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Nov 29, 2016 12:00pm EST
award, that's you jenny. you can sit right over there. boy's scholarship next, george. right over here. activities winner, ray, sit over there. and most popular girl, carole, right there. bud, bud? whs bud? oh, here he comes. now remember when you hear your name called, come out on the platform as quickly as possible. good luck. you'll be the last one called out. - good. - oh, i'm nervous. i hope i can think of something to say and not just stand up there like a dummy. have you thought of anything to say, bud? - oh, well, i'll just try and ad lib something. - oh, cut it out. i'll bet you guys sat up half the night memorizing a long speech. - (giggles) is that what you did? - shh! they're starting. - [voiceover] so it's with much pleasure and pride, -that we climax this day of festivities with the awarding of prizes to those students who have made outstanding achievements during their junior year at springfield high. now our first award our first award goes to the student who has attained the highest scholastic record as well as demonstrated the most scholarly attitude miss jenny n
Nov 4, 2016 12:00pm EDT
: daddy look, look at my warts. they're getting smaller aren't they daddy? jim: by george i believe they are. stonehauser, how do you suppose he ... well, sageman how about it? is this the sign you were talking about? sageman: well i'll leave that to the lady. margaret: well i, i, i ... i still don't believe this. well i mean i, i ... except i hope you like lamb stew. (audience laughter) come on mr. sageman, you've just turned me into a cook and a believer. jim: sageman? you seem to be taking this all pretty much in stride. tell me, are you always this successful? sageman: well, you know, a lot of acorns i recon it, it depends on to, on to what kind of soil they fall. margaret: mr. sageman? sageman: coming ma'am. jim: well kitten, you better get on to bed. you and your disappearing warts. (audience laughter) you too bud. bud: yeah, okay dad. bud: yeah. say dad, would it be okay if i, uh, left the light on in my room for a little while? i got a little work to do. uh, do you have a mr. stonehauser registered there? oh, well, if it's not too late when he comes in, will you have him cal
Dec 2, 2016 12:00pm EST
? - no, i'm doing fine. (phone rings) we better step on it, though. i told george i'd meet him at the banquet hall a little before six. hello. oh, hi, george. what? oh, you're ribbing me. but this just couldn't happen! a hundred and four, huh? that is if i have any left. okay, george. - now what? - honey, you wouldn't believe this. the magician we hired for tonight is in bed with the flu. his temperature's a hundred and four! - oh, no! - daddy, have you seen [unintelligible]? - kathy, don't bother your father now. he's got trouble. - again? - that was our whole entertainment. now, we have nothing. - well, if you haven't got anything, then you just haven't. it's certainly not your fault that he got sick. - but it's on the program. they're expecting it! - kathy, please! - i just hate to go down there tonight and face them. - didn't you hear me? why don't you get fronk's relatives tontertain? - fronk's relatives? - say, maybe that is an idea! they're professional entertainers. - sure, look here. they sing and dance. - my gosh, i didn't know this. do you suppose i could still get them? -
Nov 22, 2016 12:00pm EST
! - all cheerfully donated, on threat of death by torture. - oh, that's beautiful, stop! by george, if we keep this up, we can make it, betty, we can beat the deadline! (gathering money) (audience laughs) - come on, johnny, cough up! - ralph, you know i'm 200% for hanno, but when you're broke, man, you're busted! (audience laughs) - sweetie, i'd give hanno the shirt off my back! but, the only one i have is at the laundry. (audience laughs) (sad music) - well, that's it. only 272 dollars. we didn't do it. - we started out so good. and then nothing. - oh this may be the blackest day in the history of our school. - well, now, wait. we still have until midnight tomorrow night. - oh, cut it out, joel. that's when the lease expires, we'd have to have the work done before then. - yea, that's right. poor old hanno. - where are we going to go when the hovel's gone? - who's going to tell hanno we failed him? - yea, i know i couldn't face him. (thoughtful music) - maybe you could write him a letter. (starts to dial telephone) - well, what's the matter with my beloved enemy? (audience laughs)
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4