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Dec 2, 2016 12:00pm EST
? - no, i'm doing fine. (phone rings) we better step on it, though. i told george i'd meet him at the banquet hall a little before six. hello. oh, hi, george. what? oh, you're ribbing me. but this just couldn't happen! a hundred and four, huh? that is if i have any left. okay, george. - now what? - honey, you wouldn't believe this. the magician we hired for tonight is in bed with the flu. his temperature's a hundred and four! - oh, no! - daddy, have you seen [unintelligible]? - kathy, don't bother your father now. he's got trouble. - again? - that was our whole entertainment. now, we have nothing. - well, if you haven't got anything, then you just haven't. it's certainly not your fault that he got sick. - but it's on the program. they're expecting it! - kathy, please! - i just hate to go down there tonight and face them. - didn't you hear me? why don't you get fronk's relatives tontertain? - fronk's relatives? - say, maybe that is an idea! they're professional entertainers. - sure, look here. they sing and dance. - my gosh, i didn't know this. do you suppose i could still get them? -
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1