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Nov 7, 2015 1:30pm EST
george, joining us from hawaii. loha.r: a lok when i was in the masters program, i could not complete a research topic on segregation, but a few years later, it was revealed, the massacre in which there was a race riot with a thousand casualties, and the to ads were distributed pacific unit. are any of your researchers looking at that, or is that still an open mystery? the researcher who started this away. mr. czekanski: we do not have anyone that is currently working on that. i have heard of it. i do not have the details. take manythe u.s. prisoners in the pacific battles? to czekanski: not compared say the number of germans. for the japanese, surrender was not considered an audible and to their service -- honorable end to their service. many of the prisoners we did take were taken because they were wounded and incapacitated, so they were captured in that manner. towards the very end of the war, more japanese began to surrender. host: do you gather all of these artifacts and curate the material for the museum, and look at the contrast -- two very different wars in the european theate
Nov 7, 2015 9:28pm EST
day, we go to george who joins us from ocala, florida. i was on last time i never did get on. i wanted to say something very emphasizearea i do with the black soldier. i wanted to say first about friendly fire. was a shell shocker from operation cobra. and that was at the battle of saint lo when british bombers dropped for two days on our guys. and even american general was killed. i father was a shellshocked. i'm a vietnam combat soldier. what i wanted to ask the -- ieman on there was emphasized with a black men coming home from world war ii into a segregated country, you feel the same thing happened -- i know it happened to us. the vietnam veterans coming home. we were also put aside by the country as a whole, do you see any comparison between us and you black veterans when you came home? now it's been 45 years and people are saying this -- saying to us now, thank you for your service. it makes me sick what people are doing to us. i'm talking about white and black veterans. do you see any comparison there? post: thank you for the call. professor cassimere: the difference was o
Jan 10, 2017 10:21pm EST
sitting on its hand, not giving the president went he after -- what he needed, george bush, who drove the state in.o the situation it was th like i said, i'm a republican, my father is a republican, a vegan from vietnam -- veteran from vietnam. said,back to what obama it is really a reality for us all. we are not singularly in this, we're all in this together. for americans, people born here, like one of my friends, when i grew up california, i down the street from him, but as we got older, he removed himself from associating with me. towere educated, went college together, and all of a sudden we were older, and different. that mentality has to change. we have the same school, the same education. we need to stick together. we all have to deal with what we deal with. host: thank you for the call. the presidential library will be housed in chicago, not are from hyde park -- not far from hyde park. tosident obama will return chicago as a private is in, and then returned to washington, d.c., not far from where president bill clinton and hillary clinton have a home. he will live in washing
:15. all of that again streamed live at next up, we hear from george in rockaway park, new york, republican line. >> caller: thank you, c-span, for everything you have been doing for the past 20 years. my comment is why do the democrats worry so much about the muslims when they are the only religion in this country that causes problem to the americans? >> all right, george. thanks for your comment. senator grassley in the room. couple comments on facebook. lots of comments there. ann says senator sessions will not be having secret meetings at distant airports with someone whose wife and his foundation are under investigation by multiple agencies. joan says when sessions says no person is above the law and he will prosecute corruption no matter where, does that mean he will investigate president trump? hearing could resume momentarily. let's try to get another call. our democrats line. montgomery, alabama. carmen, hello. >> caller: hi. i'm from alabama and i live here and i'm telling you, sessions is a racist person. i hope they don't let him be attorney general. which
george wallace? >> guest: after governor wallace was a long beard governor i had an opportunity to sit down with him and talk with him. he heard that i would be in montgomery outside of a little town named troy where i grew up and we had a wonderful discussion.ussion. and became to the point talking about what happened on selma in the bridge 1965. and i asked him, governor why did you give the order for the troopers to stop us quicks he said john, if there were other people ons the oversight of the bridge that would kill you but you almost killed them to keep somebody else to kill them and they had a right to march in an orderly and peaceful and nonviolent fashion.nonviole he said i did not mean for them to hurt you. he said i love everybody. i have all lot of white friends and again i had an opportunity so i decided to take the members of congress back to alabama to montgomery in selma and birmingham and his son said governor wallace was at home in his bed, he was paralyzed want us to come by to see him. he was laid up in his bed smoking a cigar watching tnt . we walked in and some me
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)