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Feb 17, 2012 11:00pm EST
george huguely and yeardley love. a stunning piece of new evidence that had jurors on the edge of their seats. the details from charlottesville coming up. >> will winter make a return to the region on sunday? i have the complete warning forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> it's 36 degrees and clear in central maryland right now. a gasoline tanker overturns and catches on fire. hazmat crews say it was carrying 19,000-gallons of fuel when it crashed. the tanker was traveling too fast and rolled on to the median. the driver was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. >>> josh kaiser crashed his car into a creek. the teenager passed out as the car was filling up with water. that's when his dad's friend just happened to be driving by the creek. he pulled josh to safety. >>> george huguely's family members take the stand to talk about the couples happier times. adam may has the very latest from charlottesville. >> reporter: fighting for her nephew's future, huguely's aunt took the stand. members of huguely family were eating at the burger joint. in the video, h
Feb 18, 2012 11:00pm EST
with the jury. wrapped up the case of a murder trial. george hughly is accused of murder. adam may has the latest. >> reporter: a wide range of emotions. the prosecutor broke down in tears as he revisited the final moments of his life. george hughly looked a little nervous. he was fidgeting as yardly's final moments of life were discussed in closing arguments. in the off campus apartment when hughly kicked in her door. imagine what that was like. she's freaked out, in the corner of her bed, trying to get away. love couldn't scream because hughly covered her mouth and showed the beaten face autopsy. you could hear crying in the courtroom. even the prosecutor broke down in tears how she was found face down in her bed. he took the computer with the threatening message. when hughly threw the computer in the dumpster, it proves intent of murder. he said it was not an accident. defense attorneys painted a much different version of the events. in closing arguments, the death was accidental, involuntary manslaughter. they said, you get what you get. he's a boy athlete. a medical expert said lo
Feb 15, 2012 11:00pm EST
rests in the george hughly trial. his former teammates testified against him. wjz is following every development from the courthouse. >> reporter: one by one the former teammates took the stand to testify against their old friend, george. they told jurors he was drunk, spilling wine, stumbling and urinating in public. player kenneth gave him a cold stare in court before testifying love was one of his best friends. he says he seemed strange and had a change of demeanor after visiting love's apartment and i asked him what was wrong and he said nothing was wrong. i asked two more times and got no response. they also told jurors they caught him lying about his where abouts that night and seen him walk in his bathroom and strip down to his boxer shorts before disappearing to his room for the night. >> they're aware the defense is going to say he was so drunk he didn't know what he was doing but the fact he was aware he'd been involved in a homicide and lied to his roommates about what had taken place. >> reporter: a few other female students were also called to testify that they received
Oct 17, 2013 11:00pm EDT
our website, >> i'm george lettis. coming up, why day care centers across howard county are on high alert. >> newly released video of the moment the mall in kenya came .nder attack a closer look at frightening images. >> associated with the cold front. how this impact the seven-day forecast coming up. >> new video has emerged of the moment that the militants attacked the mall in kenya. you can see people running and diving for cover as the gunman begins to open fire on the crowd. the somali militant group al- shabaab has claimed the sponsor ability. thieves and grab purse are back to work at howard county and this time the targets are moms at daycare. george lettis is live in ellicott city with an explanation. >> they believe they are the same thieves involved months ago in this area and they are taking advantage of the 60 seconds or so that moms use to get on the car into the daycare to drop off their kids. >> i have twins. >> the taj is like so many of us with a career and kids in daycare. >> i get them in as quick as possible and leave because i have to be to work out
Jun 4, 2013 11:00pm EDT
the parking lots of the prince george's county stadium. they were inspected for truck maintenance and driver qualifications. the most common problems compromised brake systems. >>> heart breaking moments for a prominent man stabbed in his home. now she speaks for the first time about the night police say hess teenage daughter tried to kill him and kill her, too. we have the emotional words from a memorial tonight. >> reporter: loved ones remember a man who was passionate about his life. the 58-year-old businessman was stabbed to death inside his home. it happened the morning of may 10th. howard county police charged 19-year-old jason ballmer with stabbing him to death but his own daughter, 14 years old, plotted the murder. she told her boyfriend to stab her father ten times in the throat. there was a memorial service for him. >> as a tribute to dennis to see everybody here knowing that he made a huge difference. >> and the only thing worse than death is to be forgotten. dennis will not be forgotten. . >> reporter: investigators say his fianci was also a target. she was with him when h
