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Oct 14, 2013 11:15pm EDT
"liberation trilogy." "the guns at last light: the war in western europe 1944-1945" and georges collated from norwalk, ohio. george, you're on with rick atkinson. are you with us? >> caller: yes. i'm calling to find out what carl truman was the first soldier -- >> host: georgia, i apologize. i didn't catch what she said. >> caller: i heard carl truman. we are going to move on to a net in hayward, california. and that, after you. >> caller: good afternoon. mr. atkinson, as i just heard recently a short 12 lock and i started with the first look, an army at dawn. i just want to say how much i appreciate what a great writer you are to succeed we can clearly get the overall picture and then with carrot there and personalities, the drama of the situation. >> guest: thanks very much. i appreciate that. >> host: is that it? no questions? >> guest: on her face but page, michael posts i would like to hear mr. atkinson's take on the broad front versus single sold press debate. does he think that eisenhower spread for a strategy with the most expedient way for a single bolt dressed of the p
Oct 5, 2014 5:45am EDT
. today we keep waiting on tomorrow. >> host: george is calling in from murphysboro, tennessee. you are on the line. >> caller: i want to ask a question to professor joseph and make a comment i want them both to address. when i was a at a seminary ge heard carmichael and he made a statement saying if america mess the africa we will burn this area down. what did stokely carmichael think of the naacp and the urb league. congressman clyburn, congressmen like to study but i would like to see you go out and support your family and live on $7.25 an hour and tell us about it. >> host: congressman you want to start? >> guest: i wasn't always a congressman. i know what it is like to sleep three in a bed. i remember when we got our first indoor toilet and running water. i have had those experiences. i have worked for a $1.25 an hour. i used to relocate out houses in order to make enough money to pay my college education. i didn't come along when we had pel grants and students loans. so none of that i experienced. my wife used to walk two and a half miles to school and back home every afternoon be
Nov 28, 2014 5:00pm EST
and automobile passed us, this was 1980 and it had a bumper sticker on the back of it george rogers for heisman. that was george rogers that one the heisman that year. she said dad did you see that bumper sticker on that car? i said yes. she said do you think that man would put your bumper sticker, i was running for secretary of state, on his car? i said no i don't think he would, why do you ask? she said that was the conversation we had as you are about to take me to school. i did not understand what you meant until the recent homecoming game. i said what happened at home coming? she said well at the homecoming game, i noticed that when our black homecoming queen that was introduced, she was -- and she noticed the fans that booed the loudest were the same that cheered the loudest for george rogers at the beginning of the game. i said okay and what does that say to you? she said well, it is okay for us to entertain them but not okay for us to represent them. now do you know what? you are going to do well. and she had done well. >> host: mignon clyburn is a member of the federal comm
Sep 13, 2014 7:45pm EDT
. >> host: georges calling in from murfreesboro tennessee. george you are on booktv with james clyburn and peniel joseph. >> caller: yes, i want to ask a question to professor joseph and make a comment that i want both of them to address. when i was at the seminary in rochester new york i heard stokely carmichael. he said i know some of you all don't want to follow me that if you are not going to follow me join in their urban league. what did he think of, stokely carmichael think of the naacp and urging them to join and also to congressman clyburn congress is about to do a study and i would like to see them not only do a study that experience the study. go out and get your family and live on $7.25 an hour and come back and tell us about it. thank you very much. >> host: congressman do you want to start this time and then we will get to peniel joseph. >> guest: let me tell you something, i was not always a congressman. i know what it's like to sleep. abed. i remember when we got our first indoor toilet and running water. i have had those experiences. i have worked for a dollar and a qua
Jan 31, 2015 12:00pm EST
, james robbins recounts the high and military career of general george custer including his childhood and formative years as well as his time in the field of battle from the civil war to his final defeat at the battle of little bighorn. this is about an hour and 15 minutes.
