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Oct 12, 2009 2:50am EDT
of information in the on going investigation into george smith's disappearance. >> a little after 4:00 in the morning, we were awakened by what i would call loud cheering, simply like a college drinking game. this happened two different times. >> reporter: the deputy chief was awakened by what he described as six loud voices. george and his drinking buddies returned from a fruitless search for jennifer who had gone missing. the chief then a 31-year police veteran with a number of homicide investigations under his belt, reflexively noted the time, called the ship's security office to complain about the noisy party under way and banged on the wall all to no avail. >> after a couple minutes, we heard voices outside the smith cabin. i don't recall hearing the door open. i assumed they were leaving the party. that was my impression at the time. >> reporter: for a few minutes, the next door cabin quieted down. male voices in normal conversation. the chief couldn't for the most part make out words or subjects. >> this went on for a period of time and then arguing on the balcony. >> arguing
Feb 27, 2012 2:45am EST
that george and jennifer first met fellow passenger josh askin, a 20-year-old from laguna hills, california, cruising with his family. keith greer is josh askin's attorney. >> they hailed a cab together and headed off into florence. that's when they first talked and got to know each other. >> reporter: on day five of the cruise, the newlyweds planned a short excursion by themselves on the greek island. >> george loves greece and he just couldn't wait to get off the boat that day. so the two of us had, you know, walked around for a little bit, and it was just such a breathtaking place that we were saying, god, i can't wait to come back here. >> reporter: the cream on the top of a very cool day for george was a celebrity sighting of tara reid as she taped a tv show. >> so excited. apparently he was like a little boy getting to meet a movie star. >> reporter: who could have guessed that the last happy snaps of george smith were being taken that very day. final photos for a family album and a final shout-out e-mail. >> just said, i'm having the time of my life. he said, don't get in
Jun 17, 2011 10:00pm EDT
who moved from ohio to florida when their two children were young. cindy worked as a nurse. george had been a sheriff's deputy who worked in security. they settled into an orlando subdivision where their home on hopespring drive was a model of manicured manicured suburbia. manicured suburbia. she was bringing up baby as her parents told "dateline" in 2008. >> she's a very strong mother. she's always took care of her daughter, made her very smart, i think very attentive for her age. >> the young mom got life line support from her parents. with no dad in the picture or on the birth records, she lived at home. when she'd gotten pregnant at 18, family friends would look back later and think it strange that no one in the anthony household would acknowledge, even seven months on, that casey was having a baby. correspondent and former prosecutor beth karas is covering the case for the trutv network. >> cindy's a nurse and denied it. she said, she's just bloated. >> true crime writer, host on investigation discovery, thinks that's the case. >> the fact that their daughter would be pregnant
Oct 5, 2015 2:05am EDT
george. his story of waking one acceptedy crawford in bed. one acceptedy crawford in bed. clan c explains next >> we 11 you now with george's side of the cindy crawford waking up in bed with jerj clooney story. he tells scott evans he blames et al on the alcohol. goodbye everyone. pass ps. >> i was fully dressed wearing my boots i think as i had a few. >> several years ago amal was fought recently. and randy and george had been doing research on the tequila 8. she just jumped in bed with me thought i was randy know worst things could horsepower to you. i think that should be our administrator the tequila metro detroit wake up in bed her with detroit wake up in bed her with subpenaedy crawford >> but george hand in hand with wife of one 84 amal and early year reunited with film star with screening of oprah where art thou. the ♪ i am a map of constant sorrow. >> she this the it was george as one of the boys semi-ing on the grammy winning sound track but he lip searching his which through it. >> i'll end up seeing myself dub singing somewhere. it's phony run in people electr
Jan 26, 2014 10:00pm PST
