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Feb 26, 2016 10:00pm EST
north ridgeville man with a history of drinking and driving but this time george tiller plans to out run the place toge he leaves dozens of troopers on a pursuit down highway 71 that crosses seven counties and covers 121 miles o between northpark and delaware ohio. >> troopers use stop sticks to stop the truck he still tries to run on us to get tires h but spins out. >> george tiller tries to escape on foot but there's no way he's getting away from the troopers who had chased him halfway across the state. he's taken down with a test put with a textbook tackle. >> george tiller is now facing charges of opi, fleeing and eluding and reckless operation troopers say by the end of the pursued his truck and some of their cruisers were close to running on empty w. >> to teenagers are under arrest accused of breaking into at least>> six homes in the city of this damage was caused with 15 or what kicked his way into the home about 2:00 yesterday afternoon. two women were in the house at them off when they told them they were armed two hours earlier deputies were called to another
Mar 2, 2016 1:00am EST
wednesday. mestic television george, why couldn't i use the bathroom in that store? kramer, trust me. this is the best bathroom in mid-town. he knows. it's right in there on the left. exquisite marble, high ceilings, and a flush like a jet engine. whoosh! uh, listen, um, you better not wait. i'll catch you later. you sure? he knows. wow. nice. why don't you try your engagement story? won't work. you sure?
Mar 1, 2016 1:00am EST
where the pacers took a 55 - -dash 50 lead on this three-pointer by paul george cavaliers come back that's 86 pacers took the lead but lebron scores they are its 91 - -dash 90 cavaliers however montrealers streaking to the hoop scores pacers 94 - -dash 91 so then order of the deli tray is a three-pointer and 94 with 39 text to ticks to go that's tristan thompson cavaliers in for good and then he makes sure that it stays that way with the buckshot kiley clinches it out the line of the cavaliers when 100 - -dash 96 the coach like the effort if we can pm collect all the time i can live with the results. >> adversity going to users things throughout the game and we didn't break mentally got better. >> cavaliers back in action on friday night veteran safety dante whitner said tonight at the cleveland on her show he's not confident that the browns will retain tatian gibson also himself believes that he most likely will have to head elsewhere the indians begin the exhibition season on tuesday at 3:00 p.m. in the meantime and she works on insureds on the way having mentors young players wha
Aug 23, 2016 1:00am EDT
-year-old george isler plotted to kill the friend because they believed they were gain financially from a well he recently signed police say the parent or the victim to the spot by convincing him it would be a good place to harvest marijuana. >> as an excuse of mental illness as an excuse there is no excuse man on was amazing he took my sister and he took care of her he put a roof over her head police say a sugar and geyer waited three days before reporting that admission issuer is charged with first and third degree murder 17 -year-old great ape that was shot and killed in the cincinnati zoo now has a space bar showed up in petitions online in everything from the renaming the cincinnati bengals to making in addition to mount rushmore ta this has been nominated for president in bombay was killed when a three -year-old boy fell into his enclosure later earlier this summer the cincinnati zoo says it's not amused at all by these means the zoo director says the stuff is still killing in the tongue in cheek means online are making it harder for them to live on summer celebration turns t
Mar 7, 2016 1:00am EST
reagan we take comfort that they will be read had once more. church george mason her prayers and condolences to the family. the clinton family summing their condolences as well as releasing a statement that reads in part nancy was an extraordinary woman woman, gracious first lady a apartment and devoted wife to president reagan. her strength of character's legendary particularly when tested by the attempted assassination of the present throughout his that with stay with fox fox it is a much more on life and legacy of former first lady nancy reagan and out over to for continuing coverage includes and heartfelt messages contributes for mrs. mrs. reagan family and friends and many admirers. it is all on fox 8 back on. she was one of the greatest being and such a wonderful partner to her husband, to president reagan. was without any doubt one of the greatest presidents in history of the united states. >> it is all months go forward governor arnold schwarzenegger and john kasich shared kind works for nancy reagan at a rally in columbus. he slipped into the hollywood actress -
Feb 27, 2016 10:00pm EST
off with the attorney general undere george w. bush and now the team as belmont fall school. he soso while casey gish clearly, he leads the race in faith and we'll let the race in terms of getting beautiful can given what we can expect today with no exception. we should bey y -- what do you think. it's just going to be nice be fantastic to grow out to mark the temperatures in the upper 50s some of us write about 60 degrees figure arty getting at least 10-15 degrees warmer than where we were yesterday at this time and that trend will continue as we head into your day tomorrow.o here's a look at the wind. this is part of the reasonnd why were starting to workre for some higher we wake up to around 40. and lots of sunshine at noon we willhi be in the low possible mid- 50s by 5:00p clouds willil increase as the next system it's a cold fronts thank you enough it's not going to last too long with temperatures near 60.a t tracking a little bit of a thing, snow mix something that itin will not affect your monday morning commute i'm watching this midweek storm we will talkta mor
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)