Dec 12, 2017 12:14pm EST
, and independents as usual. george is in ohio, line for democrats. george, good morning. george, are you with us? we'll go to that line for alabama voters. richard is waiting. richard is a republican. go ahead. >> caller: yes, sir. i will not vote for judge roy moore. you know, where there's smoke, there's fire. there's something else i want to say about trump and congress. recently, they gave us a big 0.2% raise in social security, and then they took 86% of that 2% and raised medicare. ended up with a $4 increase. or .014% raise. it's ridiculous. all i can really say is dump trump. >> richard, did you vote for donald trump in 2016 as a republican? >> caller: no, sir. i didn't have a choice in that one. i just had to sit it out. it was picking the best of the worst, and i wouldn't do it. >> and how many republicans do you think feel like you today in alabama, richard? >> caller: i hope a lot. i really do. we don't need roy moore. >> that's richard this morning. want to hear from as many alabama voters as we can. bob is in waldorf, maryland. an independent. bob. go ahead. >> call
Dec 26, 2015 6:39am EST
you come to be part of history, you become a part of all that history. the story of george washington eve of thery of rental house and the story of thomas jefferson or the story of jupiter of monticello are all american stories. eve of the randolph house. you see every single person who lived in the colonial times, no matter what their color was, whether they were native or woman, ithite, man or is your story as americans, as a member of the world. those stories need to be told everywhere. that is where we are heading. we will always have new programs that tell stories that tell about the enslaved. not as slaves, but as people. people that had lives just as rich as anyone else within the world of the 18th century. that is where we are going. that is the destination. host: a lot more to come from colonial williamsburg. i'm sure many of our viewers have been enticed today to visit. we thank you for the conversation and everyone there at the foundation for welcoming , helpinghe c-span bus us bring the sites and sounds of 18th-century virginia today to americanago p.m. and 11 a
Aug 19, 2017 9:23pm EDT
, pretty much centerstage. the capital is one of the areas. you are going to st. george? where is that in relation to columbia? caller: east of columbia. i'm getting on i-95, it takes me straight there. i'm getting off the exit and finding a place to park. your money, i will avoid i-95 this weekend. caller: i guess it will go as far as i can. anyone is assuring us what weather will be like? host: along the path of totality? caller: yes, where it will be overcast. ont: i would think and app your phone would probably be just as good as anything else. caller: the regular forecast. host: yes. thank you for calling. hello, marjorie. caller: before i tell you what i will be doing, i want to say i went to the nasa website and they offer a variety of ways that you can make your own viewing devices at home. what i plan to be doing is i will really just be praising jesus christ, the creator of heaven and earth, and i pray that all of you guys have a wonderful, wonderful day. host: thank you for that. i wanted to pass along a note. someone had called about a helmet, according to nasa's website, a sh
Jan 2, 2017 3:00pm EST
social media. i also have this george w. bush library jacket, i love to wear it, and i sought shepard smithin in the elevator a year ago and he said wow, you love him. i do and i love to wear it around. i think people do a double take once in a while. there are more republicans and conservatives in big cities than you think. they are just quite about it. >> speech speaking of which, george w. bush has a new book out. >> i'm so excited. >> he has undertaken a project over the past couple of years where he is finishing painting a portrait of 98 wounded warriors who served under his command. it's a a very emotional and moving tribute to these men and women and a very personal way, it has not been done in the history of the world. that book will come out in february and i hope that book tv has a chance to talk to them. >> i hope so as well. linda, go ahead with your question or comment. >> caller: hi dana, i'm a gung ho dog lover and i never miss your show. congratulations. you are just real big and everybody's eyes, including mine. >> guest: thank you so much. you have a question
Dec 25, 2015 11:09pm EST
history, you become a part of all that history, and the story of george washington, and the au story ofse eve of the randolph house and the story of thomas the jefferson or jupiter of monticello are all american stories. and when you come to see those stories, you see that every or single person who lived in the colonial times, no matter what their color was, whether they were native, whether they were black, whether they were white,h whether they weree a man, whethr they were a woman, it is your story as an american, it is your story as a member of the world.. and those stories need to be wah toldav everywhere. that's where we're heading. and yes, we will always have new programs that tell stories aboua the enslaved where their stories are told as them being people, not as slaves but as people, ase people that had lives that were just as rich as anyone else within the world of the 18th century. that's where we're heading towards. that's where we're going.sburg. that's the destination. >> a lot more to come, it sounds like, from colonial hank you williamsburg, and um assurei'm lot of
Feb 18, 2017 9:51am EST
. i am delighted to welcome you to the 10th annual savannah book festival presented by george r
