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, and the media. speakers included the aclu president and columnist george will. national constitution center president jeffrey rosen moderated this 90 minute discussion. >> that ladies and gentlemen welcome back to freedom day. a round of of applause. we have discussed the media. we have discussed the judiciary. it is now time to discuss congress. set up by article one of the -- -- constitution. ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming our guests. a former congressman from oklahoma and also of the party versus the people, how to turn republicans and democrats into americans. book ise co-author of a with us. book, "thef norms --" -- ladies and gentlemen please welcome mickey and norm. >> thank you. jeff: welcome, norm. norm: thank you. jeff: you have this very striking title of a book that was quite a runaway hit. "the broken branch." our topic is, what would madison think of our current congress and what would he do about it today? madison feared congress as the most dangerous branch. he said in federalist 48 that the legislation is everywhere drawing all power into its impet
, which will make our last speaker, my friend george will, have a little bit of apoplexy, if you go back 30 years -- it's cliche but true -- you have people in a community who had done important things, they were lawyers, teachers, people who had worked in different aspects of the community, and community leaders might go to them and stay, we have watched you for a while, you have great reputation. enough it's time for a little public service and we'll help you get to congress. your have people selected with the incentive to come in who are there for the right rope. imagine doing that now go to sewn -- go to a jeff rosen and say i've worked you, you have done these incredible things, such an important feature in the community. we want you to run for congress. here's what is going to happen -- [laughing] >> here's from the day you agree to do this you'll spend 70% of your time doing call time, raising money so that you can use that money to run ads against your opponent that shred the reputation your opponent has developed which is why he is running and your campaign advisers will da
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2