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May 11, 2010 11:00pm EDT
her son george hughley says, though my pain is great, it will never come close to the anguish felt by the love family. we will support george any way we can just like any mother or father would for their child. one of the proposed changes includes improving the reporting system for police when a university student is arrested. uva's president said he had no idea hughley was arrested while attending the university and had he found out hughley would have been suspended immediately. love was found dead in her charlottesville apartment last week. hughley admitted to having a violent fight with love a few hours before she died. >>> a story where a 19-year-old girl is being treated with gonorrhea. kelly mcpherson explains police are still trying to figure out how she contracted the disease. >> reporter: police are waiting for medical results that the mother of the victim will prove that her little girl was raped by someone the family knew. police say a 19 -month-old girl has the sexually transmitted disease gonorrhea and are investigating if she got it from a rapist. no one has been char
Sep 4, 2011 11:00pm EDT
dangerous a job those crews have. a worker in prince george's county electrocuted by a power line while trimming branches from a storm damaged tree. >> >> an update on a serious accident. we first brought you this as breaking news. a car nearly hit several pedestrians on route 3 near johns hopkins road, after that close call, several people were struck when they got out of their vehicles. a 30-year-old man was flown to shock trauma with injuries. a 15-year-old girl was hospitalized with serious injuries at last report >>> >> a young boy was hurt after he was hurt on a ride at a state fair. the nine-year-old apparently tried to get off the small swing ride while the ride was still moving. he was taken to children's hospital at johns hopkins, we'll update you on this information as soon as it becomes available >> chances you a lot of you winding down your holiday weekend. tonight, triple a said the drive might be a little quicker than last year, but it could cost you more money. labor day weekend, one of the busiest travel times of the year, 600 thousand marylanders were prepared to take
Apr 21, 2010 11:00pm EDT
pass judgment until the investigation is complete. reporting from college park. >>> prince george's county police stay more officers still could be suspended. >>> hawaii may soon make the president's birth certificate off limits. the bill is aimed at the so called birthers, they believe president obama was born outside the united states and thereof doesn't meet a constitutional requirement for being president. >> you will believe this incredible effort from a college payable player. it happened while was batting against -- keep an eye on the runners coming home. there he is and watch as the third runner will take a flying leap over the catcher. he avoids the tag and scores. watch it one more time as ryan hall knacky blends gymnastics with baseball. >> reporter: that's giving it the old college try, amazing. i've seen football players do that but never baseball. we've got drizzle in a couple of spots. but take a look at temperatures around the region now. 53 humidity way up there, 96%. currently rising. 54, up to 70 this afternoon. 5 had at ocean city. as you can see the dewpoint is
Jun 25, 2010 11:00pm EDT
he complained of discomfort and was admitted to george washington university hospital in dc. he has a history of heart problems and had a heart attack this year. we don't know if that's the cause of the troubling. >>> the death of the king of pop. it was one year ago today the world was stunned by the loss of michael jackson. tonight fans pay tribute. e. coli liz beth san cheese reports from glendale california. >> reporter: fans remember the king of pop on the one year anniversary of his death. >> i hod had to honor him and pay respects and as much as i can't say good-bye i had to come and say hi. >> reporter: janet jackson arrived at the forest lawn cemetery with flowers for a private memorial service holding the sing ear body. outside the jackson family thanked fans for their support. >> we were showing them love and they were showing love back. they shook our hands and just took in it. >> the family would say thank you, we areeseuate it. >> reporter: forest lawn isn't the only place they thanked fans. the mother ask children were in the hometown. >> thank you fans all over the wor
Sep 7, 2011 11:00pm EDT
faster than you did. >> well, as a matter of fact, george bush and his pred ses dor created jobs at a faster rate than you did >> obama has his own ideas of how to fixated the jobs. you can see it here tomorrow >>> a ledge dare koe made yankees goes to bet. bill 0006crosby goes for dennis. he led a rally at the university tonight where he answered questions about property taxs. >>> ravens play sunday. jessica is with the fans predicting what will happen when the steelers come to town >> reporter: the not guilty so so not so friendly game between the ray ravens and steelers >> i think we're going to come out on top by two to three points. >> i like the ravens. i think they're going to win the game an win it by at least a touchdown >> reporter: at cross street market, fans like henry weigh in >> they're a good team and they have our number as far as the ravens. whenever big when is playing they can't beat us. i think all this will come to an end. >> reporter: at nick's seafood >> of course i'm a ravens ran >> reporter: fan >> reporter: the only thing hotter is the rivarly >> they know
Jun 3, 2012 11:00pm EDT
teenager trayvon martin is back behind bars tonight. randall pinkston reports from sanford that george zimmerman turned himself in this afternoon. >> reporter: shortly before 2:00 p.m., george zimmerman walked back into police custody ordered by a judge to turn himself in. zimmerman accused in the shooting death of 17 year old trayvon martin earlier this year was in hiding with his family in april after posting bail $450,000. zimmerman attorney mark o'mara. >> he's worried about his family, wife, everybody in hiding because of the enormous anger and frustration and hatred from this case. >> they believe he and his wife shellly lied about their bail. >> he came back to obtain the benefits of a lower bond for circumstances based upon those material falsehoods. >> to my knowledge -- >> at the bond hearing in april, shelly said they had illegal ones. o'mara said the judge may not agree the a new bail hearing. >> it's a credibility question. now the credibility has been attacked. he has to rehabilitate it and that's up to him. >> reporter: he plans to file far new bond hearing. randall pink
Mar 6, 2011 11:00pm EST
man tried to steal a truck but when two workers tried to stop him, carter ran them down. george michael or marshal was killed in the accident, crushed by the vehicle. another man remains hospitalized tonight. >>> a special tribute to yardly love. the university of virginia woman retired love's number one jersey. it's been ten months since the student athlete was found dead in her apartment near campus. this season, the lacrosse team also put love's initials on their uniforms and on a flagflying at each home game. >> it was a very public moment for yardly and our team but we've had many private moments as well. we keep yardly in our hearts and minds and the love family is certainly right there with her. >> it was uplifting. honoring her in that way was great. looking up there and knowing the flag with her name is there, helping us bond. >> george hugely is accused of killing her. he is still waiting to go on trial. >>> the man accused of being the east coast rapist will make his first appearance tomorrow in court. dna evidence links him to attacks in several states, including mar
Aug 8, 2010 11:00pm EDT
the tenth family pet shot or killed by prince george's sheriff's deputies since 2004. >>> we're learning of medical medics that were gunned down. tonight we know that one of the victims was a minnesota nurse. he earned his degree right here in baltimore at john hopkins university. tonight terrell brown has the very latest. >> reporter: in cabul, investigators identified the workers killed. investigators say the workers were killed execution style as they were getting ready to leave work. >>> his wife libby says he felt this was his calling. >> you would want me to see it, he's just an ordinary christian doing what god wanted him to do. he was bringing care to afghanistan. >>> dr. thomas grant, also dead. he quit his practice in colorado to help impoverished children. >> he was a very kind person. >> reporter: and glen lack who helped victims of hurricane katrina and rita. the taliban took responsibility for the attack. clinton called the attack, a dispickable act of violence. >> he gave his life in afghanistan, and that's where he was called to as a family and that's where he wi
Jul 18, 2010 11:00pm EDT
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Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9