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Sep 4, 2016 10:00am EDT
the possibility of coastal flooding and back bay flooding, i'm george spencer, nbc 10 news. >>> pamela osborn is live this morning, they don't want to take any chances. >> that's right, you mentioned when you were talking to george that people are coming down to marvel at the beaches, they're also marveling at the surfers. this is the largest gathering of people that we have seen. they're watching some of the surfers you see out there. we spoke to a woman that came here earlier this morning. we spoke to a woman who was an experienced surfer, and she said she would not recommend anyone try it. we have been watching for quite awhile now. only a few of them have been able to get up, stay up, and ride a wave in. it gives you an idea of how strong and powerful these waves are. we saw a gentleman when we were setting up getting ready for this live shot, he said this is a surfer's dream, but it can quickly become a nightmare if you get in the water and you're not prepared. there are no lifeguards on the beaches this morning. your best sbet to stay out of the water. this beach is s
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1