george washington bridge on their way back to paul's place the morning of the murder. >> was it a toll you guys went through? >> i would assume so. we went through i guess it was the lower level, but there was no booth -- there was no attendant. >> reporter: no attendant saw them pass, but detectives wondered could digital eyes help place the car at the toll booth? >> state police immediately did a search for the ez pass records, or toll records of that vehicle, and we had a hit at 6:39 of that vehicle coming across the george washington bridge lower level. >> that's huge. >> it's huge. >> it was a huely corroboraighle piece of evidence to corroborate scott sherwood. >> reporter: what's more, there was a photo snapped of the license plate. it was evidence that almost didn't exist. prosecutors say paul had planned to pay cash that night. but construction at the toll booth forced him to drive through the ez pass lane. >> he made some mistakes. and he couldn't have anticipated the bridge was going to be under construction with no toll takers. >> reporter: and then prosecutors present
Oct 31, 2016 2:02am EDT
. narrator: this week on george to the rescue, a heartwarming transformation for a couple with big hearts. so it's really not me saving her. narrator: so grab your sledgehammer and join us for a few close calls-- one issue-- and this, i haven't even brought up to you or nick. narrator: --on the way to the big reveal. here we go. welcome home. oh my god, what a difference. hi, my name is gail renner. and i'm kevin. i believe in my hometown, secaucus, new jersey. well, i was originally born in queens, new york. from there, i worked my way into the city. and then i was on the upper west side when i met gail. gail: we've been together for 10 years, kevin and i. we actually met online. you were really the first person that i reached out to. d that in your profile-- and i loved dogs, so i said, why don't we meet and walk our dogs? i didn't really want to do anything else but that. it was just kind of like a meeting. i wanted to make sure you weren't a weirdo. and then we were together from then on. kevin: yep. gail: yeah. kevin: for me, it was always the conversations. we were always tal
Sep 21, 2015 2:05am EDT
handle three hats, so. hey, george. to oliphant. -george, good to see you. -nice to see you. -what a surprise! -what's up guys? -hey! -how's it going? -hey! -hi. -how are ya? -good. how are you? -i'm, i'm doing great. i'm doing--doing fantastic now that i'm meeting you guys in person for the first time. -what a great surprise! -and, uh, so yeah, since i'm here, i just want to let you know that we're here to rescue your guys' house. -oh, fantastic! oh, thank you so much. -are you serious? -thank you so much. -i'm serious. -i can't believe this. -wow. -it was just-- i-- i-- i don't know. th-- th-- th-- we-- we're just like so-- uh, there was a loss of words when george came to-- to our door and opened the door, and-- there-- i'm-- i'm at a loss of words now just thinking about it. -i'm so sorry for your loss, but uh, you know, i'm-- i'm here to do what i can make this house absolutely perfect for you. -oh, wow, i can't-- can't believe george is in east hills in our front door. what are you doing here? -now, while we're doing the project, we're going to be putting you guys up at the inn
Nov 21, 2016 2:02am EST
, uh, can i tell gail first? george oliphant: gail, she was terminally ill. she had one shot. and that was kevin. live in this world without you. and that's love. we had no clue we were the same blood type and anything like that. -well, yeah. -that's really crazy. so the destiny part of it, yeah. so she said, we met online, and i always kid around with her that she was scrolling through the pictures and saying, look, oh, his liver looks pretty healthy. maybe i'll shoot him an email. i don't like thinking about the odds of what would have happened if it wasn't-- i would have had to wait for-- kevin: and how sick she would have got. le dying while they're waiting for an organ because there's not that many organ donors. kevin means a lot to me. i mean, just the thought that he was able to donate part of his body, risk his life to save me, is incredible. i get to keep my best friend is what it has been for me. and so every day that she wakes up and is feeling good, for me, that's my gift. gail: my parents built this home when i was a baby. and we lived upstairs and my grandparents liv
May 22, 2011 7:00pm EDT
anybody who might do it? >> you can try bikes by george. >> it's only a few blocks away. >> you guys buy bikes? >> buy bikes? >> yeah. >> you have one? >> yeah, man, i just got this one off the street. >> off the street, the bike is stolen, man. >> what will you give me for it? >> the man whose name is dominick makes it clear he won't buy a stolen bike. >> come on, man. look at this, it's brand new. >> no thank you. the bike is stolen. >> i know, i did. >> you stole the bike? >> yeah. >> no, i don't want to buy a bike. >> dominick turns us down several more times. >> you don't buy stolen bikes? >> are you crazy, no way. >> when we start asking him about other bike shops that might buy it. >> do you know another shop i can go to? >> he gets a closer look at our bike. >> let me see it. >> his resolve seems to weaken. >> do you have i.d.? >> like my own i.d.? >> yeah. i i. >> i ai have driver's license. >> driver's license? hold on. can i help you, sir? >> our actor waits while he helps a customer and as we watch from a van across the street, dominick makes an offer. >> 25? >> 25? can you d
