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Nov 4, 2016 12:00pm EDT
: daddy look, look at my warts. they're getting smaller aren't they daddy? jim: by george i believe they are. stonehauser, how do you suppose he ... well, sageman how about it? is this the sign you were talking about? sageman: well i'll leave that to the lady. margaret: well i, i, i ... i still don't believe this. well i mean i, i ... except i hope you like lamb stew. (audience laughter) come on mr. sageman, you've just turned me into a cook and a believer. jim: sageman? you seem to be taking this all pretty much in stride. tell me, are you always this successful? sageman: well, you know, a lot of acorns i recon it, it depends on to, on to what kind of soil they fall. margaret: mr. sageman? sageman: coming ma'am. jim: well kitten, you better get on to bed. you and your disappearing warts. (audience laughter) you too bud. bud: yeah, okay dad. bud: yeah. say dad, would it be okay if i, uh, left the light on in my room for a little while? i got a little work to do. uh, do you have a mr. stonehauser registered there? oh, well, if it's not too late when he comes in, will you have him cal
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1