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May 23, 2010 11:00pm EDT
injuries are at war. this battleground right now is prince george's county. >> reporter: it is an unwelcomed visitor to our state. and it's man against bug in prince george county. now the environmental agency is joining several states and canada to wage a war. this is the problem, the emerald ashborge beetle. >> the cost of eradicating the emerald beetle is in the millions. >> reporter: it was rediscovered two years ago. one recent strategy to eliminate it's ash tree food source in counties before the beetle spreads and quarantine any firewood from leaving the area which could transport the bug. this bug originates in china but made it to states in wood crates. the latest tactic, purple sticky traps in your neighborhood. >> 4,000 of these traps are going to be placed in maryland this season. and with hopes of collecting any ash, any emerald ash borge that have spread out of our quarantine area. >> reporter: about 10% of baltimore's trees are ash. the wood is also used for baseball bats. if experts can't stop this army of beetles from traveling on its stomach, the loss could be in
Feb 18, 2010 11:00pm EST
prince george's county. wjz is live in pikesville, tonight kai jackson explains investigators believe the woman was attacked. >> reporter: maryland state police aren't saying a great deal about this case at this time. what is known is that a 65-year- old woman is dead and police are looking for suspects. maryland state police say a staff member found the woman's body about 7:45 this morning. it's a dormitory outside the prim center of the shelton youth center. >> the preliminary information indicates the victim had been assaulted. she was found partially clothed. her body has been taken to the chief examiner for an autopsy. >> reporter: wheeling lived on courtland place in belaire county. her neighbors were saddened to learn of her death. >> it's unfortunate. she was a teacher for many years, someone who was trying to give back to the community like that, it's almost unfair. >> reporter: a number of the residents in this neighborhood have lived here for decades. hannah wheeling was among them. one neighbor tells us she was well known and liked. >> i met her a couple of times. i've onl
Apr 18, 2010 11:00pm EDT
april 27th. the governor will make his first campaign stops in prince georges and montgomery counties next week. this is from the last election, the video you are looking at there. expected to face ehrlich in november. it's a rematch of the 2006 race. >>> taxes are going to be a hot issue. some businesss are making their own tax cuts this week. tim williams reports how 60 shops with going sales tax free. >> reporter: being called baltimore's week of unofficial tax free shopping. >> it's kinds of exciting. it's after everybody has done taxes. retail therapy might be nice. >> reporter: 60 retailers in and around downtown, will offer 6% or more off purchases through next sunday. >> lits offset whatever sales tax you pay. here at be dazzled on charles street, shoppers like lo is and this student group were educated on the bargains. this tax free retail week has pro purposes. >>> one two introduce shoppers to unique small businesss and two, to stimulate the city's economy. merchants suggest shoppers use the free charm city circulator shuttle. 7 days a week, ever ten minutes, 80 st
Feb 25, 2012 11:00pm EST
is headed to here in maryland. this is a look outside the prince george's county plaza in hyattsville days before the shoe went on sale yesterday morning. >>> black history month ends in a couple of days and that's still enough time to celebrate african-american heroes especially those from maryland. today, the state eaft largest african-american museum opened their doors for free. >> reporter: much of maryland's african-american history sits in the halls of the museum in baltimore city. this weekend, it's celebrating black history month and offered visitors a chance to learn something new. >> i was just taking a look at the exhibit here with mccreedy who was a nurse and thought about my own mom who is a nurse. >> reporter: inside the museum's atrium and theater, visitors got a chance to learn about community service organizationsment for others like jason taylor, he wanted a tour of the three galleries for his boys. >> they have to see a lot of different things and be exposed to everything that they can possibly be exposed to i feel. >> reporter: the admission was waved t
Aug 21, 2011 11:00pm EDT
george's county is in the hospital after he was hit by a stray bullet. the toddler's mother was holding him outside of the apartment complex when a bullet struck the boy in the face. right now, police are searching for a person of interest in that case. >> . season ace first case of west nile virus has been confirmed here in maryland. the department of health and mental hygiene said it was contracted by an adult in the area. most people show no symptoms, but in some cases, this can be deadly. the virus has been detected in birds and mosquitoes. >> try to avoid being outside during dusk and dawn. another important thing is to remove areas of standing water on their property. >> wear long sleeved shirts and pants. symptoms include fever, headaches, body ache and a skin rash. >> >> in a few weeks, president obama will layout a new plan to jump start the economy. he is not only trying to create jobs, is he trying to shore up support for his reelection. today, some maryland politicians offered him some advice. >> reporter: one year to the next election and the president's approval rating hits a
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5