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Sep 13, 2014 7:45pm EDT
. >> host: georges calling in from murfreesboro tennessee. george you are on booktv with james clyburn and peniel joseph. >> caller: yes, i want to ask a question to professor joseph and make a comment that i want both of them to address. when i was at the seminary in rochester new york i heard stokely carmichael. he said i know some of you all don't want to follow me that if you are not going to follow me join in their urban league. what did he think of, stokely carmichael think of the naacp and urging them to join and also to congressman clyburn congress is about to do a study and i would like to see them not only do a study that experience the study. go out and get your family and live on $7.25 an hour and come back and tell us about it. thank you very much. >> host: congressman do you want to start this time and then we will get to peniel joseph. >> guest: let me tell you something, i was not always a congressman. i know what it's like to sleep. abed. i remember when we got our first indoor toilet and running water. i have had those experiences. i have worked for a dollar and a qua
May 17, 2015 10:30pm EDT
that you need freedom in the worst of times. it was george washington warned us about this. it was the founders of our government they gave us checks and balances and a vest the different parts of the bill of rights. they said even though we are going to be the government and you have to watch as absolute power corrupts absolutely. and you have to have your zone of privacy and individual space and last year they say if you have a smart phone on you they cannot crack the code and use that information. that is a violation of the fourth amendment and that is exactly what the american revolution was fought about. agents of the king cannot come into your house. and so we have forgotten that notion and we have surrendered this power and its increasingly held by private agency that the cia has funded and there are no checks and balances. the head of our whole security apparatus has told them that we are not doing this we are not getting this information, and so we don't have accountability. and my whole point is the worry is not privacy but really sovereignty and that is what the fourth amend
May 29, 2015 10:44pm EDT
end to lead george w. bush administration decided we would take an enormous amount of data and to catch terrorists that was growing and growing under bush at the time we said we will trust you and it turns out the matter how much you think they ought to be trusted it never ends well. just think the government is rarely a good proposition that is why you need significant limitations on what exactly it can and cannot do. >> "the people vs. barack obama" any updates with the paper book? >> i don't think so. it is cheaper. [laughter] >> host: who are the police? >> guest: the people on the left say anybody who disagree with them is bad debt is the entire it tactic. the media uses said the president uses said that if you disagree on policy because you are a bad human being. with marco rubio we saw in last week. hillary clinton a week and a half into her campaign is she has been asked zero substantive questions because she runs away from that carries ben marco rubio was asked everything from substance to nonsense. would you attend a gauge wedding? that is the koch a question there is on
Dec 24, 2016 4:00pm EST
goldwater and george mcgovern being two, complete disasters, from the perspective of 50 years later barry goldwater transform the republican party and george mcgovern transform the democratic party. it will take several decades to know how mrs. clinton's legacy and president trump's. >> host: what was it that sparked your interest in this topic and made you want to write "inga"? >> guest: an unbelievable story. straight from an alfred hitchcock movie in the 1930s with the great intensifies and espionage and glamorous women and femme fatales and all sorts of things. it is a corner of the history of president kennedy's presidency most people are not a lawyer with. of the book argued inga was in many ways singularly responsible for john kennedy becoming president as anybody. we think of john kennedy as handsome, witty, urbane man destined to be present but he was a young officer in the office of naval intelligence, he was skinny, gawky, disheveled and had a terrible inferiority complex compared to his older brother joe junior and inga did a number of things for president kenny, she had
May 30, 2015 2:23am EDT
they declared at the end to what victory is in the george w. bush administration they decided that we were going to basically take an enormous ounce of data to capture and catch come into that and growing and growing under bush. the threat is so great we need to trust you and it turns out no matter how much you think the federal government ought to be trusted it never ends well trusting the government is very rarely a good proposition and that's why we do need some significant limitations on what the federal government can and cannot do. >> paperback, any updates updates enough enough to click >> i don't believe so. >> your previous book bullies who are they click >> they are the folks on the left that are trying to say that anybody that disagrees is about human being into this is the entire thing. he did is costly to marco rubio it's fascinating hillary clinton is now a week and a half into the campaign she has been asked zero questions because she is away from the cameras and we get to talk about the order that was would you attend a wedding it the case in which no he is mean and na
Jan 10, 2017 10:21pm EST
sitting on its hand, not giving the president went he after -- what he needed, george bush, who drove the state in.o the situation it was th like i said, i'm a republican, my father is a republican, a vegan from vietnam -- veteran from vietnam. said,back to what obama it is really a reality for us all. we are not singularly in this, we're all in this together. for americans, people born here, like one of my friends, when i grew up california, i down the street from him, but as we got older, he removed himself from associating with me. towere educated, went college together, and all of a sudden we were older, and different. that mentality has to change. we have the same school, the same education. we need to stick together. we all have to deal with what we deal with. host: thank you for the call. the presidential library will be housed in chicago, not are from hyde park -- not far from hyde park. tosident obama will return chicago as a private is in, and then returned to washington, d.c., not far from where president bill clinton and hillary clinton have a home. he will live in washing
Nov 19, 2016 11:25am EST
investigation of gun violence in america. former senate majority leader george mitchell explores the potential for peace between israel and palestine. harvard business school professor explores the motivation of white collar criminals and this weekend, washington post columnist sebastian maltby talks about the career of former federal reserve chairman alan greenspan. >> what i call the new york school. there was a school based in new york around the national bureau of economic research which was focused on just counting the economy, creating the aggregate data which we see in the statistics which hadn't existed in the 30's and how you generated the best quality data and having got his start not modeling, not for taking data for granted and in the building of complex mathematical connections between the data points. >> afterwards, airs on book tv saturday and sunday at 9 p.m. eastern, you can watch all previous afterward programs on our website, book >> and book tv is live at the miami book fair. this is the 33rd year that the festival has been held. and held on the campus of miami-dade
carolina. george, hello there. caller: hello. how are you doing? host: doing fine. caller: this is a terrible thing that happened. but this is something that happens almost every day to us out here in america. somewhere in america this happens almost every day. what i can't wait to see is what kind of steps and procedures congress is going to put in place that's going cost we the taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars to protect themselves. not them and us. but that will protect themselves. i guarantee you there will be no change in gun laws that would protect them and us. but they'll move lightning fast to put in some kind of procedures and steps that will massively increase their security and give we the taxpayers the bill. instead of protecting all of us, they're going to do something immediately that will protect themselves. . the media, that's all on tv right now. they are going to make us so sick of hearing about this and they do this constantly. i mean, you can't get away from it now. yes, it's a horrible thing that happened, but it something that happens somewhere in ameri
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)