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Sep 22, 2016 3:00am EDT
. every day. >> . two lanes of the newly built eastbound span. of what's officially named the george bridge. expected to open on monday. wednesday o dot tweeted a picture of crews hanging one ot final highway signs. it's nice so see the new bridge. for a moment i thought it wasn't going to happen. >> . 2w0 of the two of the eastbound lanes on the new bridge i monday. it will be several weeks before some of the on and off ramps can be used. >> for year, people who live and own businesses in cleveland neighborhood. have been without the entrance ramp leading downtown. >> it's a has -fpl because i have to go 490 to 77. to just to go right to progress i have field or something. >> . by the end of october. each bridge will carry five lane of traffic. in both directions. >> accused of assaulting two suspects after they were arrested. now facing felony charges. speaking out. i want to n ex-khrao phaeugs point of today. that is a beautiful sunset. time lapse. from lake front airport. looking north-northwest. you can see just a few decorative clouds. and lots of bright sunshine. what a pret t
Oct 17, 2016 3:00am EDT
waiting all five westbound lanes of the new george bridge will reopen tomorrow the old. westbound bridge was still first and is carry traffic and both directions until it is not bridge was completed late last month. eastbound traffic will still be are sticky for another week all five lanes and both directions will open starting next monday october 8. by the afternoon commute will lead to sunglasses. looking gorgeous file afternoon if there is a fan of summer temperatures here's a look at storm fox to start because i am tracking some showers tonight. so that's it showers tonight will really start to wind down as really not much for not going to pick up a lot of rain we do have some spots we're saying moderate showers that's the yellow color from west late to north olmstead avon lake and getting downpours sheffield. will continue to the east. alliant eventually going to get some of this rain canton got out of it. and greeov some light showers. and in our showers through the night tonight unattractive feature before you you can see not a lot of it. by tomorrow morning clouds around h
Sep 6, 2016 1:00am EDT
. food? mm-hmm. bar? yeah. george? ohh... he's gonna show up anyway. george, i just don't want you interfering. how could i possibly interfere? isn't that what jack ruby said? ooh! these are fantastic. fantastic! you know, i'd love to get a jump on the next batch.
Oct 22, 2016 1:00am EDT
know about plans to close lanes of the george washington bridge as part of a revenge plot against a local mayor spokesman for the gunman or said he had no logical the plan and did not authorize it after the foreman of test testified she told christy but the plans two months before bring on the new blimp .-period years celebrating a milestone tonight was some help from very well known akron natives take i guess. one will go inside tonight getting political terms into a sticky situation what a warm is northeast ohio and covers the big show coming up at 11:00 o'clock after fox 8 at ten will bring us all the high school football highlights from all over the world for decades the goodyear blimp has browning is amazing views of the biggest events the company question a brand-new airship at a time outside akron with help from some familiar faces fox 8 was there and has details. lebron james wife during the honor of kristin and goodyear's newest airship with great fanfare here the companies blimp hangar and margaret door second in the new generation of lighter than air and goodyear's iconic
Oct 21, 2016 10:00pm EDT
courage of our leaders. where did you stand on joe mccarthy? george wallace? this is one of those moments. rob portman endorsed donald trump -even with his history of trump brag about sexual assault. then portman panicked -and scrambled to save himself. history will judge rob portman a coward. what will we do? ted strickland: i'm ted strickland really dangerous conditions across centralti pennsylvania io new york state flooding friends thoa dead after storms dumped as much as 6 inches of rain in central c pa the storms of down trees and power lines triggered flooding that forced hundreds of people tof evacuate other areas the wends we're so powerful they pulled a mobile home off its foundation and overturned a garagep m my neighbor text me td me my gripe blew away. m on its roof. are brand-new car covered with trevor joe that's a cute on foundation and lifted it to feet in the t air and i think anythig saves me isn the tip not hit the ground. the rain is expected to help h with ongoing jar conditions london's most airport evacuated today after officials call a chemical incidentcu fire off
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)