Feb 27, 2011 7:00pm EST
a walton and her just retired husband, george, keeping a long-ago promise to celebrate more than 30 years of happy marriage. >> he always said he's going to take me again on a boat trip. and we were looking forward to it. >> kareen wynter was excited too. she had been on a cruise when she'd been a little girl. married with two kids of her own, the chance for time away with her husband was too good to pass up. >> sometimes you have to escape with her children, right? >> absolutely. it's the clubs, get out the evening wear. >> you were thinking it would be just like the one you were on when you were a little girl? >> yes, i did. >> and at first, it feels. the sun, the teeming buffet, the nightly stage shows, comedy, music, magic. robin bulkman was one of the magicians onboard. so tell me about the kind of magic you do. >> i'll show you a little trick. >> hey, that's good. but suddenly the magic of the trip vanished. the weather returned. the oceanos turned out of cape town through an ugly sea. >> couldn't believe the size of the waves. it's very scary to watch. >> as it retraced the r
Nov 7, 2016 2:02am EST
greatest. i am a mother. and the only thing that i want to see is see he be happy. if george to the rescue come, it would be a great thing. [door bell ring] w are you? george oliphant. james, i got your story from father hank over at st. joseph's parish. and i heard about your accident. i'm so sorry, man, and what you guys are dealing with in this house. it's a little house, but full of love. and but it could definitely be a little bit more convenient for you. so that's what i'm here to do. -please, come in. -all right. -yeah. -all right. i'll come in, see what i'm dealing with. the house right now is not set up for what james needs. we got architect, dan d'augustino, and our general contractor, paul lopa, our designer, lavette shrem. yep. so this it. this is his bedroom right now. no frills. tight. it's almost like he came out of the hospital and he just-- he never made it a home. right now, james' room is bleak. there's nothing on the walls. loset, closet, closet. so i don't know why we can't just rip those down, turn this into one big room. we should. that will expand his living
Feb 27, 2012 3:05am EST
haunting headline making case. the disappearance of george smith who vanished from a cruise in the mediterranean on his honeymoon. no one has ever been arrested, and the investigation has at times seemed to grind to a halt. but now we've obtained exclusive access to documents, photos and depositions that may offer tantalizing clues to what happened on that ship. here is dennis murphy. >> i happened to look at the color of the life boats, it looked like red blood. >> missing honeymooner, george smith. >> i heard a thud. >> in a calf nated driven news cycle, events months ago can seem like ancient history. here is a jog from years back. a missing groom, a beautiful blonde bride, good-looking guy in mysterious fashion, he went overboard in their honeymoon cruise. remember then, george smith and jennifer hagel. his mother does and always will. >> he made our family complete. and now our family is split, and every day i miss him. >> the question what happened to george smith? a fatal accident or foul play? it may be an old headline, but it's an active, on-going investigation in the file
Feb 12, 2016 10:00pm PST
supposed to be leaning? no, george. oh, i guess they fixed it. so how have things been here? oh, you know, same as usual. nothing ever changes around here. last week, i was telling my friend dutch-- did i know dutch before you left? um... dutch? i guess i didn't. well, you've got to meet him. he's the funniest guy in vermont. and i'm not the only one who says so. you should have seen him at the party. - the party? - oh, yeah. you missed that, too. well, it was some wild party, and dutch was the life of it. he was doing this one thing to everybody at the party. - oh, look at that. - what? [vocalizes] that's what he was doing. boy, this inn was rocking with laughter. the party was here? who gave the party? well, i guess, in a way, you did. no, we didn't. we were in europe. well, yeah, but kirk said if you had been here, you would have wanted to give him and cindy a going-away party. kirk and cindy are gone? you know, now that i think about it, things did change. dick! joanna! you're back! oh, hi! hello, mr. world traveler, and mrs. w.t. how was gay paris? who cares? all i want to know