Dec 4, 2016 12:40am EST
else my hope whole career. you could ask me what george w. bush thought about the war of the financial crisis or legalization of marijuana and i could tell you what he thought or how he came to a decision. i knew how he came to that decision. i would say i largely agreed with it. then i get to be on the five and all of a sudden it's like what you think about the legalization of marijuana.. i kind of choked because i had never gone out on that limb before. i really give credit to the fox news executives who gave me a chance in my cohost who were instrumental in helping me know that it was okay to be myself. i think i also worry that if ive my own opinion i could never go back to doing spokesperson work because then people would know and i was worried about that. i remember finally, eight months into it, and relaxed and that i don't want to go back to that. i like this like this new caree path that i'm on. i finally got a little more comfortable but still, if you give your opinion, you are you are the target of criticism.m. before, the target of criticism was somebody i worked for thatat
Apr 1, 2016 8:58pm EDT
director george hw bush. >> this is the least of the classical buildings. the other buildings is very neoclassical. and this one is a mirror image but a litter plainer. it is very modest. some people compare it to a large icecube tray. >> don ritchie takes us into the newest of the senate office buildings to learn about its construction and place in hisdy. and smithsonian portrait gallery david ward chronicles lincoln's life. >> lincoln takes time out from writing the inaugural address or fighting the war and you notice the eyes disappear. the sense in which lincoln is probing to the public in his suffering. >> for the complete american history tv schedule go to >> more from tucson festival of the book where we talk to linda hirshman about her books "sisters in law." this is half an hour. >> host: linda hirshman is now with us. linda hirshman, what is the relationship between sandra day o'connor and ruth bader ginsburg ? were they friends? >> i would say they had an affectioniate alliance. they were not bff's. ruth bader ginsburg was really friends with scalia and marty and
Dec 10, 2016 12:00pm EST
morning? mr. travers: no -- joe lockhart and george elliott were manning the radar station. they saw the points coming in, relayed the message back to headquarters, and it was dismissed as the b-17's flying in from california. historiansome of the made reference to earlier in the week, on various shows, we knew the japanese fleet was on the move, but we did not know where. it took everybody by surprise they were sailing across the northern pacific, and launched the attack, probably about 250 miles north of oahu. the caller mentioned human intelligence -- technology does not fail in these events. it is human intelligence that fails. the same thing with the condo response -- condor response. the word goes up and sinks the submarine. it is related back, and of course, it is lost in the paperwork. host: and they just recently discovered some of that some burning -- submarine. mr. travers: yes, they did. they actually believe a couple of the submarines got inside the at pearl harbor and inflicted damage on the battleship oklahoma. host: let's hear from bill next in muskegon, michigan, on
Apr 14, 2015 10:00pm EDT
soviet union because we couldn't defeat them, too good, too strong. then back under the george bush administration, saddam hussein, you know, he had to go. he was a strong man, but when he was there, none of these problems existed because he crushed them. granted, yeah, he was brutal, but now that he's gone, there is a power vacuum there. it's created a multitude of problems, which we helped create. >> ambassador hill, do you want to pick up on that? your assessment of how much responsibility the u.s. has in the problems in iraq today. >> well, you know, if you live there, as i've lived there, and you see what saddam hussein did to that country and did to his people, you don't rue the day we got rid of hussein. he was a hideous character. at the same time you do have the impression that the u.s. didn't understand what we were dealing with that. we thought that somehow, if we got rid of saddam hussein, there was this sort of level of middle class and issues-based politics yearning to flourish in a democratic environment. in fact, when you get rid of governance, even bad governance, a
Aug 21, 2017 3:56pm EDT
kennebunkport, maine, to former president together to watch the eclipse on instagram come in george w. bush, sharing a bush,e of him and barbara his wife and former president george h.w. bush -- former president george w. bush. what was it like there? caller: it was unbelievable. hit, youtotal eclipse could feel it. , youoolness that came down could vividly see mars over to the right. it was just an awesome thing that happened. it was totally awesome. was watching it with you? where were you? was it a crowded area? athleticy son is the director at parks and play and the it was a decent turnout in a had a band there and stuff like that. adulte and my two .hildren were there a lot of families and kids, they had different events owing on and things like that. it was totally awesome. at wasffic where i was not bad but traffic downtown charleston was bad. had to open the bridges over the weekend to keep the traffic from going downtown. everything was booked as far as staying here. there were no hotel rooms. you hear about prices for hotel rooms and cars? i didn't hear because i'm not a
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)