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May 23, 2010 11:00pm EDT
injuries are at war. this battleground right now is prince george's county. >> reporter: it is an unwelcomed visitor to our state. and it's man against bug in prince george county. now the environmental agency is joining several states and canada to wage a war. this is the problem, the emerald ashborge beetle. >> the cost of eradicating the emerald beetle is in the millions. >> reporter: it was rediscovered two years ago. one recent strategy to eliminate it's ash tree food source in counties before the beetle spreads and quarantine any firewood from leaving the area which could transport the bug. this bug originates in china but made it to states in wood crates. the latest tactic, purple sticky traps in your neighborhood. >> 4,000 of these traps are going to be placed in maryland this season. and with hopes of collecting any ash, any emerald ash borge that have spread out of our quarantine area. >> reporter: about 10% of baltimore's trees are ash. the wood is also used for baseball bats. if experts can't stop this army of beetles from traveling on its stomach, the loss could be in
Dec 30, 2010 11:00pm EST
park. prince george's county investigators aren't saying what led to the hazmat leak. >>> a warning is going out about the dangers of carbon monoxide. mike hellgren shows us how firefighters are making sure you are aware of the hazards. >> reporter: five people have died and nearly two dozen have been hospitalized from carbon monoxide intoxication this month. firefighters went door to door in pikesville where five people died from the odorless, colorless gas. >> we're very scared because it could have happened to anyone. >> there's one in the basement, one in the kid's room. you buy a house to be comfortable in, that home can turn around and take your life. >> reporter: the concern is growing in the city where carbon monoxide probably from an oven killed two. it's critical to have your furnace and chimney inspected every year. >> the exposure of carbon monoxide at low levels or high concentrations for a low period of time both can be deadly. >>> in the two cases that resulted in death, the amount of carbon monoxide was 11 time it is lethal level. >> i would advise people to go and g
Feb 18, 2013 11:00pm EST
suicide. >>> prince georges county taking aim at gun shows the county cancelled all gun shows because of proposals to change state and weapons laws. they want to see what new gun regulations may pass. >>> martin o'malley,'s gun ban is one of the most controversial items for debate. >> reporter: aurora colorado triggers a call for action. >> we are not doing enough. america, we are not doing enough. >> reporter: new town connecticut the call gets louder. >> these are weapons of war. they belong on our battlefield not on our streets. >> reporter: gun owners strike back, worried their right to own weapons is being attacked. >> i don't believe you can truly satisfy the people anti gun until there are none around. >> reporter: they are a part of every day life for tracy and her family. several times a week they practice firing their ar-15 and other guns. >> what do you like about firing the ar-15. >> it is smooth, just fun to shoot. something we do as a family. we shoot together. >> reporter: tracy and other gun enthusiasts are on edge. >> maryland is supposed to be the free state. if this bi
Aug 5, 2010 11:00pm EDT
. 75,000 people are without power in prince george's and montgomery counties. but these storms could bring cooler weather? >> it's going to bring cooler weather. around the city we really just saw a few drops of rain, that's about it. just mostly to the south of us. lots of trees and wires down there as well. around the region right now, skies are partly cloudy right now with no clouds around. take a look at temperatures around the region. 77, still rather mild but it will be drying out and cooling down over the next couple of days. winds southwest at 10. they'll be shifting to the northwest by tomorrow. that will bring in a new drier air mass. down to 68 in oakland, 78 in cumberland. most of the region saw thunderstorms, in the central and lower eastern shore very heavy wind gusts and rain damage as well. that's all moved to the east, pretty much gone now. it's kind of a reenforcing shot of weather. it's going to get here overnight into tomorrow afternoon. by tomorrow afternoon, the humidity will start coming down. you will feel the difference, it won't be as sticky or uncomfortable
Apr 18, 2010 11:00pm EDT
april 27th. the governor will make his first campaign stops in prince georges and montgomery counties next week. this is from the last election, the video you are looking at there. expected to face ehrlich in november. it's a rematch of the 2006 race. >>> taxes are going to be a hot issue. some businesss are making their own tax cuts this week. tim williams reports how 60 shops with going sales tax free. >> reporter: being called baltimore's week of unofficial tax free shopping. >> it's kinds of exciting. it's after everybody has done taxes. retail therapy might be nice. >> reporter: 60 retailers in and around downtown, will offer 6% or more off purchases through next sunday. >> lits offset whatever sales tax you pay. here at be dazzled on charles street, shoppers like lo is and this student group were educated on the bargains. this tax free retail week has pro purposes. >>> one two introduce shoppers to unique small businesss and two, to stimulate the city's economy. merchants suggest shoppers use the free charm city circulator shuttle. 7 days a week, ever ten minutes, 80 st
Apr 5, 2012 11:00pm EDT
