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Nov 22, 2016 12:00pm EST
! - all cheerfully donated, on threat of death by torture. - oh, that's beautiful, stop! by george, if we keep this up, we can make it, betty, we can beat the deadline! (gathering money) (audience laughs) - come on, johnny, cough up! - ralph, you know i'm 200% for hanno, but when you're broke, man, you're busted! (audience laughs) - sweetie, i'd give hanno the shirt off my back! but, the only one i have is at the laundry. (audience laughs) (sad music) - well, that's it. only 272 dollars. we didn't do it. - we started out so good. and then nothing. - oh this may be the blackest day in the history of our school. - well, now, wait. we still have until midnight tomorrow night. - oh, cut it out, joel. that's when the lease expires, we'd have to have the work done before then. - yea, that's right. poor old hanno. - where are we going to go when the hovel's gone? - who's going to tell hanno we failed him? - yea, i know i couldn't face him. (thoughtful music) - maybe you could write him a letter. (starts to dial telephone) - well, what's the matter with my beloved enemy? (audience laughs)
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1