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Jul 20, 2011 8:00pm EDT
concussion in his very first nfl game then had to battle the league to pay for his brain surgery. george vigar joins me now. thanks for being here. tell us the story of what happened to you. >> do you have a couple days? the story is pretty convoluted. but basically i was drafted by the jets in 1980. then i got cut at the end of the season. 49ers picked me up third or fifth game. practiced a couple days, friday we fly to dallas. we're playing the game of the week on saturday which was a short week for us. early in the first quarter, first play i'm in playing defensive tackle. i get trapped. i get ear holed by a tight end or someone. suffered a major concussion, and the trainers told me afterwards -- i played the entire game. never missed a play. they told me afterwards that i went through 25 to 30 smelling salts during the game. never missed a practice after that. played a few games for them during the season, then they cut me. brought me back the last few games soft season. the second year i came back and blew a knee out. had knee surgery and was coming out of that when i developed wate
May 20, 2011 5:00pm PDT
speechwriter for george w. bush, mr. frum. welcome to both of you. david, let me begin with you. was it standard practice or is this is your prying to you that the israeli government knew the precise content of the speech before it was delivered and was given a chance to push back? >> it is standard practice to share a speech with all important stakeholders. clearly the administration felt the israelis were an important stakeholder here. it is surprising to me they allowed it to go so long and i think they thought they were going to spring something on the israelis by showing them at the lass minute and got them -- to pushback. you put your finger in your -- opening statement on the key point about all of this, though. which is -- they -- was this the news the president wanted to make in his speech about the arab? 80% of the speech is about the arab, ball rain and syria. what's the headline that he got? about the '67 borders. is that what he wanted? find that hard to believe. if so, that's kind of -- that's a failure in and a disappointment for the administration. >> what david said is
Jul 27, 2011 8:00pm EDT
assistant to president george bush, who's also not in charge of it. thanks to both of you for coming here. let me start with you, dylan. what -- who is in charge of the gop these days? >> well, the speaker's very much in charge of that caucus. and you know, i think they had a contentious meeting of the caucus this afternoon, but by all accounts the ball's moving in the right direction. and i tend to be an optimist, but i feel like the speaker will get his votes and a lot of those tea party activists will be a part of that vote and that bill will move out of the house tomorrow at some point in my opinion. >> i think if you just look at the math you find yourself saying, steve, that the reason the tea party is so powerful is because if they stick together, even 2/3 of them, they can sort of strangle things there. >> it would take even less than that. because the democrats have made it clear that they're going to provide zero votes when this thing comes to the house tomorrow for the john boehner plan on the debt ceiling. you'll get zero votes from democrats. which means basically john b
Mar 31, 2011 8:00pm EDT
dealing with him. there's a part of george tenant's book where he talks about making please an trees with the likes of moussa koussa who we know masterminded the bombing of pan am 1 0103. >> we have to hold our nose and get on with international diplomacy. frank dugan, thank you very much for joining us. we hope the best for the families. >> thank you. >>> it is amazing, those are the hard choices that have to be made. you shouldn't forget it was under president bush that relations with gadhafi were normalized. and that was done because
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)