control. >> inside the fateful 911 call from trayvon martin's death. who george zimmerman claims he said just moments before shooting the teenager. >> a teacher in trouble and her unusual classroom discipline keeps students from speaking out. >> and an april friday, a gorgeous opening day for the orioles. i'm have the complete forecast for the weekend ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> it is 45 degrees and clear in central maryland right now, and the complete first morning weather forecast is coming up. an incredible spectacle in downtown st. louis, a steam pipe ruptures buckling the pavement and sending a plume of steam over the city. crews were able to shut off the valve in about an hour. no injuries were reported. the underground steam line helped to heat a number of buildings. >>> an anti-bullying rally outside a texas high school ended with a melee. it started out peacefully, and then two men are seen taunting the group and start throwing punches. police arrived and detained them. they were a football player from the high school and his father. the father was charged with assault and
Oct 14, 2009 11:00pm EDT
investigating what led to the collision. >>> a horrible accident on the george washington parkway leaves the familiar lave young baltimore county woman grieving. tonight derek valcourt speaks with the victim's brother. >> reporter: 22-year-old ashley roberta died tuesday morning when the suv she was riding in crashed on the george washington memorial parkway in virginia. the suv was ripped into two pieces taking two tow trucks to haul it away. news heart breaking to her family including her younger brother 18-year-old michael roberta. >> i can't believe it, still, you know. she is great girl she was a great girl. >> reporter: ashley was a graduate of the university of maryland who planned on attending law school and graduated from mercy high school and has many friends in the baltimore area. >> she is like real confident. every job she went for she got it and she had a bunchch friends and was hilarious and is beautiful you know. she was a beautiful girl. >> reporter: another passenger in the suv u.s. national team soccer star charlie davies who was in the washington, d.c. yeah in
Aug 8, 2010 11:00pm EDT
the tenth family pet shot or killed by prince george's sheriff's deputies since 2004. >>> we're learning of medical medics that were gunned down. tonight we know that one of the victims was a minnesota nurse. he earned his degree right here in baltimore at john hopkins university. tonight terrell brown has the very latest. >> reporter: in cabul, investigators identified the workers killed. investigators say the workers were killed execution style as they were getting ready to leave work. >>> his wife libby says he felt this was his calling. >> you would want me to see it, he's just an ordinary christian doing what god wanted him to do. he was bringing care to afghanistan. >>> dr. thomas grant, also dead. he quit his practice in colorado to help impoverished children. >> he was a very kind person. >> reporter: and glen lack who helped victims of hurricane katrina and rita. the taliban took responsibility for the attack. clinton called the attack, a dispickable act of violence. >> he gave his life in afghanistan, and that's where he was called to as a family and that's where he wi
Jul 26, 2010 11:00pm EDT
the house. but in prince george's county a fallen tree did crash this mini van killing one woman. >> i was told that a tree fell down as the car was coming through. >> medics had to rush a second woman inside a mini van to the hospital. many boaters also caught by surprise. d & r police blame the storm for the death of a 63-year-old jet skier. and at the coast guard, they took 37 distressed call. dispatching rescue crews to help a total of 37 people out in the water. >> we had many that were very stressed out. were have worried about their seupgs. -- situation. we had reports that some were taking on water. >> reporter: fallen trees did more than just damage property. the fallen trees snapped power poles and even communication lines. derek valcourt. >>> a total of 129,000 pet cocustomers are still in the dark. >>> it is considered one of the largest leaks of classified documents ever. a federal investigation is under way into the posting of 76,000 secret military reports. the 76,000 documents were posted to a website called the white house is calling the leaked docu
Dec 30, 2009 11:00pm EST
courthouse the suspected bank robber george fill pes shot a deputy and stabbed another and he was awaiting hearing when he took the gun from one of the deputies. both officers were in stable condition and phillips is charged with one count i've tempted murderer. >>> jurors who found mayor dixon guilty are called back to testify about their communications outside of the courtroom. wj-z investigates and mime mike hellgren reports on what's at stake for the mayor's future as it hangs in the balance. >> reporter: the mayor's high stakes legal battle has her defense team judging the jury. claiming five of the jurors who found the mayor guilty of embezzling gift cards when communicating on facebook outside the jury room and that tainted the verdict so badly that the judge should order a new trial. lawyers will question them accept pretly under oath next week. legal analyst warren brown. >> not whether they were discussing christmas or how long this is taking or how is your family, but the evidence and critiquing the evidence and the witness outsighted jury room that's what the judge is
Sep 20, 2011 11:00pm EDT
george's county police officers could face jail time. wjz is live, megan mccorckel has the latest. >> reporter: the event happened last year as students rushed the street of college park following maryland's big win against duke and that video made waves across the country. blow after blow you can see the officers hitting 21-year-old john mckenna now those officers face justice for the attack. repblgal baker and james harroldson charged -- reginald baker and james haroldson facing charges. it's taáeubgen taken a year and a half to present the case to the jury, some wondering what took so long. >> it's been a long time, much longer than we expected. >> reporter: terrell roberts who represents mckenna says it may have been hard to identify the officers who were in riot gear. >> i'm sure that it's been difficult for the prosecutors because the police officers may not be fully cooperative. >> reporter: police reports claimed mckenna assaulted a police force and received minor injuries from that force. the video video disputes those claims. students remember that night. >> i saw the c
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11