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Jan 31, 2015 12:00pm EST
, james robbins recounts the high and military career of general george custer including his childhood and formative years as well as his time in the field of battle from the civil war to his final defeat at the battle of little bighorn. this is about an hour and 15 minutes.
Jan 25, 2015 5:15pm EST
through iran-contra and george bush senior is placed -- >> ronald where were you going. >> i want to compliment john dean for having the guts to say any of this. there is books about how many people have been killed -- >> we were going to lose that caller >> they had howard hunt at daily plaza. i would be amazed if george bush senior was in daily plaza too. there were hundreds of people there. >> how do conspiracy theories like i think ronald was connecting dots there that may or may not be a part of -- how did they begin? >> some of the most aggressive conspiracy theories are pushed pie conspiracy theory writers who are usually flawed and there is never an answer. if you change and show them one true fact they will invent a false fact to replace it. they have too much currency and they are complicit answers to complex problems they are bogus, dissort history and are not healthy for the body of politics. i think they pushed primarily by the people who write about them >> jack is in providence rhode island and you are on booktv. >> caller: the media hated nixon. in particular the "was
Dec 24, 2016 4:00pm EST
goldwater and george mcgovern being two, complete disasters, from the perspective of 50 years later barry goldwater transform the republican party and george mcgovern transform the democratic party. it will take several decades to know how mrs. clinton's legacy and president trump's. >> host: what was it that sparked your interest in this topic and made you want to write "inga"? >> guest: an unbelievable story. straight from an alfred hitchcock movie in the 1930s with the great intensifies and espionage and glamorous women and femme fatales and all sorts of things. it is a corner of the history of president kennedy's presidency most people are not a lawyer with. of the book argued inga was in many ways singularly responsible for john kennedy becoming president as anybody. we think of john kennedy as handsome, witty, urbane man destined to be present but he was a young officer in the office of naval intelligence, he was skinny, gawky, disheveled and had a terrible inferiority complex compared to his older brother joe junior and inga did a number of things for president kenny, she had
Dec 24, 2015 9:35pm EST
good writer. some presence had wonderful writers for the scripts. also george hw bush when he became president. , they were great speeches. words are much more important than many people realize. i remember when hillary clinton was running last time and she accused her competition, using words is a huge part of leadership. they have all had the power of communication, lincoln, theodore roosevelt, jack kennedy, words matter and carry-on for the following generations. we still quote this. imagine martin luther king without the power of his words. that is why it is important that we all learn to use the english language. one of the startling marvelous aspects of the wright brothers was the quality of the letters of the wrote. it was not just that they were correct grammatically, they were powerful and effective clear and could be funny and touching. they were incapable of writing a short letter or a boring one. that's where it is. i would've wanted to have written my book about the wright brothers even if they had not succeeded in their mission. so much is there learn from their attitud
Sep 13, 2015 4:20pm EDT
his writers, who also then wrote for george w. bush when he became president and, of course, kennedy's ghost writers and franklin roosevelt. they are great speeches. words are much more important than many people realize. i remember when hillary clinton was running the last time and she accused her competition of just using words, using words is a huge part of leadership. the great presidents of all had the power of communication, lincoln, roosevelt, franklin roosevelt, kennedy, words matter, they endure and carry on following generations. we still quote them. imagine martinwe luther king without the power of his words. it's so important that we all learn the english language. one of aspects of the wright brothers was the quality of the letters they wrote. it wasn't that they were correct gram -- grammatically, they were clear, funny and touchy. they were incapable at the collection in congress proves, they were incapable of writing a short letter from a boring one. .. man beings, that is we're it is. what they put down on paper in the english-language. i would have wanted to have writ
May 7, 2016 3:29am EDT
, i don't believe that george washington, john adams, james madison and almost every great figure in history believe in a cartoon. that dismissal is very common today. people have a dismissive attitude towards those of us who believe in the god of the bible, and you are certainly free to have that belief but it is not cartoonish. it is indispensable that there is a god who demands that we be good people and to who we will have to enter, as the best idea ever developed for the creation of decent people. i would like everyone walking along here to field that their behavior -- to feel -- toward other human beings is just like god. i don't know why that is objectionable. i really don't. i can't think of a better idea. to think that i want through life having to be a good person and that god expects me to be good, why does that make people like the last caller angry so much so that he calls what we believe in a cartoon? it's a puzzle to me, frankly. i deal with them on the radio show, i deal with it in e-mail. i can only say that this is what -- it has presented a cartoonish caricature of
Oct 4, 2015 1:05am EDT
? >> know. but, there was a-- robert e lee was married to custis is daughter, like george washington's granddaughter or great granddaughter or something like that, but randolph was somehow in the family. randolph was a kid to just about everyone. he was well-connected and not as close of that, because he was relation. >> garland tucker. [applause]. >> thank you so much. thank you for joining us, everyone. have a wonderful afternoon. we appreciate you being here. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> you are watching 48 hours of nonfiction. three cal television for serious readers. >> pulitzer prize winner david mccullough joins us here on our set at the convention center.loh the woright brothers is his most recent book, his most recent bestseller. mr. mcculloch, who funded the wright brothers? >> they did.? there are only funding had was what they took from their rather modest earnings from their bicycle shop. they not only funded theirer efforts, but they virtually made everything that they were in they need of to create the firstlyin flyers
:15. all of that again streamed live at next up, we hear from george in rockaway park, new york, republican line. >> caller: thank you, c-span, for everything you have been doing for the past 20 years. my comment is why do the democrats worry so much about the muslims when they are the only religion in this country that causes problem to the americans? >> all right, george. thanks for your comment. senator grassley in the room. couple comments on facebook. lots of comments there. ann says senator sessions will not be having secret meetings at distant airports with someone whose wife and his foundation are under investigation by multiple agencies. joan says when sessions says no person is above the law and he will prosecute corruption no matter where, does that mean he will investigate president trump? hearing could resume momentarily. let's try to get another call. our democrats line. montgomery, alabama. carmen, hello. >> caller: hi. i'm from alabama and i live here and i'm telling you, sessions is a racist person. i hope they don't let him be attorney general. which
george wallace? >> guest: after governor wallace was a long beard governor i had an opportunity to sit down with him and talk with him. he heard that i would be in montgomery outside of a little town named troy where i grew up and we had a wonderful discussion.ussion. and became to the point talking about what happened on selma in the bridge 1965. and i asked him, governor why did you give the order for the troopers to stop us quicks he said john, if there were other people ons the oversight of the bridge that would kill you but you almost killed them to keep somebody else to kill them and they had a right to march in an orderly and peaceful and nonviolent fashion.nonviole he said i did not mean for them to hurt you. he said i love everybody. i have all lot of white friends and again i had an opportunity so i decided to take the members of congress back to alabama to montgomery in selma and birmingham and his son said governor wallace was at home in his bed, he was paralyzed want us to come by to see him. he was laid up in his bed smoking a cigar watching tnt . we walked in and some me
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)