Nov 26, 2012 2:00am PST
friend named george solomon in moon lake about an hour to the north. >> he did, in fact, go up to where george solomon was staying with his girlfriend. this was confirmed with interviews with george and george's girlfriend. george gave up a timeline that was consistent with what permenter gave us. >> tim's story about the night of the murder checked out. he even voluntarily came clean on something from the start. he had a record. he'd done time. >> now, early on in your life you get involved in trouble. what was going on with you? >> i was running an escort service. and got stupid. started it up small, basically. running an ad out of a newspaper. getting a small office and it expanded from there. it ballooned. >> what kind of money were you taking per week? >> i was grossing $6,000 to $7,000 a day? >> a day? >> yes. >> and you're how old? >> 20. why go to school when i'm making this kind of money? >> why go straight? >> yes, sir. >> and it ended up in a gun fight? >> yes, sir. >> he was worried he'd be painted as a bad guy right away because of his past. he promised to cooperate in ever
Aug 23, 2013 10:00pm EDT
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Nov 30, 2015 2:05am EST
you can do indoors to make some healthier choices. and it all starts with your carpet. george oliphant is teaming up and stanley steemer to help a family in the philadelphia area breathe a little bit easier. [music playing] my name is andrew siravo. this is lily siravo. we have two kids, madeline and drew. madeline is four, and drew is two and a half. i have suffered from allergies pretty much most of my adult life. andrew: drew has allergies himself. he's allergic to a dog that we had to give up, and he's had stays in and out of the hospital, and had a flare-up last winter that was pretty bad. [music playing] lily: when we realized that the basement was a big cause of my sinus headaches, and also of drew's asthma attacks and time he spent in the hospital, it was really disheartening and really frustrating to feel like we couldn't spend time as a family down in our basement. right now it's not really useable for him, given that the carpet holds a lot of pet dander, and there's mold and dampness down there. so having that done and having that area to gather in and play in would
Oct 24, 2016 2:02am EDT
now park my wheelchair next to the bath tub if george can come in and rescue the fear that i feel inside on a daily basis, that would be magnificent. [music playing] hey, donna, mike, how's it going, guys? oh, my god. i'm george oliphant. mike, right? yeah donna, mikayla. do you know who this is, mikayla? i heard your story, and i'm so sorry for what you guys are dealing with. and we're gonna give you the bathroom that you need and that you deserve, a beautiful bathroom for you, too, mikayla. it's gonna be beautiful. can you say, thank you? thank you. george: you're very welcome. so to help us out on this rescue, i've got rob tell from intellebuild. he's gonna be our gc. he's gonna take care of all the nuts and bolts. and then to really make this place just totally sparkle, all right, so, rob, tyler, this is currently the myhre's bathroom. and as you can see, it's unusable, really, for donna. she can't get in here. absolutely, this is very inaccessible for her to get around, not functional at all. definitely need a shower. well, i think the good thing about this is that we've got
Sep 28, 2015 2:02am EDT
. [ male announcer ] from l'oreal. my true match. george oliphant: ellen degeneres had this young boy, robbie twible on her show, and she was very inspired by him. hundreds of viewers have written in to tell us about an amazing young boy named robbie, so we reached out and got him tickets. he's here today, and i would like the whole family to come on down and sit here. george oliphant: after seeing him on the ellen degeneres show and hearing his story, i wanted to see if there was anything i could do to help him and his family. robbie was born with a very rare skin disorder called epidermolysis bullosa or eb for short. the doctors told us he'd never come home. and as a mom, you're like, what? ellen degeneres: explain, kathy, what it is that robbie has. basically at birth he had no skin on either leg. if you know velcro, robert's lacking the teeth that are in velcro. so any type of friction or trauma to robert would cause his skin to blister. today he still has no skin on either leg. and about 75% of his body is wrapped in bandages. robbie twible: i have bandages on my feet, on my legs
Jun 9, 2012 10:00pm PDT
