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Oct 26, 2013 11:00pm EDT
clemenson took control from there when clemenson quarterback took it for the halftime. then george keeping this for the touchdown and that put the tigers up 26-14. they put it up winning 40-27. a beautiful day for football in annapolis. this one went down to the end. in the fourth quarter trailing 21-14. then with one second left, they had a chance for the win. the 30 yards field goal. they win at 24-21 and end a two game losing streak. the tigers got on the board first. no score. peter finds an opening and a touchdown. wes had 5 touchdowns for the tigers. tyson was leading 24. carpenter returns at 34 yards for a touchdown and that put them up at 27-12. they win it 48-42. howard wins 28-14. game three of the world series tonight in st. louis. right now game is in the eighth inning. the cardinals leading the red sox. ,,me four is tomorrow what are you doing? we're switching car insurance. why? because these guys are the cheapest. why? good question. because a cut-rate price could mean cut-rate protection. you should listen to this guy. [ female announcer ] get great protection and a great p
Oct 17, 2013 11:00pm EDT
our website, >> i'm george lettis. coming up, why day care centers across howard county are on high alert. >> newly released video of the moment the mall in kenya came .nder attack a closer look at frightening images. >> associated with the cold front. how this impact the seven-day forecast coming up. >> new video has emerged of the moment that the militants attacked the mall in kenya. you can see people running and diving for cover as the gunman begins to open fire on the crowd. the somali militant group al- shabaab has claimed the sponsor ability. thieves and grab purse are back to work at howard county and this time the targets are moms at daycare. george lettis is live in ellicott city with an explanation. >> they believe they are the same thieves involved months ago in this area and they are taking advantage of the 60 seconds or so that moms use to get on the car into the daycare to drop off their kids. >> i have twins. >> the taj is like so many of us with a career and kids in daycare. >> i get them in as quick as possible and leave because i have to be to work out
Oct 9, 2013 11:00pm EDT
serious charge than that, and a reduction in pay. >> thank you. in january, 41-year-old george lezero, jr. also died while doing maintenance work at the super pond. >>> repairs continue on a large broken water main in baltimore county. public works crews are still working to fix the 24-inch water main. officials say some residents may notice a discoloration in the water. >>> one of maryland's top cardiologists is in court today accused of performing unnecessary surgery on hundreds of patients. he's being sued by a high- profile patient who says he cost him millions of dollars in business deals. he takes the stand in his own defense. >> reporter: expanding clogged arteries with stints saves lives. the lawsuits hit in 2009 when the old st. joseph's hospital notified a number of the patients their stints may not have been necessary. >> he said it was 90%. after they reviewed everything, it was 10%. >> reporter: the percentages refer to blockages in blood vessels. he was sued for inflating those numbers, settled 200 cases out of court, and has lost his license to practice. now he's on the
Jan 8, 2012 11:00pm EST
in prince george's county face charges after one of them was accidentally shot during a hunting trip. it happened in a park in fort washington. investigators say a dear startled the group and one of the hunters opened fire it with a shotgun, hitting another man in the stomach. >> all of the charges are related to the illegal hunting accusation, not the shooting. the man who was shot is expected to survive his injuries. >> >> a search dog in prince george's county prompts his own rescue mission. vito is signed to the urban rescue team. during his training, he spotted a dog -- dog and took off. he found out that the dog was the subject of a pretty intensive search >> i got a call at 10:30 and a gentlemen, he was so calm it was amazing, he said "you are looking for your dog, i have your dog." >> very happy trainer. she said she plans to have the dog vito microchipped in case he wanders off again. >> >> more speed cameras if the county council approves a new contract. "wjz" is live on the story. derrick has more on how many cameras they are asking for. >> reporter: they say they want 14,
Nov 3, 2011 11:00pm EDT
because they danced. principal george roberts suspend them after performing the bernie dance during a playoff victory over dulaney. outraged parents and student protested the decision but the principal said the dance is the wrong gesture for athletes in high school. >>> a race against the clock. right now the national park service is rushing to get the earthquake damaged washington monument ready to with stand bad weather. you remember the dramatic video inspectors repelling from the top to check on damaged stones from the august earthquake. now workers are plugging as many cracks as possible to keep winter weather from affecting the monument. they no target date for it to reopen. >>> now imagine the terror felt by tourists inside at the very top of the monument on the quiet summer afternoon. inky williams tells adam-- nicky williams tells adabbing may it's a day she will never forget as she fought back fear to get everyone out safety. >> reporter: august 3rd, an earthquake shakes the east coast on a sunny afternoon, the earth shifts. >> like a bomb going off around you. >> reporter
Mar 17, 2012 12:00am EDT
did to earn a trip to jail. >>> i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about. george clooney is out of jail. what he did to land behind bars. >> reporter: clooney is one of several people arrested during a peaceful protest outside the sudanese embassy. [ crowd noise ] >> reporter: police cuffed him and took him away in a secret service van. the actor trying to draw attention to crimes happening in sudan. clooney along with his father and other act #1ri69s were #r5e69ed -- activists were arrested when they crossed a police line. >> immediately we need humanitarian aid to be allowed into the sudan before it becomes the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. immediately. the second thing we are here to ask is a very simple thing. is that the government in car tomb to stand randomly killing its own minute men, women, and children. >> reporter: demonstrators blocked the steps to the sudanese embassy to symbolize the country's block of food and other aid. they joined the a-list protest to put pressure on the sudanese government. >> do everything possible, keep ourselves al
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6