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2011 5
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Jul 5, 2011 8:00pm EDT
to be ruled that way. the anthonys immediately below me, george and cindy, they bolted out of that room. they were not going to stay. but they released a statement later to say they were relieved by the way things had turned out and they asked to be left alone. this was really a moment where not a summation but a courtroom felt this at the exact same time. >> martin, thank you for that. in the courtroom analysis, what was going on. how did the jury come to a not guilty verdict? and should it have been such a surprise? we have assembled our own legal team to talk about the trial. rikki klieman, top-flight former prosecutor and tv host. jeffrey toobin, cnn legal analyst in from los angeles. tom mesereau, defense attorney best known for representing michael jackson. welcome. let me tell you folks watching if you ever need a lawyer, call one of these three. they are the best. >> not me. >> all right. >> i'd love to try a case with tom, though, i have to say. >> rikki, let me start with you. were you surprised? if not, what did the prosecution do wrong and why didn't it answer the quest
Jul 25, 2011 5:00pm PDT
clean debt ceiling. nothing attached to it. just pass at this time way did you for george w. bush, bill clinton and the like. if you really care about the presidency, there is a potential shift in power. if the future congress raises the debt ceiling, that puts more power in the congress. >> and some have suggested maybe we shouldn't have to have these votes to raise the debt ceiling. maybe there ought to be another process where you don't have to take it to congress. that's exactly why -- >> a lot of republicans like it. because it will result in some reduction in the size of government. which is what they got elected to do. >> exactly. they want to do it and they want this add leverage. >> don't go away. this is an historic night in washington, d.c. the president of the united states will be speaking from the east room of the white house followed by the speaker of the house, john boehner. only one week to go before the nation's debt ceiling is reached. we'll have continuing coverage leading up to the president's speech. among others, we'll be joining by two united states senator
Apr 22, 2011 8:00pm EDT
. joining me now are david frum, former speechwriter for george w. bush and krista freeman global editor at reuters. you just wrote a fascinating article about this phenomenon, what did you find the actual impact of globalization has been on the middle class? >> so -- thank you very much, eliot. my piece was based michael spence, a nobel prize-winning economist. he's an adviser to the chinese communist party on their five-year plan. he's someone who knows globalization and believes in it, right, but he did work on trying to figure out what is it doing to the american middle class? what he found is global capitalism isn't working for the american middle class. not only are the jobs going away, but the jobs that people have are moving into sectors where people are paid less. so those 07% who said things aren't working for us, they're right. >> mcdonald's hired 50,000 people, that's great news, 50,000 jobs, but eight bucks an hour and the new hires are at $24 bucks an hour and not the 48. david, you're dissenting on this. >> if the problem were global capitalism you would expect the problem sh
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)