. it's a haunting headline-making case, the disappearance of george smith who vanished from a cruise in the mediterranean on his honeymoon. no one has ever been arrested and the investigation at times seems to have grind to a halt. but now we've obtained exclusive access to documents, depositions, photos that offers tantalizing clues to what may have really happened on that ship. here's dennis murphy. . >> i happened to look at the cover of the lifeboats. it looked like red blood. >> in the case of missing honeymooner george smith. >> that's when i heard a horrific thud. >> missing, presumed dead. >> she has no idea what happened. i'm not going to let her go to jail. >> reporter: in a twitter fied, caffeinated news cycle, events from even a month ago can seem like ancient history. so here's a memory jog from years back. the missing groom. a beautiful blond bride, her good looking guy. in mysterious fashion, he went overboard on their honeymoon cruise. remember them? george smith and jennifer hague pl .h his brother does and always will. >> he made our family complete. and now the family
Jan 6, 2012 10:00pm EST
in a haunting, headline-making case. it's been more than six years since george smith vanished from a honeymoon cruise in the mediterranean. no one has ever been arrested, and the investigation has at times seemed to grind to a halt. but now "dateline" has obtained exclusive access to never-before-seen documents, photos and depositions that may offer tantalizetion new clues to what really happened on that ship. here's dennis murphy. >> i happened to look at the cover of the lifeboats. it looked like red blood. >> a missing honeymooner george smith. >> that's when i heard a horrific thud. >> missing, presumed dead. >> she has no idea what happened. i'm not letting her go to jail. >> she's not! >> reporter: in a twitter fight, captivated cable-driven news cycle, events of even a month ago can seem like ancient history. so here's a memory jog from years back. the missing groom, a beautiful blonde bride, her good-looking bride. in mysterious fashion he went overboard on their honeymoon. remember them? george smith and jennifer hagel. his mother does and always will. >> he made our famil
Jan 25, 2013 9:00pm EST
medically in dire straits. >> the woman rushed into the emergency room was barbara george, she was an enthusiastic softball and volley ballplayer. they were pumping the woman's chest in rapid bursts. one e.r. nurse was kris kehoe. >> after 15 minutes it was all over. a doctor pronounced barb george, the mother of two dead. it was up to nurse kehoe to clean up the body for the pham willy to view. that's when she saw it. >> when we were straightening up her hair we noticed blood on the top of her head. i noticed there was a small hole. my first thought as a nurse was that it had to be a bullet hole there. >> imagine that, barbara george, the nice woman behind the counter, shot. >> shot in the head and it couldn't happen to such a good person. >> back at the comic bookshop, friends and family showed up for her united states had, the singing of happy birthday and all of the superheroes from his beloved marvel and action comics looking on. all those guests now stunned to find the party turned into a crime scene. and barb, the hostess, was dead. >> when we return, what could be two key c
Mar 25, 2012 7:00pm PDT
the fatal shot. >> in my heart i have no reason to believe george zimmerman is a racist. >> and hard questions about whether race did play a role. >> would this have happened if tray were not african-american? what happened to trayvon martin? >>> she's selling health insurance and it sounds great. >> no deductible. >> no deductibles and not much else either as she discovered at her doctor's office. >> she's like, do you have another form of health insurance. yos refuses to cover anything. >> it is health insurance that seems to offer real benefits, but -- >> in reality, it is almost worthless. >> tonight, it's all caught on "dateline's" hidden cameras, the hard sell that leads to heart break. >> you're taking my dignity from me. >>> plus, a "dateline" story ten years in the making. a soldier off to war. >> did you lose some friends? >> back home, we showed you his new battle to find work. they were watching. >> it was really our time to pay something back. >> they hired this veteran. >> my name is charles. >> then they hired two more. >> they embraced the task. we have been amazed. >
Feb 21, 2016 7:00pm PST