Mar 23, 2012 12:00am EDT
him for neighborhood watch captain george zimmerman. zimmerman shot and killed 17-year-old travon woodall last month. he claims the unarmed teen attacked him and that he shot in self-defense. zimmerman has not been charged very a. >> he represents a reckless disregard for our lives. >> it's brought national attention to the issues of race and self-defense. protesters are not stopping at calling for zimmerman's arrest and trial. they also want police chief to step down permanently. >> a day after receiving a vote of no-confidence from city commissioners, police chief bill lee said he would step aside temporarily because he's become a distraction. >> i do this in the hopes of restoring some semblance of calm to the city which has been in turmoil for several weeks. >> it was a gesture his parents say fall short. >> we want an arrest and they want a conviction. >> florida prosecutors will convene a grand jury next month to decide whether zimmerman will be charged. in sanford, florida, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> in addition to the police chief, the lead prosecutor has
Apr 11, 2012 11:00pm EDT
martin. >> today we filed an information charging george zimmerman with murder in the first degree. >> reporter: the 28-year-old zimmerman turned himself in to authorities and was arrested. zimmerman had been free during questioning. he said he shot the teen in self-defense. >> murder in the second degree. >> reporter: trayvon's parents watched the announcement with their attorneys in washington, d.c. they said it's a first step on a long road toward justice. >> we wanted nothing more, nothing less, we just wanted an arrest and we got it. and i say thank you. >> reporter: zimmerman will make his first court appearance in seminole county. >> i think anyone who would be charged with second degree murder should be scared. >> reporter: sanford's mayor is calling for healing. and florida stand your ground law which allows deadly force in self-defense. trayvon's father says, his work is not done. >> we will continue to walk, we will march and march and march until the right thing is done. >> reporter: zimmerman is expected to plead not guilty. in sanford florida, pinkston, wjz. >> we wil
Mar 15, 2011 11:00pm EDT
. former prince george's -- jack johnson ended his term on the shadow of an fbi raid and indictment when he said i'm innocent of the charges. tuesday he struck to the -- >> i don't even recognize the person that's being charged in these indictments. >> reporter: the feds have more than a year's worth of wiretap conversations, but it's the recorded call between johnson and his wife leslie, a new council member, that caught the attention. johnson asked his wife about a $100,000 check that agents say was a bribe payment from a developer. she says over the phone, do you want me to put it down the toilet. he says, yes, flush that. and leslie johnson stuck nearly $80,000 cash into her bra. >> we know they've had a five or six year head start on us. we're going to attack the wiretaps and all of the information. >> i'm just flabbergasted. >>> an officer and accomplice are facing new charges this week. they were named in the corruption probe, but now they face extortion. they're linked to the owners of a liquor store chain. they transported -- from virginia tax freebie paying off police officers. th
Jan 12, 2012 11:00pm EST
eyewitness news three students in the same class at george washington elementary in southwest baltimore contracted scarlet fever, a hail contagious bacterial infection. it prompted the school system to send this letter to parents and guardians. >> if we hear that a case of scarlet fever even happened is that unusual? >> no, absolutely not. it's actually common with this time of the year we're seeing multiple kids with sore throats, strep throat, and or scarlet fever. >> reporter: scarlet fever is a rash caused by the strep to caucus bacteria. symptoms include rash on the neck and chest, high fever, sore throat, and swollen he glands. doctors say scarlet fever is actually strep throat with a fever and the rash. >> when you have strep throat, you basically have the strep, the bacteria in your throat, and sometimes the bacteria produces some toxins in the body that will trigger this rash on the skin, then we just call it scarlet fever. >> the bacteria is spread from person to person contact, and by respiratory secessions like sneezing or coughing. doctors say while scarlet fever is highly
Jun 3, 2012 11:00pm EDT
