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Feb 8, 2016 2:00am EST
the way he did. a handsome boy scout of a firefighter named george tiaffay. george was the genuine article. an all american good guy. he'd overcome eay obstacles to become a top notch student in this is his sister, maria mcgrew. >> a valedictorian and on the football team. >> yeah, you'd think -- >> --he'd just be a jerk, right? >> yeah. >> just kind of a jock, mean-spirited sort of, who knows, stereotypical. >> but it was quite the contrary, said maria. >> he was always the calming force amongst family and friends. you know, he was the gentle speaker. he had this outlook in life where, "i wanna go out and make the world a better place. i wanna go out and do something with my life." >> so george did. he earned a prestigious appointment to west point, and after graduation became a combat engineer, served as a nation builder in panama. his childhood friend, aaron solano, went down for a visit. >> the stories he told me about the missions that he accomplished. building schools, clinics, roadways and bridges, really had an impact on his life. he finally felt like, "hey, i'm getting to
Feb 6, 2016 8:00pm EST
she wasnsn answered. i knew she was medically in dire straits. george. she doctors were working to get a pulse. one e.r. nur was kris kehoe. >> if you give 100 compressions a minute, the better the chance to revive her. >> after 15 minutes it was all over. a doctor pronounced barb george, the mother of two dead. it was up to nurse kehoe to clean up the body for the family to view. that's when she saw it. >> when we were straightening up her hair we noticed blood on the top of her head. i noticed there was a small hole. my first thought as a nurse was that it had to be bullet hole there. >> imagine that, barbara george, the nice woman behind the counter, shot. >> shot in the head and it didn seem like it could happen to such a good person. friends and family showed up for a birthday party for her husband. singing of happy birthday and all of the superheroes from his beloved marvel and action comics all those guests now stunnod to find the party turned into a crime scene. and barb, the hostess, was dead. two possible clues to solving the mystery, right after the murder witnesses repo
Mar 21, 2016 2:00am EDT
the best care money could buy. >> i really felt that, in a sense, he was doing god's work. >> george was dr. fata's office manager. he worked under his wife, samar, who ran the business side of the practice. >> 50 foot ceiling, artwork, grand piano. i thought to myself, oncology bought all of this? >> so your inial impression is this is an incredibly successful i really wondered how he did it. >> dr. fata lived here in a ritzy suburb of detroit. one reason he was so#successful was that his practice was so busy. at its peak, he was treating 1,700 patients in six clinics in the detroit area. >> it was huge, especially for basically a single physician, the amount of people walking in and out the door was incredible. >> nurse mary saturley worke for him and said he gave higher doses of drugsgsore frequently. he called it a european prototol. >> it felt like it was way more than patients i had previously treated were getting. >> i would think there's a point where you're thinking it's not >> right( and so, you know, having the knowledge being a physician. >> monica was taken aback by how
Jan 17, 2016 8:00pm EST
. and very hands on. manager george said dr. fata went to great lengths to ensure everything was done his way. >> he had cameras and microphones in the ceiling and walls. would periodically review that to ensure people were in the right place and saying the right things. >> wait a minute. a lot of businesses have cameras. for security purposes so you don't steal stuff. you are saying in this practice there were cameras to keep an eye on what people were doing? >> yes. >> did you find that unusual? >> well, i did find it unusual. but myself and a lot of others just thought it was something that he required because he was the kind of person that was very controlling. >> it was under the direction of dr. fata that monica was given her first dose of chemotherapy on july 1, 2013. a nurse delivered the cocktail of chemo drugs and sent her home how did you feel afterwards? >> i was sad. i was frustrated. >> when you went home? >> it was really emotional for steve and i. >> given what she had seep hern her family members go through, monica was bracing herself for the side effects to take hold
Jan 18, 2016 2:00am EST
george clooney trying to rally america to save an island paradise from the >> you're a woman lying on the beach in the mall dooefves you might know other women are being flogged. >>> joining me are republican strategist steve schmidt, msnbc's joy-an reid, president obama's 2012 deputy campaign manager stephanie cutter, and radio talk show host hugh hewitt. welcome to sunday, it's "meet the press." >>> good sunday morning and what a sunday morning it is. it's crunch time. four presidential candidates are joining us. with two weeks to go until the first voting we have some truly head snapping developments in both campaigns. in just a few hours, the democratic candidates will gather in charleston, south carolina, for the finalal debate before iowa and it airs right here on nbc at 9:00 eastern time. but there's big news overseas involving iran, its nuclear program and a prisoner swap.
Feb 20, 2016 8:00pm EST
governor george w. bush and vice president al gore. now, let's meet the candidates.
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6