what i ll, a lockox. laug [ ug ] overnor bushyourponse? >> inowhl t. [ laug ] t i tell th -- don'me wtexas. [ laughter >> i dn't mess with texas. >>over >>overnor sh, i stened carly to the vice prident's rerkand i nest dnobehe messith lauger ]
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3