teenager trayvon martin is back behind bars tonight. randall pinkston reports from sanford that george zimmerman turned himself in this afternoon. >> reporter: shortly before 2:00 p.m., george zimmerman walked back into police custody ordered by a judge to turn himself in. zimmerman accused in the shooting death of 17 year old trayvon martin earlier this year was in hiding with his family in april after posting bail $450,000. zimmerman attorney mark o'mara. >> he's worried about his family, wife, everybody in hiding because of the enormous anger and frustration and hatred from this case. >> they believe he and his wife shellly lied about their bail. >> he came back to obtain the benefits of a lower bond for circumstances based upon those material falsehoods. >> to my knowledge -- >> at the bond hearing in april, shelly said they had illegal ones. o'mara said the judge may not agree the a new bail hearing. >> it's a credibility question. now the credibility has been attacked. he has to rehabilitate it and that's up to him. >> reporter: he plans to file far new bond hearing. randall pink
Nov 12, 2013 11:00pm EST
in need. >> reporter: more us aid is coming. the george washington strike group is on its way from hong kong. help is arriving from around the world, including a fundraising effort in baltimore county. >> you feel helpless. you cannot control what's happening. you can only control what you can do. >> reporter: expert sas one of the best ways to help is through donations. but again, in the past, they've warned only donate through approved charitable organizations like the red cross. back to you. >> thank you. and, of course, you can help the victims of typhoon haiyan. call 877-help crs or log on at >>> it has happened again, another victim targeted for their cell phone. it is part of a nationwide epidemic of smart phone thefts. wjz is live tonight, and meghan mccorkell has more on why thieves could be after your phone. >> reporter: denise, according to the fcc, one out of three robberies here in the united states now involves cell phones and the thieves are getting more and more violent. a tousen university student viciously stabbed multiple times last week, and police
Nov 28, 2010 11:00pm EST
del has made the semieligibility list. along with deanne sanders and shannon sharp. and george young. on the field a playoff atmosphere, downtown in the purple palace where the birds fight an unblemished record at home. joe flack oh, 289 today -- flacco, a lot today. late second quarter, same score following, flacco second touchdown to derrick mason, touchdown, 17-3, purple birds which became the halftime score. ravens winning 17-10. >> [ background noise ] >> huge when they came through. i am so happy for them. >> we just got to continue to fight and continue to claw and, you know, we got to continue to execute not just for half but for the whole game. >> elsewhere in buffalo today, steelers linebacker james harrison leading with his helmet. about to get fined more money. can you believe the bills and steelers in overtime? can you believe johnson dropping a game winning touchdown pass? his fifth drop of the day. steelers get a fcc and escape -- field goal and escape buffalo with a victory. still in their first place with the ravens who whom they visit here in baltimore next sunday.
Feb 8, 2013 11:00pm EST
family including both former president's are targets of a hacker. one shows george bush during a recent stay. the hacker gained material through bush family and friends. he identified himself as someone targeted by the government for a long time. >>> the man behind the amish beard cutting attacks in ohio joe, sentenced to 15 years in -- ohio, sentenced to 15 years in prison. he said he did not run a cult. 15 of his family were also convicted and will serve between 1 and 7 years the attacks were pros cuted as a hate crime. >>> food safety officials in the uk are ordering testing of all beef products after food produced by a company was found to contain as much as 100% horse meat. the company says they have corrected the food supply problem, last month beef patties sold to burger king in europe were found to have traces of horse meat. >>> sunday, lands on the one year anniversary of the death of whitney houston. stars are still traumatized. >> reporter: whitney houston died 24 hours before the grammy awards. the show must go on and almost everyone in the music industry will never f
Apr 4, 2011 11:30pm EDT
the prince george's county school system has been handed a $6 million bill by the u.s. department of labor. the money will go to more than 1,000 foreign teachers working in pg county. they were illegally told that they should have paid fees that should have been paid by the school system. to repay the teachers 4.2 million in fees and $1.3 million in fines. >>> one of the state's top ivy league schools have been charged for turning the blind eye at yale. kai jackson has the story. >> reporter: female students at yale say these are male fraternity students yelling no means yes. students say it has become a nightmare. >> rape is a crime and it's happening on our campus. by the end of my semester i knew three women who had been raped in my freshman class and i considered dropping out because i was so scared, i was terrified. >> reporter: she and six men filed a complaint. at the heart of the complaint is the charge with yale repeatedly turned a blind eye. depriving students of their right to an equal education under title nine civil rights law. >> when there are no consequences that m
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14