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Jul 7, 2010 11:00pm EDT
: george hugely, also a lacrosse player has been charged with murder. thursday a virginia judge will unseal charging documents revealing to the public what evidence led police to her boyfriend. >> because this is such a high profile case it possibly added to their desire. >> reporter: an autopsy report says love died with blunt force trauma to her head. left her in a pool of blood on her bed. reported that police found a bloody shirt in his apartment. >> she was just a sweet heart. her family was amazing. >> reporter: hugely says he did not mean to kill love. >> we are confident that ms. love's death was not intended. >> reporter: her mother still lives in the area. legal experts say that the family could influence if the death penalty is active. >> sometimes the prosecutors will defer to the family. if you have got a case that could go either way and the family is pushing for the death penalty maybe that pushes it over the line. >> reporter: hugely was arrested just hours after this murder. reporting live, kelly mcpherson. >>> thank you. the judge is unsealing the documents two mont
Feb 5, 2012 11:00pm EST
for her murder. more on what is ahead for george hugely. >> reporter: the painstaking process of selecting the jury that will ultimately be asked to decide if this was a premed dated murder or -- >> just 22 years old when she died. killed at the hands of her boyfriend. a crush of media descending on the college town where his murder trial is about to get underway. >> >> the university of virginia lacrosse players were having the problem with the relationship just before love's death. hugely admitted that he kicked her door down and shook her as her head repeatedly hit the wall. but his defense team said he did not mean to kill her. >> he only learned she had died when he was told that by the police. >> his teammates will say the same thing. >> the prosecution's case is solid. >> reporter: the defense will try to counter the medical examiner's findings by saying prescription drugs found in her system killed her. >> trying to show she drank too much that night or drinks too much generally. they will probably put her a little bit on trial by showing that her her condition that she c
Oct 4, 2013 11:00pm EDT
furlough 3,000 workers monday because of the shut down. >>> prince georges county, search for two brazen men, look at the surveillance video. one of the suspects hit the salon employee in the head with the gun. one of the men burst into the salon, demanding cash and purses. >>> a major drug operation running out of a home day care. police find drugs and guns inside the howard county house, tonight the owner is facing serious charges. megan explains how the operation stayed secret until now. >> reporter: well, denise, police say an anonymous tip lead them to that day care center where they found a sophisticated marijuana grow-op ration. >> reporter: the past year parents dropped their children off at this licensed day care center but it is what 31-year- old david anderson built underneath the house that has got neighbors in shock. >> we had no idea this was going on. >> reporter: a secret room investigators say was built to grow marijuana. >> pretty clear to detectives this was a large scale operation that he was running. >> reporter: that room had special insulation, elaborate electrical
Feb 9, 2013 11:00pm EST
event got support from jamie fox. he was shot and killed by george zimmerman in february of of last year. >>> a michigan attorney says that valentine's day is the perfect time for a free divorce. instead of worrying about hock chocolates or roses, he is offering a contest for the couple to win a no pay divorce. he got the idea from a friend with a party to celebrate the end of her marriage. >> i thought about why not help someone move onto that independence on valentine's day. >> those divorce parties, lawyers got a dozen entries. he's actually calling some of them heartwarming and he would normally charge a around $3000, that's quite a deal. >>> this is the best video we've seen today when an owl in miami find a new home right inside the grill of this big truck. check out what the driver saw when she walked out to her vehicle. those yellow eyes looking right back at her. she is this accidentally hit the bird and it got stuck behind the grill. despite the scare, the owl is doing just fine. animal control is able to rescue the wise bird. >> that looks fake at first. >> and it winks a
Sep 18, 2011 11:00pm EDT
male in his 20s weighing about 180-pounds. if you have any information, call the prince george's county police. >> >> martins,burg, west virginia, this happened after a pilot crashed a plane yesterday, killing himself, luckily. no one in the crowd was hurt. in reno, nevada. we are getting the first look at some of those who survived a plane crash there issandra hughes has the latest. >> reporter: the world war ii airplane was equipped with a camera and the memory card has been located. the plane smashed into a vip section where ed larsen was standing 20 feet away from the sight. >> it veered over. >> reporter: he took off running. flying debris knocked him out. he woke up in a helicopter that moments before had been on display >> i had my tendon severed and the calf above that are the description of the doctor was it was pretty much meat hanging out. >> reporter: rescue crews rushed more than 60 victims to local hospitals. doctors are treating patients with critical injuries like head wounds and amputated limbs. this has fueled so much of this community, reno is is grieving, even
Oct 8, 2009 11:00pm EDT
joining the governor friday morning at a prince george's county elementary school to spread an urgent message about the h1n1 vaccine. >> we hope people get in line and get ready to be vaccinated. >> reporter: a result of people wondering if it's going to do more bad than good. >> i think it's still really new. i want to wait. >> how do we know it's going to work. how do we know it's going to work. >> i thought i would wait a month after everybody gets them. to see how it's going to work. >> reporter: possibly statewide are already seeing a major impact from the h1n1 flu. and physicians say there will be a severe burden on the entire health care if people do not get their vaccinations. >> we are double that we were seeing a month ago. >> reporter: some parents are taking heed of the warning following the state's two pediatric h1n1 deaths. two weeks ago, 14-year-old destiny parker became ill and later died. >> i would rather my kid have it than not and be safe. it's kind of a scary thing out there. it makes sense to take precautions. >> reporter: local health departments are stil
Nov 1, 2010 11:00pm EDT
their friends to get out and vote tomorrow. from democrats in prince georges county. >> the only great governor in the state of maryland. [applause]. >> reporter: to republicans in baltimore county, the race of two governs is not slowing down with less than 24 hours to go. >> and we have a lot of volunteers working on phone banks. we have a lot of people going door to door, not just in the city but in baltimore county, prince georges, montgomery, we're hoping for a turnout everywhere. >> it's not a predictor of how you vote, republicans do win races here so the key to this race as it was from day 1 when you guys asked me 9 months ago right outside this building is cross over democrats coming over to erlich and we feel good about that. >> reporter: polls show o'malley ahead by 10% and neither candidate is letting up on his opponent. >> we've had to endure a lot of stuff in this campaign, crazy negative ads from march. on our radio show, that was crazy. >> it's about who's on your side. in the last four years, anthony and i have been on your side in a big way, taking on banks and mortgag
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7