will this-- we have mr. george peppard tonight, we have charley-- i mentioned charley finley. [ applause ] and dr. jeffrey burn has a fascinating book on called "the gentle giants," which is all about gorillas, and you'll learn more about gorillas tonight than you'll probably ever learned before. [ laughter ] we want you to go away happy, having a lot of knowledge. thank you for coming. we'll be with you in just a couple. [ music ] [ applause ] when you do that, people think you don't like me. you come in, and you just-- you run off. you know, come in with the product, and-- [ laughter ] just, you know, stand here and look like we're friends. you know, sh-- people on the show should be close. we're like a family. >> well, i, um-- you got a buck? [ laughter ] [ applause ] of a family, tom. yeah. there's only one place you find the wishbone name. watch. [ applause ] >> here we are. [ applause ] >> you seem to have recovered from your jet lag. >> yeah, i'm a little more on top of things. still a little bit-- a little bit funky. what'd you do to celebrate your birthday? anything
Sep 30, 2013 3:15am EDT
and a beer. and just to be a dissenter, no press, it was a big deal. and in walked reagan with george bush. and george bush, as vp, had been a member of the house and knew how it worked. you got to connect with these guys. and i knew there was something that would help him get elected, every democrat took their picture. >> most of the democrats don't want their picture, that would hurt them. >> reagan being from notre dame, he had a lot of democrats who liked him. and i think this president doesn't have a lot of republicans that like him. this makes it a tougher time, by the way, it is politics, not civics, guys and women who believe in what they do. tip was the classic liberal who served, got elected 50 times as a liberal. he totally believed in helping people. and you know what? reagan respected him liking people and wanting to help people. he actually understood him. and ron reagan is on our program a lot of times, it wasn't personal. >> search for compromise, we need it now. chris matthews, thank you very much. again, the book is "tip and the much. awhen we made our commitment to
Feb 27, 2011 7:00pm PST
, smiling, alive, unafraid. there were, for example, gerta walton and her just-retired husband george. keeping a long ago promise to celebrate more than 30 years of happy marriage. >> he always said he would take me again on a boat trip and we were looking forward to it. >> karen winter was excited too. she had been on a cruise when she was a little girl. now, married with two kids of her own. the chance for some time away with her husband was too good to pass up. sometimes you have to escape from your children, right? >> absolutely. and your cruise, it's always the best clothes, get out all of the evening wear. >> and you were thinking it would be just like the one you were on when you were a little girl? >> yes, i did. >> and at first, it was. the sun, the teeming buffet, the nightly stage shows. comedy, music, magic. robin boltman was one of the magicians on board. tell me about the kind of magic you do. >> i'll show you one. i'll show you a little trick. get that off anything. >> yes. >> hey, that's pretty good but suddenly the magic of the trip vanished. the halfway mark, the wea
Jan 18, 2016 2:05am EST
human rights lawyer and wife of george clooney trying to rally america to save an island paradise from the threat of isis. >> you're a woman lying on the beach in the mall doodives you know other women are being flogged. >>> joining me are republican strategist steve schmidt, msnbc's joy-an reid, president obama's 2012 deputy campaign manager stephanie cutter, and radio talk show host hugh hewitt. welcome to sunday, it's "meet the press." >>> good sunday morning and what a sunday morning it is. it's crunch time. four presidential candidates are joining us. with two weeks to go until the first voting we have some truly head snapping developments in both campaigns. in just a few hours, the democratic candidates will gather in charleston, south carolina, for the final debate before iowa and it airs right here on nbc at 9:00 eastern time. but there's big news overseas involving iran, its nuclear program and a prisoner swap. and far we go to nbc news chief foreign correspondent richard engel live from vienna. >> it has been confirmed the five american prisoners held by iran have been f
Jan 18, 2016 2:00am MST
clooney, the human rights lawyer and wife of george clooney trying to rally america to save an island paradise from the threat of isis. >> you're a woman lying on the beach in the mall dooef dives you might know other women are being flogged. >>> joining me are republican strategist steve schmidt, msnbc's joy-an reid, president obama's 2012 deputy campaign manager stephanie cutter, and radio talk show host hugh hewitt. welcome to sunday, it's "meet the press." >>> good sunday morning and what a sunday morning it is. it's crunch time. four presidential candidates are joining us. with two weeks to go until the first voting we have some truly both campaigns.
