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Feb 6, 2016 8:00pm EST
george. she doctors wea pulse. one e.r. nurse was kris kehoe. >> if you give 100 compressions tter the chance to revive her. >> after 15 minutes it was all over. a doctor pronounced barb george, the mother of two dead. it was up to nurse kehoe to clean up the body for the family to view. that's when she saw it.straightening up her hair we noticed blood on the top of her head. i noticed there was a small my first thought as a nurse was that it had to be a bullet hole there. the nice woman behind the counter, shot. >> shot in the head and it didn't seem like it could happen to such a good person. >> back at the comic bookshop, friends and family showed up for a birthday party for her husband. singing of happy birthday and all of the superheroes froel and action comics looking on. all those guests now stunned to find the party turned into a crime scene.stess, was dead. two possible clues to solving the mystery, right after the murder witnesses reported seeingnd a man waiting outside the comic book shop. >> and he had on a dark outfit for that time of the year. at kay, the number-one j
Jan 17, 2016 8:00pm EST
. the doctor told george dr. fata was giving chemotherapy to a ave cancer. >> i didn't believe him, because quite frankly, i knew of all of were involved inpatients. >> surely, somebody would have said something. >> somebody should have said something. is doctor with a wild story. >> wild story. this is left field stuff. >> you are not buying it. >> i'm not buying it. i thought he was trying to get tract. >> it was a few days later, thinking about all of the practitioners made over the time that i had been there. >> george has no medical unusually aggressive treatment was sometimes a point of conflict in the office., i don't necessarily agree we should have given this injection or doctors saying, i don't really feel comfortable with the treatment fata has. >> suddenly, all these little conversations come back to mind. >> these conversations come to mind.hink maybe, maybe the doctor has something. >> george decided to find out more. he spoke to a nurse in the office who said she had recentlyed dr. fata about giving one particular drug to patients who didn't need it. he then made cop
Nov 5, 2016 9:00pm EDT
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Nov 12, 2016 8:00pm EST
grandmother is george washington's aunt. within a few days i went from knowing almost nothing to holy crow, i'm related to george washington. this is my cousin george. discover your story. >>> it was a blustery october night, with high winds gusting over new mexico's sandia mountains. albuquerque police officer levi chavez called 911 from his own >> baby, baby, please, wake up! please! >> reporter: he told police he'd found his wife lying in a pool of blood in their bed. in a panic, levi begged for help. >> okay, they're on their way. levi, is it going to be easier for you if you go to another room? >> i can't leave her alone. >> okay, okay. that's okay. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: aaron jones was a detective with the sheriff's department in suburban los sergeant saying that there had been a police officer's wife that had been shot. >> reporter: it was just after 9:00 p.m. when jones got to the chavez home. >> it was disturbing. i mean, it was a young, handsome police officer, a young, beautiful wife. >> reporter: jones saw tera lying on the bed with a gunshot wound to her head and he
Oct 14, 2016 9:00pm EDT
did you stand on joe mccarthy? george wallace? this is one of those moments. rob portman endorsed donald trump -even with his history of degrading women. portman stood by trump -even after seeing scrambled to save himself. history will judge rob portman a coward. what will we do? ted strickland: i'm ted strickland >>> businessman doug carlile had been gunned down in his own home, the victim of a suspected hit in spokane, washington. his family is frightened, thinking someone out there might be after the rest of them. detectives are searching for a white van seen that night, but they are about to discover another murder, in another state, that could hold the key here again is keith morrison. it was all too clear this had to have been a professional hit. burrbridge would need all the help he could get and now nearly 20 investigators chased the scattered clues. di you've need them all. >> i kept them busy. the white van. >> the van was unique enough that it was an after factory extended van they make for professions and once we identified the make and model we had the vans registered
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5