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Mar 1, 2011 8:00pm EST
to economic history. the reality is since we've been living in the world of george bush tax cuts, job growth has slowed. we have suffered, we have had depression, we have had recession, job losses across this nation, this mantra that senator and you are repeating, cut the capital gains tax and we'll get huge job growth, simply is counterfactual, it is wrong. it is wrong, and it has not been proven. most fundamentally, even conservative columnists, i'm going to talk david brooks now, one of the most respective conservative columnists the nation has written saying basic fairness is being violated. fairness is at the heart of public policy, and the social fab rib. i don't get it -- fabric. i don't get it. >> no. so we're clear low taxes do not lead to economic growth? >> not the way they're doing it. what you want is, in fact, bull simpson -- a conservative document -- wanted to eliminate the capital gains -- >> you talk about bush and suggest wisconsin is seeking to lower taxes. in the name of economic -- it is bunk. if low taxes don't lead to economic growth, why don't you tax a 9
Jun 8, 2011 5:00pm PDT
get, you know, warm up to. so why him? she apparently had george cloob clooney at her beck and call, john cusack, and she ends up with anthony weiner. >> well, you would know better than me what women look for. but i think a sense of humor. he's noted for that. and his intelligence. not evident lately but of course over the years. he's courted her actively. when he met her in the 2008 presidential campaign when she was by hillary clinton's side so long, he met her there and actively pursued her and obviously was victorious because 11 months ago, bill clinton performed the vows, officiating at their wedding. >> and that is what was so interesting to me. what happens when all of this breaks? she's not by his side but we hear she caws hillary clinton. he calls bill clinton. and, you know, this is a woman who has been with hillary clinton through the lewinsky scandal. hillary clinton goes from first lady of arkansas to the secretary of state of the united states. is she a person do you think that has political aspirations of her own? >> well, one would think. actually, she told the "vog
May 26, 2011 5:00pm PDT
, including george w. bush, including a join statement between hillary clinton and netanyahu, they make references to the 67 borders. now, you could say that this was the first time a u.s. president in a speech made this kind of statement. but frankly, this is the kind of jesuit distinction without a difference. everyone knows the basic issue is you are starting with the '67 borders and the israelis give back most and keep some. swap land to the palestinian. >> let me take netanyahu's side here for a moment even though you know i agree with everything you just said. he would say that when there was a peace accord on the table in 2000, arafat, bill clinton's propoeosa proposal, arafat said no. since then the palestinians themselveses have taken every opportunity to reject peace. when they got gaza back, they continued to use gaza as launching pad for missiles. why should we give them more land back? >> there may be an argument for not doing a deal at all. that's a separate issue. contours of the deal is what we are talking about. the palestinians, as i said, they are -- famous phrase nev
Apr 5, 2011 8:00pm EDT
than we had over 4-1 over george w. bush when he was cutting the tax rates. you're wrong on the economics of history. but the question i want to ask you right now relates to the tax code. you want to simply fit. right? >> yes. >> you say you want to bring rates down to 25%. you're going to eliminate all the tax loopholes. >> we want to broaden the base and lower the rates. >> i'm with you 100%. which loopholes are you eliminatin eliminating? are you embracing the bowles-simpson plan? >> there were several provisions, a dozen plus of the simpson bowles plan that is in the house budget plan. what we're setting is the framework and the committees of jurisdiction would have to come in and fill in the details. that's how it works. >> i'm here to ask you act those details because i'm reading this stuff today and expecting details in this plan that's been much ballyhooed. i want details. one of the things bowles simpson did, they eliminated the capital gains rate. are you for that or against it? >> i want to reduce it. i don't know that i would fully eliminate it. if it was up to me un
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)