Mar 3, 2014 2:00am PST
said to be the model for bedford falls. remember where a troubled george bailee discovered after all, he really did have a wonderful life? >> please, please. >> here in seneca county, carl carlson was hoping for his own wonderful life. he was surrounded by a big, extended family in a place where the carlson name really meant something and it all seemed to come together for him when he met cindy best in a line dancing party in 1992. >> he told me he lost his wife in a fire, and he was a single dad raising three kids on his own. >> cindy got herself an instant family when she married carl in august of 1993. they bought a farm soon after that, and between the farm and the glass job, carl was busy. cindy was desperate to have a child of her own, so she and carl went through in vitro fertilization. you were going to have the baby you always wanted? >> yeah, happiest time of my life. >> and the big kids were happy, too, when baby alex was born. as the years went by, alex and his big brother levi developed a special bond. >> he was always there for me. always loved to hang out together. >>
Jan 24, 2016 6:00pm CST
of the burger. it doesn't get any better than that. and that's the culver's butterburger. george: my family's lived on this farm for three generations. the bakken pipeline would pump dirty crude oil across iowa. patti: the fact that bernie sanders stands up against the pipeline is one of the reasons we support him. george: bernie sanders didn't hesitate to say no to the big oil companies. patti: bernie knows that if we don't act, we threaten the climate and the health of our children. bernie sanders understands that. patti: bernie sanders has the guts to just stand up for what he believes in. >>> these are the people we're calling the bronx six, five men and a woman.n. all convicted and sent away for 25 years to life for committing murder. all insisted they were innocent. we met one of them, eric glisson, in sing sing, where from behind bars he'd been trying to get answers ever since he was locked up. >> i've been fighting these people for years. askingngor documents which they deny me at every turn. >> they're not going to convict me for something that i didn't do and just expect me
Sep 22, 2014 2:03am EDT
name is idris elba. >> i got to interview him weeks ago. >> the ladies wouldn't mind putting george clooney in the hot seat either? >> is a man that finds the right woman that makes you wants to marry him. >> did he change or she change? >> or is she knocked up? >> i wanted to know how they felt about the ray rice scandal. >> no one should lay their hands on anyone ever. >> i'm just mad you get to work with mario. >> "the real" getting real about my second week on the job at >> let's head renee. >> i'm with with elizabeth banks, pitch perfect two and how to crash the super bowl. first getting recent about the photo celebrity hacking scandal, jennifer lawrence a victim. >> it's a absolute horrible violation of people's privacy. i hope that person is prosecuted and to the fullest extent of the law. >> here to fight with us? >> i am, i will. >> the hunger games cast back to fight again. >> we lovemaking the movies today -- >> and missing one of their own. >> it was a complete and utter shock and total tragedy. >> hoffman filming mocking jay part one and almost all of two b
Jul 19, 2015 2:03am EDT
] i'm sarah gore, and this is open house nyc. this week, george and his team give an amazing surprise to a family in need of a home renovation. we check out a renovated brownstone on the upper west side. plus, designer james huniford takes us around his client's stylish greenwich village apartment. i wanted the entry hall to have an immediate statement when you walked in-- something tranquil something gallery-like and something calm. but first, we're at a home in bedford that's both stately and serene. alison benigan: and finally, the outside. i mean, talk about peace and tranquility. this is really it. welcome to open house nyc. today i'm coming to you from a three bedroom three bath penthouse in manhattan's west side neighborhood of clinton. this sleek home features light-filled, loft-like like entertainment spaces generous bedrooms, and a modern eat-in chef's kitchen and there's even a roof terrace. let's start things off with an enchanting home up in bedford that's a true feast for the eyes. it's filled with unique architectural details and decor that positively brim with color and s
Jul 31, 2011 7:00pm PDT
. ♪ captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> welcome to the united states capitol where george washington laid the cornerstone of this building 218 years ago and where the great dome above us was still being worked on during the civil war and where this week you would have to say congress looked like it's still a work in progress. we received permission to do this months ago, to come here and flood the hill with nbc news cameras and journalists, unprecedented access. this had never been done before. we did not know that our day to come here and shoot it all would coincide with this titanic battle and this toxic atmosphere over the fight over raising the debt ceiling of the united states, so what you're about to see from behind the scenes shows how congress works and how it doesn't work. we can guarantee there's never been a view of any of it like this before. here now, a day in the life of the united states congress. dawn's early light, wednesday, july 27th, 2011. ♪ it's a beautiful morning ♪cc1: and a small army of caretakers begins its appointed rounds before the guests a
Feb 14, 2016 7:00pm PST
america, and i learned a little bit about america. and i admire president george washington most. one of the reasons is that, um, he never blamed his problems on the previous administration. [ laughter ] [ applause ] lincoln. i love lincoln. i couldn't wait till i come to this country and drive one. [ laughter ] but i-- now i live in hollywood. hollywood's been very good to imported shirt. they all from korea. [ laughter ] did you ever reach into your pocket and pull out a little piece of paper that says, 'inspected by number 14"? that's my brother. [ laughter ] and hollywood is tough, also. you know, when i become an american citizen, i wanted to get rid of my accent. so i went to speech teacher. i said, "how can i get rid of my accent fast?" he said, "go back to korea." [ laughter ] [ applause ] you know, it took me six months to get my agent. when i first met him, he said, "what do you do?" i said, "i'm a comedian." he said, "comedians are a dime a dozen." i said, "but i'm different. i'm an oriental." then why didn't you say so." [ laughter ] and i just bought pair of siamese cat, and
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